It is all doxy society and if there exists a country with people living in it, a doxy society will always want to make wealth by ascertaining those who were not brave enough to deserve ownership of their own property because others had paid the ultimate price to bring about public security. They do claim it was a matter of people like me attacking Celebrities because I wanted what they had which is utter rubbish it is one of those matters about which you get way laid, have your career trashed and set up to be a tool in the hands of some stupid women who wanted to spend their money on a younger penis; we know that especially for people concerned with government, should one follow that path to a stage where one ends up in a governmental office, the risk of military coup was astronomical, it is not news either, any who wants to trace their need to run people down in order to make money would have to trace it back to first grade when they initially started looking like they often received council from the devil and needed to express their insanity in some way. They do claim I never had a chance against them, just as much as people raise the point that getting involved with work market was bad for a Prince, I mean they are right but it is one of those unusual things that Royalty finds edifying where my involvement tended to express the fact that work was not the thing to be ashamed of, besides which I spent the money take for instance the one that concerns them the most being security guard work, where I had to deal with a bunch of fools who attended the premises in order to play with me, my initial response was to get them up my public image for instant fame, the fame by which they will attend the premises to buy their products regularly and them fool around with peoples jobs that way but it turns out that famous idiots were making use of my public image as well, so the two groups of trouble makers hit it off but they would have preferred a more convenient existence, so the attack on me began, to which effect we know that the security guard work was not the problem as the narcissistic abuses of ship managers building communities to finger my bum was, same as we see that each time I am seen in a work premises, everybody wants to do the same things to get rich fast with the help of famous fools. So it has soon become a matter of reading birth signs and the two most notorious for getting around with this nonsense were of course Virgos and Scorpios, who are now part of a community of ageist fools that hang about from a distance after renting me a space, sending out low lives to share my personal space, whereby they get to bang walls and doors on my head, whilst their famous fools created a public media presence for each instance, picking up my personal life to avoid the stress associated with their stupidities, that is known to cause death each time I turned it on them so the wonderment for all would be that they had time for all these whilst complaining of wealth and social inequality problems. The first time around I responded, my response played into the way that the USA was the worst of all and there were at least five gun per head in that country because it never stopped walking into peoples career publicity to build a support crowd that was also willing to get violent over claims the victim did not deserve career and finances for failing to do something brave or failing to do something that got people into trouble with the Law, they are exporting it now and it needs to keep off my career publicity and keep its comments to its own career or I will be the one doing something to end what has existed because they are always stupid enough to start and too stupid to work out anything beyond the starting trouble bits so people died it seems and I had to think about the repeat process of a response for another time.

It is a matter of the way that it picks up my career publicity uninvited with verbose abuses facilitated by stupid American Liberals, to allow its stupid boyfriends and girlfriends put up a picture on the glass doors and windows of the high street bands, moves onto an abusive gimmick that involved exploring my work market foot print so it might seek out opportunities to do work for the high streets that the Police should have done, since it believed that nonentities got jobs and this was the way to get paid for being popular, such that when it builds up its famous persons insanity alongside the abusive stupidities of the society gits that were in league with it, as a matter of access to my privacy or claiming that such access had been attained, in order to inflict illness and distant violence on me, we end up with a residual sense that I am fighting for my survival because I want what they have and it is the time that had elapsed between when I established a partnership with my clients and the business of now getting them to keep their comments to their careers because I am trying to get clients engaged with the Books, which sets the stage for vengeance. Many have already died because of a process that involved setting out on the basis of how painful their abuses were, that the people causing them problems were doing the correct thing, so that I can pursue all the exists devised by handling my possessions and shut them down but it seems that I have done this the other way around, as I should have attacked the famous before doing the society ageist gits, now facing the risk of being labelled a monster, wondering if people think I ought to take it on because they would like me to shed the moral qualms about being one. The backdrop now is that it had built a community of fools that call me names, get imagination into my panties and work the abusive gimmicks where corrupt private security and ageist idiots with homes serving the purpose of rogue landlords, spend a lot of time getting the Politicians to listen to their feelings about me, hence there is enough motivation to get about a process of stopping their stupidities badly but it was free to perform these activities without absorbing the boudoir, leaving Clients unable to read the Books, if its stupidities was keeping its own famous earnings. The public work that I do for my Office caters for every other problem in the various forms that I have done it, hence there is really no problem here to waste time on, just famous fools looking for trouble.

