It is never true I pay less attention to a case of Top Royal Family members feeling HM lets me get away with anything I like – the reality is that I don't; I have five websites and one of them is for managing security and theft at my Royal Estate and Equities literary empire and its global Intellectual space, the other is the Company website and the other is the office and the other two are for the most important women in my concerns. Having made that explanation I guess royal idiots who have achieved that by constantly stifling my book sales which they have daily for the last 7 years must be thinking they have achieved something great considering that without that such things would not have been happening and the need for them to have a go ahead from a senior member of the royal family to lay claims of ownership to my possessions would not have existed which by the way is completely unnecessary. Now they think I would not last a minute with them when we all know they take advantage of the fact I have not committed myself to violence which means I become concerned about the activities of moderate villains because of the fact that my women might be in a position where I have to protect them and with it want my anus and my penis and my body around absolutely everything I do and have linked that to getting rich and connected and important too which means their media and Political idiots are always at it – their bigots have ended up in Church of course and are claiming that they do their own because of the need to make me do something about a Country that has become all about people laughing at other peoples misfortunes because of me which then makes so much sense, but it is never the less an indication of how not so personal it will get when it does kick off. I mean I do remember telling them the next time they screw with foreign policy around my office and work I will burst their insolent British balls and they never did take the plunge so they are royal idiots off to another side talking nonsense of how I think I am royalty when I am not whereas the real issue was me selling my books while the part where I am Royalty is something HM is happy with and none of their business. It is not a major issue either, everybody knows they want to watch me when I play video games and make out it is how I am likely to fight them which only has but a certain percentage of truth to it and nothing more, however which the real question is that it is important as everybody would have hoped that they are taking stock of their insulting abuses especially the sexual ones and the provocation that comes with it too; I mean an example to be the matter of Scottish referendum whereby 15 years ago the arrangement was the England was the dominant country in the Union and reserved the right to sabotage certain activities it does not appreciate in the others so as to maintain the Union but in the last ten it has become obvious that London has become too rich for its own benefit and the money is moving elsewhere in the world instead of spread around the Union and hence the devolution has begun and was from what we can see and where we are heading inevitably going to lead to maximum devolution eventually – nothing like the National and referendum on independence we have today because some royal idiots can punish anybody they bloody well wish, I mean it’s only a forethought to mention such facts in case they think nobody is keeping records. So yes seven years of stifling my book sales has given them all they wanted when top members of the Royal family are showing HM lets me do whatever I like but I am sure they will realise it is not going to get any personal at all as it were, along with their black idiots who screw around with whether or not I have a private army and they are likely to be bloody thirsty and whether I not I am the one controlling them or somebody else can be explored, just like those their stupid Asian friends who seem to behave exactly like Thailand democracy which has now been taken over again by the Military.

I do not believe this to be an emotive issue – only give it a few years once they had started their fun games with me and it turns out the whole purpose of it was to shed the weight of their civil rights struggles, right up to those who hold government Offices, in order to get around having sex, enjoying life and generally making money in ways that do not involve work while they make sure I look into everything: this has always been the price of my misery and their obsessive theft of my finances.

As long as I do not have the benefits of being me extracted from me as a result of access to my very existence, they will have the right to have Industries that are not holding my Property. I sell books for a living and everything else they see is mine and not theirs to deploy, a world does not exist where things happen in the otherwise, especially for the Americans.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland