I am told that I need encouragement for my activities, but it is as if I had done much while there is more. This is a matter associated with a handful of some very useless families full of very badly raised people – they will now run our lives when they had split themselves into the three main forms that they usually adopt; the ageist idiots and the abusive activities that makes money, the queer gits who usually get killed by the gangs, decided who didn’t deserve the career because such persons were cowards and what kind of respect rich people deserved, the Celebrities who can spend my entire life getting involved with my Bookshop because of what they think the Books can do for them if they didn’t buy it like every other common persons but got involved with me to secure the services personally, after wrecking the finances that is. The blabbing we must tolerate are good but even they are as fed up with the violence and street deaths as much as I am, although I cannot say I am fatigued about it either way. We would not be doing this if there was no situation where Celebrities got involved with me for other purposes that my Books had revealed I am capable of achieving instead of being an audience – so far I have tried making sure the society ageists were used both by government and criminals, the queer idiots were complaining a lot of more about the violence and the swelling prison populations, while stifling the career of the Celebrities to ensure they trashed my finances to make pictures where they blow kisses at criminals on how I should be used, to start a mini war when I tried to move them out of my life, such that they got stuck with and sorted out the crime issues and this is because of the way it runs completely out of control, so that bad things tended to happen to good people while we kept National records. Now I think I have issued the warnings long enough and will soon begin to work on the issues that are stifling the finances of this Hermitage more violently, especially the part where Celebrities want to play with my Royal Office the way they claim I play with them with a big mouth, which outcome is that that stupid dream of somebody exhibiting themselves on account he had a Royal Office is about to become a reality and it will feed into the prestige for my readership at the Bookshop and my financial wellbeing issues. They do claim I am unaware of the bad things happening at the Monarchy, but neither am I aware those bad things were bad enough to say that their children would not be safe if they went on Holiday and their daily concerns was interfered with, which is what the idiots at Parliament think is worth inflicting on others. So, this business of encumbering people’s daily concerns while the ability to feel safe during Holiday was created by persons who had no public authority whatsoever and enforced like a directive – they did complain when I decided sometime before that they never had the right to enjoy their Holidays too, then I stopped because they complained so much and they had gotten worse since. They do love to shift the blame and claim that I assume powers I did not have, as much as we know it is now such a conundrum for them, since writing is what I did as well, and they needed to read Books not show up to make assumptions. Eventually they claim I clash with Parliament and I had no idea why this statement made sense to them, since I am a person that is likely to get into logger heads with a character that wants to screw with others, when screwed with sets out a campaign to win elections and get into government buildings where it can make a lot of trouble for others, so what is really a process of working in Government as per being paid a salary to ensure that Government was working properly was clearly a profession and no person in such a position would want to clash with it, obviously we are not talking about the busy body Ministers who claim they love to see me subservient naturally or there will be a war, needs keep away from my Books and make the comments about its own social life or show up here to read and for nothing else if it should stop the way that they and their Celebrities would have liked it to.  I mean at Government buildings you want to say that you were able to set out public control directives for instance, that you had done a professional job of it and if you had a Goddaughter, she would be doing rather well.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland