It is now suggested that I am the means by which men are able to perpetrate most of their abusive and greedy activities but I am not; the characters responsible for trashing my finances to get paid for being popular are responsible for all that has built them the means to make the statements they make and to enforce it. That said, accepting responsibility, what we still have is a process where my Royal Hermitage Trust and its property equity broker is construed to be a means by which I found a process of allowing people to use the spirituality and personality I had cultivated in a Hermitage as a tool that helps idiots with money to feel happy about their lives and to please those who had money, so as to obtain a share of it through market, instead of getting a real job and I did not build them this system where I now have to show them off to the world as very evil people in order to make my livelihood successful, it simply happened because given time the nature of wickedness and evil tends to reveal itself.

We hear the Celebrities boast all the time that I am now in a position where I must allow them do whatever they liked at my expense, while we know itís a display of how wicked, twisted, corrupt and evil they really are i.e. there is a link between stirring up public problems especially the bad ones and a process of developing pockets of security that some inferior persons will be made to fill and thereby provide security that they did not get to share, this is what is shared with fans to get rich quick, white big brother is the reason for all forms of abuses most of which are unnecessary and have no purpose but exist because they had bug deep enough to see the private parts of their victims, the Labour Party was the one group of leaders who will be responsible for getting the society to share everything it has with everybody on account that I exist Ė so we see that the main issue is to get into an office and write some Books but I cannot because they were making a right mess of it every day and I had to clear it out to prepare a good environment for work, so if I had to recover everything they have damaged in the course of creating this nonsense, I will have to go back to the very beginning of their stupid perverted interest in me, to sort something out. So it is said that Celebrities have always done these things but they have and I am aware that they have, this time however, I am subjected to nauseating financial complications because I dared to move on, I dared to exist as though they were harmless to me and for it I will be taught a lesson and it will make sense of the idea that has been projected by me that their stupidities are things I can cope with comfortably while looking after my career and finances, so itís an example of a hurtful and abusive activity that do not think they need put a stop to, if it had not stopped to make me exclusively comfortable: you keep acting as if the horrible things we do with your career and areas of it where you had done the best work are things you can move on with and carry on your concerns with without problems and this is provocative considering how we are intolerant to culture and society goons and are likely to get into a fight with people to be who we are while you were just a coward and this is provocative, for which I woke up to nauseating financial complications today like I did yesterday and years before.

They do say these activities have their purposes naturally and I suppose I am not aware of then if I said that itís what happens when people lobbied Politicians and thereby developed ideas on who should prioritise their financial wellbeing, the activities that are needed to create the getaway state of affairs when they perform actions such as inaccurately assessing another personís Mortgage in order to go home with more than 100,000 pocket money for the month or over a lesser period of time more so. They do claim my chin wagging is that which other people are taking risks for which I understand entirely i.e. when they perform such actions there are people working for Government who do their own as well, so if it came into public light, the process would be expensive to investigate save there was a way to boil it right down. This is a Creative and Property Equity broker Establishment that relies on publicity provided from the Trust system to raise funds at a Business environment and they do not yet think that getting a real employment process as a means to an end or giving it the space it needs is imperative so far.

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