The idea pushed about is that as soon I realised what I did could serve Celebrities I decided to withdraw and cease serving them. it is naturally utter nonsense as what really happened is that they progressed from pillaging my social life to converting a public image which served Government interests and was open to business investors for such a reason, into a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy in order to get rich fast, simply because I had set the stage by which I was furnished a status that could be used to assist people who were constantly being attacked by the wealthy, for such people to build products that the wealthy could not do without and sell it to those who loved to attack others on the basis of personal wealth which they kept somewhere secret in their private lives. We are now in a situation where each time I stepped outside of my door it was an issue with those that claim they were able to attack me successfully making a fuss and those that could not hurting themselves, each time it is resolved, the Media will then beat me down with such abusive berating and violent lasciviousness that I am left open to another group of fools that have spent time building an evil power that they deploy to bend others to their will and get what they want, so it is all being used in terms of me having an anus and a penis, hence the stage is set that the fact I am single was being used against me in such ways and if I said I had found the people that will look into the problem of terrorism for everybody, I was aware that for something that does not do me physical harm, I have set the stage for their stupidities to get mortally hurt. It is now a question of whether my Bookshop was my property, available to a paying public for free for all, while they invented reasons for making the mess as they went along because of the stupid need to for want of a better word, access and suck on my personality and make statements to cling to a prospect of some Government operatives allowing them ownership of my social life, rather stupidly we were left seeing them wonder why after running me down with public media abuses, I am left with a choice to run them down with experiences they endured before they became famous, as their stupid American friends had invented another reason to complain about me, as a matter of making statements about my social status and what they were entitled to over claims I sought to run my life on a shoestring.

The history is that these gits have been following me around to make a mess, trashed my University pursuits and have now eventually followed me down a bad neighbourhood I took up to help me write Books and now the problem is that their media never listens, made another which also affected them and set about threatening me everyday, so there is a need for reckoning which they will be able to set out as something I was allowed to do. It is a simple matter of being run down to such an extent, a bunch of idiots with evil power that allowed them take advantage of others to get what they wanted, were able to finger my bum, it never listens and needs to show up here to buy and read a Book quietly. The context was that the characters that perform those abusive activities had to practice their wickedness of viewing people in a certain way until it was possible to share imagination and make it happen, which has nothing to do either with my career or personal and social life, just as much as it was only possible to practice it on me from the point that I am single, it never listens, so it was able to tell the difference between home and work and keep the career that provided it the funds to say I wanted what it had but could not get it until I cop-operated while I am unable to do the same with my daily concerns, hence the incentive to stop it painfully (6 years have been spent on social security since 2016 to 2022, just telling it off to no avail and it is getting worse in terms of the idea I did not have what they had and needed to behave a certain way for their stupidities to share it). If it did not wish to shut up and read, then we could work the other matter where all its insults were to do with the way I had an anus and when it smelled anything, built a crowd to work life expectancy illnesses on me to make money.