They do suggest they needed to make sense of what makes me tick in order to tackle me, I would never know anyway, Celebrities have turned up to rip up my writing career, inciting crowds to handle my Books as a service they were entitled to get whilst they were making an appearance and signing autographs via the appearances, solely because they got caught up with problems that existed when there were government function in a neighbourhood and some people felt the pressure that comes with the fact that it exposed a lot about matters they should have sorted out concerning their careers but did not get to do so, of which none knows how I much of people who possessed so much money, they were always bullying others to make sense of the money in their possession, would have ended up with such a problem in the first place, hence it seems that what makes me tick does not do them any favours, now that they have read my Book previews and have decided the public ought to join them in a bid to cling to my earnings and view it as something created by somebody who possessed a capacity to cover their backsides for a living it is always so good at the insults and I could never hide my anus from its fingers with a big mouth, was famous certainly not looking for trouble.

They claim I am motivated by fear and yes I am, the original source of relaxation for my Office was what I did to support security services merging into general population for certain kinds of jobs, now it is fear put in me by a bunch of idiots with societies and cultures which sole purpose is to devise a place where my career and finances may go to vanish because it was too dangerous for me to retrieve. This is the motivation behind their abusive activities that the gits who prevent me from defending myself will have to explain to the public since they pretend to be unaware that people performed these activities alongside other actions taken to dismantle anything their victims do to organise affairs, so as to avoid local criminal activity. Eventually that insult comes back on, that it was a matter of what I had to do to defend the country, I could never tell the reasons the gimmicks they loved so much was so disrespectful in my direction anyway they had their own problems where the fact that the professional body that ought to control their activities and what they did with Media was unable to control them, which outcome is that communities of quasi criminals had joined their ranks, of which nothing has been done on their part, to eliminate it for everybody, as much as the insults and abuses that are meant to get me showing them what I am doing with my Office on account they want to control me, as stupidly as possible. I mean in terms of whether I am a false hope, it is a matter of what people did in prevalent states of affairs leadership in bigger countries developing ideas about rites and rights that smaller countries would explore only if they were looking for trouble, originally it does not make sense to say that whilst you were running a civil service for a smaller country you were thinking about rites and rights that bigger countries engaged with but it will never stop until you laid our a trap for its gimmicks, it will get caught in that trap and set a stage for rites and rights you had as a smaller country in terms of the size of their bigger countries being more prone to pillaging and then it will all become a more serious affair and still we know the state of affairs in the world is what it is currently on account they do not stop the soft threats at this stage. On the matter of whether my activities were an exercise in attention grabbing, it was a matter of the way that security services should operate in an ideologically tidy environment and they were at war with my work because I could never tidy it up enough, at the same time they were making such a mess that they had developed from security services incompetence to outright corruption, running around the world to build up wars that cannot be accounted for, one after the other whenever they were being ignored, in the meant time, the insults abound in a circumstances where they had torn down work I did to build up my assets at the ideological no mans land which not only provided an understanding of defence but also a means to protect economic interests and show a position such that the Communists could make sense of the way that any prevalent threats will be rebuffed, they trashed it to show up on media pushing me around and ordering my steps whilst they cannot fix the causalities that had turned up on their own jobs due to their attitude, just as much as they have not figured out the problem but have figured out a war in Ukraine that we cannot explain. Then there is my party piece concerning the so called being centre of attention gimmick i.e. that each time I perform actions to tidy up the ideologies, should others decide that it sets out a good stage for weapons and equipment building, we will find the gits show up to decide whose right hand side and left hand side they want to be, making a mess of everything, those who tried to control the fall out like myself become characters that were said to threaten American interests whenever they wanted to get paid for being popular at Washington and any serious action to control it would see them share some secrets with communists, at the same time it was quite clear that terrorists did not fancy ideologically tidied up working environments as equally as we knew it was important for security services because the psychological effect of having work we have done go awry lasts longer with security services than it does with civilian careers, failing to maintain the ideologies will play into mental illness and some might become so ill they refused to take orders at a crucial point, my party piece being that the terrorists feared such environments because it was impossible to learn from their enemies when it existed, those who took the risks only gave away information doing so. I could never understand why these gits and their need to make mess ideas of security service concerns would consider their position to have offered the best ideas if the Canadians that live next door to Communists were the biggest fans of what I am doing.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland