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The claim I am not friends with the Political system being incorrect, as we are already struggling with strange ideas about people getting into Politics to be rich, which never really works for the voters, the big money decisions being the reserve of the Cabinet as they were responsible for deals made with businesses that came in from overseas, thereby providing jobs – the Politicians at Parliament are currently trying to do something else entirely and will not give up upon being faced with failure after failure. This is similar to suggestions that I am badly misunderstood, while the real problem is more a matter of the complex activities involved in the processes of intellectual property administration, giving rise to fantasies whereby people got to make the most of the aspects that are meant to pay me, such that the fantasy is no longer just an amusement but had since become something real, should I tell them off, we find them push back issuing threats over claims they were famous and could do whatever they wanted – so I have begun to get round to the problems by picking up the social parts concerning the white lie practical jokes and applicable gestures, I can see it progress quickly to the part about setting out a public place where they could ascribe what I did to people who were worthy of respect and then it will get increasingly worse.

At the same time they claim I am a parasite of a Man but it is hard to ascertain how much complications people think they would create for a writer who creates Books of equity for a living, the Equity was private and they spent years picking up his service processes to repeat what they saw real Clients doing with him, so that they might at some stage decide that it was not good enough for them to invest money on and boast about a Candy from a baby gimmick having been successful but what really brings on the problems is the way they go back to repeat the process over and over and over again, buffeting me endlessly like I was in debt to their stupid selves and I now want to begin the process of seeing them lay off my corporate identity and start keeping their white lie gestures to their careers otherwise I am soon to push it off towards a bad ending. With respect to my rationale however, it appears this behaviour is a product of consequences that befell their personal decisions, at a point where working for money instead of making trouble for others like so, was not the most appealing choice for them, still at this point, I am likely to get run down financially such that I am caught up with criminals and hoodlums on one hand, while on the other they continued these activities backed by men who could successfully attack me.

They do claim it’s about sorting myself out which is utter rubbish as it’s about an end to their gimmicks around my Bookshop if they were paying their own bills comfortably – their excuses plays into this as well i.e. that I played a lot whilst this is really all about their Parents' practical jokes, such that the most traumatic of them involved it enduring I dropped out of University, not a case of their stupidities deciding my existence thereafter while their shop managers ran around Town pushing off stupid gossips that everybody is entitled to get imagination fingers up my bum because they were certain that I will do nothing about it,  especially the part where the consequences for stopping them on anything was that  my career did not mean anything to anybody no matter what I did with it, especially if I kept their gimmicks away from my premises, showing up on a stupid media for it everyday. Its about somebody else's bills being held up by their civil and criminals disobedience, not a stupid lifestyle issue getting in the way and I am sure they would understand if they were victims of it and had to deal with the insults from the perpetrators everyday as well. It beggars’ belief that a bunch of well to do gits would get off ripping up my finances over questions on selfcare whilst all they did with selfcare involved buying expensive things and always tended to look incredibly filthy on the inside. I mean when their stupidities about making the most of their size, telling me how to exist and move into my right hand was developed on a residual sense that we lived in the same existence as insultingly as possible, their selfcare ideas were impressive. Such a bunch of mean cunts and the business of describing people as cunts was their ideas with the ethnic minority scum they send out to run me down all day, doing it endlessly in the hope of being allowed to stay in the Country or get paid for being popular. It needs to stop stifling my Book sales as I do have Bills to pay or it will end very badly - It is very easy for them, I mean something that can be stopped in a matter of days; I could easily go from Government support one week and pay my bills from a Bookshop the next, this is a measure of the fact they are idiots in fine clothes talking nonsense everyday and how good I am at running my own concerns, very tired of paying the price for their own gimmicks. The most important fact of it is that people think I believe I am doing the wrong thing while I am not - the truth is that if I joined in with their gimmicks I would be doing the wrong thing; they have no respect for leadership and the only way that they can get about solving their social problems is through violence but if they think that it had become too expensive to do the violence, they will try to get others doing it, hence my whole life had stagnated and they make a sense of their stupidities by getting imagination fingers up my bum to blow off the big mouth on Media as well, a bunch of idiots in suits with a 'you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues' that I too can handle to ensure they became unemployed and homeless.