Concern raised at Parliament was the idea that I am protected whilst I am actually not, the truth of it is that I think my protection was good enough, considering the only source of insecurity was either always a matter of people saying that a bunch of gits that spend all their time fooling around, about which years back the effect on my academic pursuits was not a red flag but a civil right and finding ways to make others pay their way in the world painfully, had a right to get involved with me or my person or they were disobediently assisting me with Royal work, up to the point where they did it on Media so all I could do is tell them off. Then there is the complaining politicians who were leaving the Houses of Government where there was security to help them do the job they had away from the gimmicks of idealistic crowds, to tackle me and ensure that I worked for a career that was damaged so I never got the accolade that was used to allow them appear to the public, to be great leaders of Government Offices. I am then informed that it was a long standing clash with the male population which is nothing out of the ordinary, as the male population understands my personality to be something they wanted to improve their sex lives with, tell them off and they will go off to do it and facilitate a process where their children did too, so it had to build up to a clash or the gimmicks would never take a turn for the better. Same as the claim I talk but people abused me all the time whilst we know the abuses were a product of the fact they could not make out exactly where I could be attacked if I were to be attacked, so they had to tackle me from the point of career regrets, the only time we have had a semblance of normalcy being the instances where I could say the price they paid for any insult and abuses was so high in the social and cultural context that I had enough deterrence to carry on with my concerns too but we know that Liberal Politicians and Celebrities never stopped stripping me of it, then show up here to trash my career whenever the problem affected them, to suggest they knew I had a solution to it and the only reasons their stupidities suffered was to do with selfishness on my part, because they thought it would mean that they were free and democratic idiots putting Royalty to work. As far as we know, all the threats were currently coming from popularity gits that are fighting peoples battles at the Monarchy and once done doing stupid things with my career because they were making money, until I dished consequences for it, claim the problem to be that they were more willing to fight for governmental interests than I am. They do claim it was the way that I made use of their businesses for my own concerns but the way it really works is that some women get involved with me and they take the women to studios where they can make money on my public image, now the crisis we faced is that it was not clear when, how or where they wanted to stop looking like they could never run out of money made from stupid things done with other peoples lives and careers, to facilitate Celebrities picking up my public life everyday. Eventually we know that their main point of call for all the insults are that of mysterious graffiti in the neighbourhoods, created by financially well off characters in the City who were making a statement about neighbourhoods they stamped their mark on, this was the source of all male society bullying that created a sense I was trapped in a cycle of their insanity making money whilst there was always one thing after another set out for me to do, a back breaking work that paid nothing, one moment ripping up my financial margins to call me names and claim I am a bum, the next complaining I am too serious when it thought the main point of my behaviour was that it needed to keep off my Books and fool around elsewhere – so it was the way that they made a mess of peoples lives and careers to facilitate profitable financial industry gimmicks. They do say that I am not better off myself in the matter which is because I am currently unable to access members of the public who expressed an interest in my Books, which is now posing the question of whether my Bookshop is my property and available to a paying public or a free for all gimmick which idea will lose incredibly good as a profile for their daily concerns too. The rest of the story was a matter of the insults and threats, then the follow on fight to ensure that they secured protection from the life expectancy illnesses associated with their abusive lifestyle and its alliance with the criminal communities, from an Arch Prince’s personal life, building communities to finger my bum and sending out the low lives to run my down whilst the American friends were the very pinnacle of characters that appeared to be deserving of physical violence if there was no way to move myself career wise, on account of the stupid things they were doing with my life on account they were making money that paid for possessions in their homes and savings in their bank accounts by which they got to decide the state of my finances via street insults. It becomes a real issue when it bear towards a problem to do with people having this inability to consider me in terms of who I real am, which then shows up as soon as they read the birth signs well enough to say that other people shared birth signs with me – I do not mind the insults, the problems arise when they smell something and begin to tackle me with life expectancy stress based pressure, alternatively, it ceases the verbal abuses, putting a name to its face on Media with a big mouth and shows up here to buy and read a Book. The special case was the Media men who never listened, so everything I did about anything was spent which ensured I never smelled good and the abusive ways to make comments and gestures through Media outlets, continued to run me down disobediently while I am at work. It does claim all I am doing is talk but all my problems were a function of the fact others were bigger than I am and now those that were not are joining in, as per this was their lives, if they had a big enough lip flapping to go with it and I have not yet been given an explanation as to the reasons I am sore all over and lose money because people thought I was not the safe place to be or indeed whether their stupidities want to start making physical contact as soon as possible.

They do continue to profess that going up against the famous will be a bad idea – it is a simple three part story associated with the fact telling people they own my career would add up to an attempt to own it all together but patents were legal. The Communities with gimmicks that meant none knew when they detached themselves from land and country ownership that they bullied me to attain and are now bullying me to attain it again after gimmicks that were meant to help them get rich, majority of which as Muslims, a bunch of German influence idiots that were the source of all my financial difficulties on account of things people can do to make me feel sore all over because they were performing stupid acts to make money and were bigger persons than I am size wise and of course the Media who took up all I did with some female journalists who thought I had career means to help them with social matters when they report news while they assisted me with professional migration and mobility, which also worked both ways as well – they picked it up and trashed it because they were men and I had done something to prevent instances where they could finger my bum and now each time I stepped outside of my door, some people could attack me successfully, others could not, what I did about it was spent so I never smelled good and they would run me down to facilitate verbal abuses that helped their media stupidities make money and try to pass it off as legitimate activities they were paid to perform by establishments which employed them. I now have no direction left to head, save a process where I linked it up with expenses I was parting with to run the Bookshop[ and sort out how much pain and suffering I too can inflict to ensure I got some returns for it.

