I am said to have earned the hatred people channelled towards me via resorting to power to resolve issues, of which I have done no such thing. These are a bunch of idiots who decided they wanted to make a mess of public security as a matter of how they thought my personal life and personal space should be used, on account it was better to make a living suggesting others were a threat to American interests, to get money off Washington at the fame industry. We are all operating on a schedule as all can now see and when mine comes through, I will ensure that they understood my point of view painfully, which I am doing rather well at from time to time currently. I am also told I have allowed the idea that I am the villain to fester which I don’t; what happens is that I do the public work rather well and they decided that if everybody were unable to take advantage of it, then the people who were in a good position to were gits on Media, the point where they were complaining about consequences of running their lives and other peoples concerns on the basis of social activities that people in prison engaged with, was never a good time to stop naturally. So we have since arrived at the stage where they could say that my main problem was to do with the fact they did not think of me as a prime threat and it is all good for something that began around 2012, to say that I never responded to Celebrity insults having been that we had arrived at a point where insulting me to make fame had produced fame for them and meant they were predisposed to the same treatment, that I never responded to their insults because there was yet no damage done to my career – so everything that appeared to be a banner on which my livelihood was set out for public engagement was interfered with, over time the interference has become so acute and systematic that people were unable to engage with the Books all together, their problem is now being explained as the sense that if I did not have the entire world, as a matter of what had grown into a process where my Business was a sole proprietorship and a limited company while the one that employed them was a broadcasting corporation, I dealt in Books and it dealt in direct information, was an issue that had to be settled on grounds that my Bookshop was no longer my property and free for all, I was also therefore being prevented from recovering because they were having fun with the mess they made, such that even when I advertise the Bookshop, it was never clear what I was advertising. The follow on naturally was this business of an alliance with rogue landlords, born from the activities of their friends at the security services who never take the job seriously because they had built a social engagement on the business of getting money off American Politicians, claiming others were attacking US interests – so they now needed my privacy whenever they went to the restaurants and so on, the problem being that I used the privacy to write my Books, to sleep, to eat and since my work was also done through my privacy, I am clearly doing everything with it, thus it feels like an existential threat, to add to the fact that the cause of all this was the usual story of racism being a matter of the decadent getting looked after, hence the ethnic minorities were always prone to performing it whilst ethnic majority were prone to doing it better when the chips were down which had nothing to do with me but shows up here insolently to make a mess and issue threats with a big mouth – the follow on in question being that it forged an alliance with rogue landlords and is bombarding DWP with tips on whom its stupidities considered to be performing social security fraud, hence picture painted and I am all ruined and set out as a pain in the backside of the Government who had to decide if I could get meal tokens – it is not news, as if I responded passionately, I would match the way my parents took their religious matters rather very seriously, they did it and now I had to do the same again, which is not going to happen. It needs to stop handling me and the main problem is still that when I do the public work, they spend it on media hence I never smell good, all thinking themselves to be narcissists and I believe I am now predisposed to put the theory to a test. Thus, it seems that crunch point was arrived at when they had progressed from abuses that will get me complaining somebody picked up my career to get famous, to the sense that involvement with me felt good and they were entitled to have it, therefore, they were destroying something that they could not have. I do get asked why I loved to behave in a benevolent manner towards these idiots but I don’t – we learned from the Queen that they had uses and it was best if they kept the jobs and paid their taxes, at this stage the question was one of whether it had taught them the importance of not making a mess of other peoples careers as well; when it does kick off, I will want to make a show of myself as a matter of the money it has made during the time that I issued the warnings and how much of those ended up in a savings account to provide it footing for the purpose of doing this to other people, in terms of the perverted broadcasting community, the freights that deliver their celebrity products, public engagement with their careers which was a threat to mine and the registration of the media businesses that employ them. Most are unaware that they are not important people – usually getting into some physically obvious trends to hang about the street corners blabbing of people grabbing their careers, then it progresses to community organised economic abuses, then it progresses to Industrial insults and servitude, developed mostly from a need to wreck other peoples careers while keeping their own, then the business of fighting other peoples wars for the purpose – I on the other hand make a series of successful decisions about the location of my career, as a matter of where the prison service was, in order to perform public service activities, our careers do not meet anywhere and the painful interest in me is now set to stop painfully too. It is not the mystery people think it is, that Government was unable to get along with these characters – from here I am able to make sense of the fact these are activities I would engage myself with, if I made a mess of my career and wanted to ensure others paid the price, they have not made a mess of their careers, they do it because they want to be counted among the very wealthy, at the end of which they needed my personal life if they wanted to eat some food after all the mess they made and since there is that extremely abusive life changing gossips for the victims, there is an atmosphere that exists to their detriment every time they met such persons, which then had to be mitigated, so it really does educate people about the prison service all together. Personally the abusive interest in my personality botched my academic pursuits and the problem is that they still showed up here to play everyday while forming communities that became increasingly violent towards me. An example of the issues at stake would be an instance where I once came by a show in which somebody suggested that renumeration of MPs at Industry was a matter that rested in the hands of constituents and it was suggested that it would make sense for me to talk that way – what I know however is that unless the interaction between the House of Commons where most of the international business was handled and the House of Lords where most of the culture and society matters were handled, had been disrupted, then there would be no need for somebody to think of paying an MP from the Commons a huge amount of money to work with them on their red tapes, just as much as international business will not want to see the House of Lords as a means to easy profits.

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