The other side story was that they would love to handle me in a very personal way and I have heard this story several times for my part as well – the problem with it is that popularity does not hold sway here and I will likely hurt people seriously, get their families building a community support system for their stupidities over a process of stopping them getting paid for being popular on my social life instead of getting job with the big mouth they have got. I mean the reasons I do not do this readily is that Celebrities had their purposes – not to produce the wrong idea as such, we know that it is a self-resolving problem that if rich people who spend their money to make trouble for others knew that more trouble meant less profits, they would either chose to stop or hide the trouble they make, what I am talking about is the part where these famous idiots got involved to wreck my career and employ criminals in the neighbourhoods while they get paid for being popular at my expense, whereby they were the ones who wanted to be famous, I intend to maintain the system and if I am no longer able to tolerate their threats and insults, I will not count myself responsible for what I did with it.

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I do get told my position is one that leads to huge fighting, and it may as far as I am concerned, it is the political idiots in Government buildings who set about allowing these troublemakers financial advantage. First, you know that you want a society when people who got along with work procedure oversaw the important jobs, so society gits could not decide that men had money and others ought to live in hell because they wanted to share it. Then the fact that the big gangs are usually untouchable, the small gangs will never stop if they knew somebody was unlikely to fight back, these idiots were meant to be middle sized gangs that will be happy to drive the Country into civil war for a few moments of the good life. They gave these fools financial advantage and now we can see what the struggle was all together, blowing off that big mouth at Parliament that I was in no position to do a thing about it while they had not yet worked out how they wanted to please these fools well enough to win elections, talking nonsense at me will mean that the business of their little things on the streets dragging people into rabbit holes, working with them, celebrities and these idiots to ensure I would smell the entire journey if I travelled by Plane for instance became a very serious matter indeed, concerning the damage to my academic work in the first place.

I mean apart from this nonsense where approval from the Queen gets me into more trouble as stupidly as possible, we know that it is not that difficult for Politicians to work out that if people who are likely to think others should join gangs before they were permitted to step outside of their doors and attend their daily concerns, gained access to career and finances of their victims, it would be very difficult for such victims to manage and yet I have managed that issue three times, while the idiots in parliament made me into gladiator to win elections and have been winning the elections since, issuing threats about my position not being one where I could exert strength. Their silly children claim that life had improved since I suffered, and I would love to suffer so that the gun and knife crimes might end but the scumbags in parliament have not figured that out just yet. In the end they claim that I appear to suggest I am a victim but am incredibly destructive and yes I am; if we were to grade the way that German influence so called have affected me, I would say there is the German Government, there is the German local government, and so many before we get to German influence idiots who are always having people at Industry inform them clearly that if they went down one direction others will go down another, such that we cannot make out what seems to be the obsessive interest that fame idiots and Political scum had in the business of getting them involved with my personal life, social life, Public image and career as such. What we do know as a matter of certainty is that Celebrities could never get along with society gits and yet when it comes to doing this, they appeared to be in agreement, so a certain people need to stop bashing my Books, and stop doing so as soon as possible, while the idiots who had ideas about people I should get into a fight with will have to make sense of me first before I got off attacking anybody for them and I think the popularity reputation of the filthy things they did to get around important places and Offices at Industry will assist me with that. They claim it’s a battle for the Arch Prince’s Office of which there isn’t – I am the real thing, while some character who claims he had the ability to fight Russians was something done at Royal circles, soon of which we find their gimmicks grew into a process of having their body broken by the enemy, to show up here with gimmicks that makes public problems worse the more security they provided.







I do get told I have caught up with them and yes I have – the cash intensive investment holders have not allowed me a single days peace over how my personality should be used, in 19 years, 4 years to 2021 spent on a new level of Community that spent time thinking about and getting imagination up my bum and I am broke and single at 40, so worse case is that somebody who plays a part in my business told me to tone it down while he makes money with my concerns, which is the same way people talk to them as well and I intend to find out whether they teach their stupid children to shower me with insults on the streets because they were immune to it. It needs to match every interest it shows in my concerns with a Book in hand, especially the ethnic minorities, keep its comments where its career is located, as we are not relatives.