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I am told Americans have not stopped attacking me and never will but it is nothing unusual, the idiots spending a fraction of their earnings for a fun gimmick of getting insulting and abusive low lives to share my personal space, while they and their Celebrities got to pursue my income margins on account they wanted to make money without working for somebody or dealing with complications associated with Business ownership. The main problem at the Heart of it was the role I was drafted in to play in public security; work done on terrorism and work done on Communist threats, the one done on terrorism is assaulted every day, they and their famous idiots had picked up new friendship with extremists and were showing up here to black mail and get rich etc, when it gets about working economic abuses on me and I handled its own slightly, Ukraine must destroy Russia. They do go on to suggest it was strange that people tolerated me in the west while I hated Americans which is utter nonsense – we know that I would never find myself in a place where I complained and told off Republicans for an interest in my Books which damaged the sales for a decade every day, we know it is an environment in which people were ignorant and illiterate and did unusual things that were not against the Law, to stand up for themselves and get by, so there is that risk that if somebody told them something and it was not right, they would only follow it and find out the consequences later on, that said, they fear the democratic authorities more than the democrats do because if they went along with the wrong thing and there were consequences, they would lose everything they had. What we are dealing with is a process where I wrote a Book to assist on applicable matters, so the Celebrities trashed the Books and picked up the earning margins as a tool for blackmail that will get me fighting men for them and I end up on social security for it, then they picked up state office work to fool around with idiots who spend a fraction of their incomes on trouble makers that were set out to share my personal space, claiming criminals were nice people and I spent time rubbing shoulders with them, finished trashing my finances, they needed to cover their backsides and attacked me because they had to build restaurants with the state of my privacy while their stupid women who could fight my wars, picked up my marital happiness as a method of preventing fear when they got off fighting the men I should have dealt with. Here in the UK they claim my actions added up to the part where progress was killed off and it was nice that I was vulnerable to the Media – I am actually not vulnerable to the Media in anyway whatsoever, just a reckoning in the horizon that will tackle the broadcasting community who cannot control their staff, complaining that I hugged public interest whilst I was living on social security, telling them off making a mess of my Bookshop client interests to feel good with respect to effects of their personal decisions back to back every day and all day long, even in the night, the progress front will be the question of the reasons that the message of abuses orchestrated in fringe society because most people there were poor and lived on minimum wage, hence fundamentally afraid of the disruption that violence causes, being lost in gimmicks that they performed to create a public crisis from it and get rich fast, the same gimmicks we see them perform when Unions go on strike and they decided to break picket lines and make money. Thy do claim it was the power they had over me naturally and the problem rather is one of the bitterness of methods that may be employed to tackle the problem; it is a matter of spending a fraction of their salaries on a bunch of low lives with abusive interests in my personal space, the low lives now think that was the only way to make money, both do not wish to get a job or face the complications associated with owning a business, I am left in an unproductive position, the idiots with money lost money and the low lives with abusive interest in peoples personal spaces were not productive, so we are all poorer as a country; I have mentioned before, that it would be madness on their part to allow me get my hands on their career as well, just as much as we have had to deal with the lip flapping about attacking me directly. The rest of the story was to do with a fear that I was giving away methods by which I performed Royal duties which I am not; they do speak of progress and we are talking a scenario where I am a Hermit who thinks about not being able to tell prostitutes to stay off selling themselves considering they had nothing left to sell, whilst if I broker equity with a company that was a local landmark and some girls showed up to play with market, they would want to interpret it, not as something I got involved with to help people make the most of their academic concerns but as a tool by which pictures of naked women can make people rich. Royal duties on the other hand were to do with the Kings directives and we are currently wanting for that to come through, the Coronation had not yet bene done by HM has been clear about the condition and ways by which they could get off fighting public battles when they had made enough trouble to do so.

