They do claim from those stupidities about what they must do with any property of mine that had ended up with brokers that they knew or were related to by family at the worlds Industries, that people are always better off not getting caught up with me. It is however not my responsibility, the problem is that when these insults had caused them enough suffering, we find their stupidities take advantage of the way I run my finances to look after a Hermitage, to do damage to the finances itself and get criminals and ex-convicts to collect my career for them it is the source of all the other problems that are not their responsibility.

The question being that of how a person ends up in such a position at all and its the old story about the questions I asked before of whether people wanted to make a case of the abuses of the communities who dream of me being a character their stupid children abused on the streets on the way to school, to such an extent that I had to take action, since it will be nothing like the reasons we have found them rip up my University studies, follow me around to fulfil such stupid dreams over a decade, during which period their stupidities also got to talk to the Politicians about my attitude like we were mates.

It has always been a simple matter of making sure I am always found operating within my own social class and that I am not surrounded by gits whose middle name is misery, killing off the happiness associated with my person and work but first, I need to stop the Celebrities showering me with insults every day. As for how I get caught up in something like this and tend to tolerate it as well: it just serves to remind me of what the public is like in my view where if Government said they would not enforce red lines, the Public did have a tendency to go off and do the war bits, hence none can make sense of what these twats are really doing.

I. Uno I

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