They do claim I am partly responsible as I tended to express the idea everybody was my Equal which is utter nonsense as it is not my business if they were little things on the streets leading people down a Rabbit hole all the time - the idea their interest in me should be matched with reading Books I had written used to be an advice, now their abuses had since made it a warning. Its as they say that others will suffer for my decisions which was never meant to be that way - little things on the streets driving people into rabbit holes and a need to force me into a response connected with their stupidities by other fools with what they think are better jobs having produced results for them: so it seems that Celebrities, Media and Politicians have wanted this so much that somebody now needs take the steps to ensure they got it i.e. a reputation for always getting society makers to get out of control at other peoples expense, especially the hungry.

It cannot be that difficult for people to stop bashing my Books if I end up with financial complications, but they do claim that it was a matter of their stupid civil rights, while the Celebrities were determined to revitalise fame industry by laying waste my Royal Hermitage and Office to make it happen with a big mouth. The latter will end up with a reputation that says it is all they ever spent their time on and work a show business with that or there is set to be a clash, the former were a bunch of twats concerning whom the cause of all the problems we had here was that getting involved with me was an experience like no other and the idiots were addicted, such that they were clear on what I should say if I described them as a handful of mean cunts, considering it is never their fault but will be fun for them and they had allied themselves with bigger men that will handle me while I am being used, so they took my social life and public image while dreaming of me gradually degenerating to a point of a constant clash with society gits until I ended up in a fight that was too much for me, with a big mouth.


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The claim that I am finished and done for was always a simple matter i.e. there are Celebrities that will not stop picking up my service processes to build ideas about what I must be made to do for them, right up to a business of endearing themselves to criminals on my public image to sell magazines, while claiming I existed and so did my Bookshop exist, to cover their backsides, the question of where they stopped. Then there is the young people who pick up the need to tell me what to do as well, their gimmicks being more a matter of the fact they cannot shut their mouths and just read when they show up here, backed up by a community they do not wish to acknowledge soon despite looking for trouble all the time, that the fact it is behind them backing them up, was the biggest problem I faced. Then the parents with an abusive behaviour that applied in terms of the fact I wrote a Book and I am not always present in every instance where the Book was seen in Public places, so they knew where the distributors were and therefore certain I posed no danger to their stupidities and applicable practical jokes, looking like they would really love me to ensure the silly children mentioned above picked up the consequences at school while they had to deal with their silly children’s gimmicks at work. Adding up the business of idiots with money to spend on Celebrity products created from my Public image only and saying that these is a list of people who are engaged in activities that they want somebody to come down hard on and therefore put a stop to, does not necessarily indicate that I am finished and done for, would really help if the idiots stopped tempting me, kept their mouths shut and read a Book. They do claim my Books on the cover do not really make for comforts that the Men want to enjoy but it’s the same way I feel about their incomes as well at this point, so I have been clear about what would add up to a resolution for this rubbish. They always claim I am unwilling to fight for what matters, whilst we know they send out their popularity twats to get imagination up my bum all the time, thus whatever comes of it is actually nothing I should be concerned about, same process applied where it worked for everybody if they kept their comments restricted to the one that is paying the salary which gets to their heads - they do claim the problem to be that I suggested I was responsible for some daring do whilst what really happens is that they picked up my civic duties and Royal Order to go off and do their own business, which generally meant that I am more inclined to seek them out and make them do it again and again, especially if it involved tackling National level enemies, except if they were risking their own twats for it. It is never a short coming or a form of incompetence that makes the problems for me everyday, just living embodiments of a question on human stupidity who have kept their careers safe from the gimmicks, so they might indulge it to any extent at my expense. The claim I provoke them by suggesting I owned what I did not went beyond the insults of their popularity which clings to my income and makes it worse: I stripped away the finances to work National currency Liability footprints because I was young when I started and it made sense, never mind the fact doing it alongside gits with a need to hunt down good ideas, get around at expensive dinning venues and keep their own secrets while trashing peoples lives would be comfortable but could never get the work done - it showed up here 2 years after its perverted interest in me wrecked University studies, to get imagination up my bum for a decade and run off stupidities that will facilitate its market and stock market madness, now it plans to progress from the insults to finding out if I want to attack, rather than simply keeping its mouth shut and reading a Book. hence its going to end badly too (I still find it difficult to attribute my problems at University to others as such but then again I dropped out in 2008, 2 years later I picked up a bad neighbourhood from which I had access to facts attributed to Books I wanted to write, so here we are, ten years of my time spent on big brother big sister money and stock market pyramid scheme madness to get rich fast, I am sore all over from the sexually abusive practical jokes, so it does not imply if others provided the job I could keep the job, which then adds to the same things being done while I was at university and decides what my temperament was. The rest that has suffered because I delayed decision making were the racist girls, they had ideas whereby black people were a problem and they had seen me and my personality as a tool that will help their stupidities live with it and this happened at University, such that getting them stuck in as well generally meant the mean cunts would have been off somewhere trying off some new pornography that I was likely to embark on a campaign that will help me place a limit to. That said they still need an abusive test for me everyday, which will predispose me to the sexual context abuses upon which their finances relied, now trying to find out if I was preparing for an attack, as stupidly as possible).

