They make this insulting, intrusive and stupid statement that I am now vulnerable to the famous, we have been doing this for 6 years at this stage, something about the way they found it so difficult to keep away from a Bookshop and a writing career which does not belong to them and the way they engaged with it through public involvement with their fame careers, without it which they would have no income source, therefore since this public engagement with their career was a problem for me, we were at an impasse. I simply want the gimmicks, gestures, comments and insults that get clients stopping short of engaging with the Books whilst I lose time and money everyday, waiting for a greater cause that their stupidities had devised to say the least, to be lifted, I am not their victim, failure to cease these activities will easily mean that I devised my own assumptions about what they were really like as a matter of their real famous persons and it will easily be the least of their worries. It has always been this two part story where one shows up to say that their understanding of my Career was that I was to wreck my health with work while they saved their own to share my career, keep the health and measure up to the wealthy thereby creating equality, which by the way had since progressed to stalling my Bookshop by means of these abusive gimmicks as a matter of their stupid children doing things I am too much of a coward to do, in order to seek a life of luxury on my public image, about which I had no choice, adding to the way that it is always engaged with activities that will get people looking back at a career with regrets, the tummy churning effects being some sort of punishment for the fact their stupidities were entitled to other peoples Houses and private lives to make sense of the idea they were financially successful in their opinion, even though they knew of the social ills such as racism in their communities having existed, which does get me thinking if it ends up fighting for my civil rights as well at some stage, its stupidities will make enemies of either side for it too. The other part being a bunch of fools with ideas about trashing my career to play up profitable money market gimmicks that cannot make them profit unless they trashed my career for it and it was as simple as paying for a Book the last time we checked when I made the rules for my property, thereafter its stupidities was fighting my wars, so we ended up with a crisis if I let them fight it but need their insanity kept far from my Bookshop, whether or not communists existed.

There is even the claim this was power obsession on my part whilst the real matter was to do with the fact we are now at a point where it was clear the famous should be allowed to sort out their own public security by themselves, due to a daily behaviour where each time people got the trouble makers under control or organised personal and social life to avoid them, the famous would spend it and the victim never smells nice. Now a matter of how we progress from such a point.

They claim I am offering help that none wants but the first time the insults became an issue, it was a career crisis brought about by the fact black people were entitled to get involved with my person, now it had become so tangible that it was possible to construe that asset broker with companies, once they had made a mess of the career publicity given by those companies and trashed a Bookshop, meant that I was offering help that none wanted. I could say that what brokers and Clients got, they could get as well, until I am not the writer that people want to get along with anymore. Same as those gimmicks where they claim my career is the stupidest they have ever since, since they were just a bunch of bum fingering sales idiots buying shares with companies through which they can handle me, to make sense of the shooting and stabbing on the streets, that displayed how angry people got over their insults and abuses it really does need to keep its hands to itself unless it wants to explain the reasons I am sore all over, mostly this would be the part where it ran off gimmicks with its society gits, linked it up to the famous twats to run off on Media and get people losing money every day and all day long, such that I had no prove it was engaged with an activity that should get the Law interested in its private concerns and it talks too much. They were now some of the wealthiest people on the planet apparently but each time an idiot wants to make a mess of peoples career, to get them spending some of the money on others, most of the time it is my career that the popularity and famous gits most prefer, likes it when I talk in such a manner apparently, it would have made sense if everything was that stupid.

I. Uno I

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