They do claim I am frustrated and angry like everybody else but I am actually not – same problem concerning big people; last time around, there was complain and then I dropped out of University because I  was a weak low life trying to achieve things I could not protect and was therefore bound to complain when the strong took it. this time it is more beating me down all day from a distance which loses me money because people think my Bookshop is not a safe place and so the person who pays them for it and would not listen to reason had discovered new facts about me and they were entitled to get involved with my personal space because the idiot applicable was paying them on that too. It has become a three part matter of what is set as a reckoning with the broadcasting community that keeps talking nonsense about a professional environment for free people, where you cannot ask people not to do something as the risk was that they would go right ahead and do it, each time it was clear they were unable to control their staff, since when I attacked them on the basis that they never stopped taking advantage of me by helping people who came into contact with my career on Media while I complained for years, it was clear I will damage the security that media freedom enjoyed and they would still have to deal with traditional society threats to the free press. The second part was to do with idiots who did not want to work for others or deal with complications associated with owning a Business and when I set out assets for product design concerning what my Clients were doing, another group of fools show up to stall my finances until they were able to rally low lives that cannot keep their hands off peoples private parts and make my career a matter of class war, which is not what I am doing here. The third were the Boardroom twats that never stopped spending their money on people who bothered me, to extend the problem and create instances where my career did not mean anything to anybody, no matter what I did with it and when I set out State Office wealth equity, famous idiots will convert it into a tool by which people bullied me to befriend the wealthy – all of these fools are pairing their patent breaching criminals activities with their careers currently, keeping the income which had also made them fancy themselves a bunch of bullies, indulging their verbal stupidities on Public media everyday over my career publicity, not me feeling angry and frustrated. 

They do claim that I have not acknowledged how close to danger I had come which is utter nonsense – there is only danger in a bad neighbourhood I picked out to help me write Books, which they turned into a tool for causing me harm and had developed to a point where they were stalling my finances to build a world where if they took my career and I wanted it back, they could employ their security guards to ensure I didn’t get it back and would only have to worry about the matter of time, so it was clearly something the famous idiots looking more deserving of the physical violence than they have ever been, which was being achieved with their own time. They do raise the question of the reason I picked a bad neighbourhood for my Books anyway but it is always following me around to make a mess of my career, so I am now doing something with a career they can say was above my academic qualifications, which qualifications they possessed, so I had to anticipate the sort of economic abuses that come with such nonsense. The Media is the cause of all the problems I got under control, they are the ones offering these fools opportunity on public Media whenever people came across my career – no idea why any would do such a thing to others and hang about telling lies because he was bigger than his victims, no idea why it is being presented as something they could not have accomplished in their own well off neighbourhoods, about which they waited for me to pick the bad neighbourhood as though my schedule did not matter, no idea which danger their stupidities thought I had come close to when this is growing into a clash with the broadcasting community that is clearly unable to control its stupid staff. They do claim the society power got me anyway which is utter nonsense; the power is being practiced by bigger than you idiots who never stopped complaining about people provoking them to take the law into their hands by laughing at them, which does not actually make any sense in the circumstances but it is the Media that ensures when they sit around cooking up those stupidities to practice on others which they link up with answering questions about the reasons they did not have what they wanted in their lives and always tended to target people who dared to own what they did not with it, it is the famous idiots that show up to make a mess of what I do to control it or spend what I did on themselves so they showed up to finger my bum and I never smell good. As I mentioned, growing into a clash with the broadcasting community that was unable to control its stupid staff (they never stopped telling the lies that I am complicit with the abuses, I mean there was a time my Books did not offend anybody, it was not pleasant towards those who created problems it resolved naturally but it did not serve as an offence to society men and terrorists, it is not what I did, they twisted it into such a situation and suspended my finances to do so as if it is what I lived for and are now backed by a crowd which thinks they were entitled to my earnings, hence it is an art of seeing which of their big mouth they can back up if I lived in their lives as well as mine.). This is not one of those instances where it worked to hang about a boardroom abusing peoples livelihoods, up and down, round and round and my career does not mean anything to anybody, no matter what I did with it, give Andrew Tate Money for running self-improvement seminars in South America to clip my Book and fight my wars, while assets that show up at Defence Industry was also shared with the Communists and I do not remember doing business with their stupidities. It needs to stay away from my books or find out if that stupid art of living on other peoples lives was something I could not also practice abusively.

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