I do understand those statements that suggest I am having such a tough time and I deserved it but it is largely because those who did, were not informed of the betrayal at the Monarchy which ensured that a Business of spending the reputation of social idiots who trash my career to run the Royal Office became ineffective enough to suggest I ought to be getting into a fight with hoodlums on the streets while showered with Office space insults because a handful of pricks wanted to be real Men in Important governmental Offices. They are unaware of the complications being caused by the fact that after work done to broker Intellectual property administration equity with companies, my Books are mired in Media and Celebrity controversy as eventually means I am showered with enough insults to ensure that I can no longer protect my own intellectual property due to the interests hoodlums and criminals show in my personal space, unaware then that it happened because I had not yet murdered any twats, need pass less of their stupid judgements.


They claim I now had difficulty living with the fact most of the Money in the UK resided in the City of London which is independent of the Monarch – it is utter rubbish as that is clearly new fact to a handful of gits who need to run off sales on my University social life, until they had wrecked my academic work and followed me around to trash anything new I had done over a 14 year period, until you responded. What they have accomplished had since killed off the romance that existed between the City and the Academic institutions, to show that I had difficulty living with the way the financial economy operated in the UK. Their friends in the US were responsible for their stupidities, the reasons they could not keep their ageist white lie gestures and comments restricted to the career that got to their stupid heads – the same group of individuals that had built a community that spent most of its time having imagination about my anus and shows up here to blow off the big mouth about where money is located while in their Country they had to do gangs, before another group of idiots got off Hollywood claiming they were nice people who only needed more money while I am discriminative and the Police was heavy handed, such that it seems the Police over there is not heavy handed anymore apparently, starting to get on my nerves nibbling at my little finger about the kind of influences they had exerted in the UK. In the USA it was obviously as simple for them as a process of spending their youth being tough and then making the most of other peoples career using the Media once finished but at the time that their stupidities were being tough, they had to do the Gangs and crime anyway.

As for the boasting about conquering all the way to UK Government however, when I do become fully interested in their gimmicks and they were stupid enough to let me get my hands on it, I think that the only public image they will have will be that nonsense where they get imagination up peoples bums which started my history of woes by wrecking University studies, then we will hear all about it in a very short while as well. I do get asked why it is I do such good work but my finances were a mess and that I suppose will be our resident Governmental Genius HRH Prince of Wales – has a history of making the lives of those who were doing good government work incredibly difficult and mine started off with the idea I should be kept away from all financial success until he was King, now settled up on what I deserved because I was one of those who nursed sentiments that he ought to abdicate his position, which I did after and not before.

4 Year of my time after the 5 years I spent trying to work out a career at the jobs market which came 3 years after they hounded me at University until I dropped out, it went by in a flash, spent on Office space insults from people I do not know, who should show up here to read a book, not make the best career for themselves and teach their stupid children to shower others with Office space insults and they are still here, hence it is my last straw. I shall now test the theory that they were immune to it and that is just the initial idea in hand.


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