The theory that had explained it all is that I am a gay man. I could never make sense of it myself, the theory here is that if I was raised a certain way, parents found the funds for it a certain way, I was let in on the game and the idea that I am gay is specifically set out to interfere with me each time I attend my daily concerns, then this must be the stupid part of Britain inside of Britain, the stupid Country. There is currently no obvious reconciliation of the self to the fact that it is meant to make its stupid comments and play its endless career wrecking games, success encumbering gimmicks about the fame Money in its bank account, as a matter of its own career, not mine. So it appears to have become a problem that would be resolved if I reached an arrangement where a certain behaviour and concurrent behaviour to follow it, added up to an attack on the Media profession and every git in that that uses its access to a Media presence as a tool to do wicked things to me and trash my finances especially involving Celebrities making stupid statements and American led idiots seeking to make profits by investing public funds, which can be continued or followed up from here. They do claim the problem to be that I am weak and scared stiff of them which is utter rubbish, what happens mostly being a matter of a group of men saying that they worked alongside their foolish women with the insults as a lifestyle, to create communities that had influence on the public but did not have public place legitimacy, it is the kind of power that facilitates those stupidities where it clings to my career, showers me with insults and sees me without clothes on, so its imagination puts the fingers up my bum all the time, currently complaining but had no wish to keep its hands to itself or make its comments about its own career instead of mine, especially when it is a black person like me and therefore thinks the house proud stupidities of its insolent women especially allowed it to be entitled to anything in this place. There is nothing to do about it, more so nothing I could not do about it and I suppose they were better off doing their bits by themselves. It a bunch of evil fools saying that they had power to see me naked and get fingers up my bum, the media where these stupid statements are made would be the ones that take pictures of me in the bathroom, to share with the boys from the foodbanks and homeless centres, public transport fools and YMCA, turned up to stifle my Book sales picking up cultural indemnity aspects of my work to make the most of a dream that got me to serve them with private security Industry work, it has done this because it wants to see what I can do about Media, Celebrities and their civil disobedience security guards, needs keep its mouth shut, get a Book and or make comments about its own career (in lay terms, if i am trying to run a Book shop and somebody picked up work I did for my Books to exasperate me with claims I am weak and petrified, my response here would be appropriate, further more to the problem of getting it to make comments about its career and not mine, I do provide them several responses for each time they made such claims and they only had the stomach for half of it, so my work churns the tummy and we go around in circles while they kept their salaries and had fun at my expense).

The now widely held perception of my feelings towards the time and resource wasting that is associated with the abusiveness and disrespect, was that I wanted to change some narcissists, which had since become a matter of self-exhibitionist versions of the behaviour which mostly comes from socialist Politicians and their money madness friends, telling me I want to control the same behaviour in others which does not make any sense. What is happening instead is that I have built the conditions to ensure it was too late for the Prince of Wales, HRH life of the men madness and his aides to decide they wanted to cease continuing the destruction of my career for social gimmicks having engaged in it for 2 decades, by doing what they wanted i.e., deprioritising public enforcement and the provision of civil services to ensure the narcissists can rely on us to pay attention to their gimmicks. About which I intend to finish off the wealth and social inequality side by attacking the Celebrities and media making money off my public life by setting me out a character people bullied to make market success and befriend the wealthy, the property security side by attacking other corrupt Royals who loved to open up my doors. It is a very simple matter, one in which people simply needed to ensure they did not interfere with the two items of audience interests here and my public image within working hours or they made the choice to be people or bullies and found out what I got to do with the effects on my finances. It has nothing to do with feeling magnanimous, we are talking about building a Bookshop and you know that Clients will not pay for something that does nothing for them, so each time the Books did something for them, media and celebrity spent what it did for the public and I had to restart with crashed finances as well. We see the full range play out when they say I had refused to acknowledge it was all about women but it is about women this was a system where people showed up to pick what they liked and supported me to ensure I was not affected by this nonsense; first point of provocation were idiots who invited themselves into it for pleasure and informed me I was not significant enough for the consequences of their behaviour to apply, also that if I asked their wives at home, I would find out they always got what they wanted. Then the ultimate gimmick after all the career and financial mess of sharing it with the boys from the neighbourhood, to show up in public and run me down as they tried to sell some products of their own and get rich fast, the boys from the neighbourhood who spent most of their time at the backyards of industry making peoples career vanish that is so they have it seems always had a niggle that got to take me on (we have arrived at the point where entitlement to my career, met with childhood injuries which have caused me chronic pain getting worse, such that I am thought to be a lazy person at work and they had trashed the University degree so I could not get a job that did not cause me to lean on it to painfully, the entire time which I had a working Bookshop, continuing to set out a public profile as a bully while underestimating how far I will got for my Bookshop). They do claim that they have been getting the money anyway and I understand entirely but I am the one giving the advice to those who claim the regret was too much for their tummy I am not paying it to make statements about my career, if it believes that sticking to the facts was free PR, needs to stop making statements about my career. Same as the claim I had an attitude problem their world is one in which I was enemies with women so they might use women to rip up my finances, while the careers of the women were wrecked to ensure women got all they needed by selling sex it needs to start showing the same degree of respect for my career that it gets for its own from me or we will end up in a scenario where I got to do something unusual about their stupidities as well. So the situation for this bad attitude I had, the insults replacing a reality where they did not get to interfere with my Public image and Client interests especially during working Hours, is that women were trying to cope with damaged careers where recovery was only possible through the sex industry whilst I was a character who continued to get in the way whilst my problem was one in which I was a bullying victim whenever people wanted to befriend the rich or get rich fast - it does need to get on my nerves again, everybody dealing with a struggle it caused, just one more insult.

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