It is now said that I have spent my usefulness and it is utter nonsense naturally as it appears people always have to detach themselves from the main population at a particular persons expense, hang around somewhere deciding that the Government must treat them in a privileged manner, building up workload for administrative authority, make themselves into the one thing since others left school over relationships that need be established for work, employment, career and business purposes, then complain about others being specifically responsible for the consequences, especially the victims they have been targeting for daring to own something they didn’t the entire time. They always have to show up with this case around feminism where a bunch of women have spent so much time passing abusive insults at me, that it was now possible to build a crowd with a media presence and get that crowd forcing me to allow them do what they wanted with my income margins, which then become a fight for survival either due to the fact I cared about them or the fact I wanted to move them on and out, while their feelings about the way they ought to share my earnings becomes that which a handful of scum in American Government buildings can enforce around here with a big mouth. When we see it develop into this case that suggested I had spent my usefulness, there is a sense that it is all a big joke for all the distress and suffering it causes me, bearing in mind that it will not stop if I hadn’t done a thing physically about it, I am therefore about to begin a process of shutting it down altogether too. The Men are a completely different story but the pattern is much the same i.e. it will complain endlessly about others living the way that it lived, build communities that will get imagination around peoples private parts for the same reasons the women who can never stop telling lies as described above do but it has not yet developed into something of me feeling like I am being beaten down, even though the features that help to build that stupid crowd that bend me to their will had nothing to do with either truth or reality, just like the women, if it did, I would begin a process of shutting their own down as well, considering the way white people trash my career to fight Muslims and muslims were the best at nepotism, handling others without permission and building communities that get imagination up my anus obviously. It is however developing into something of an issue with the insolence at this stage and we are about to enter a phase where disrespect towards my person, social life and writing career will bear serious consequences that eventually gave rise to an outcome where they found I had some money their stupidities would show respect for as it were – for the time being it’s the same pattern of being a bunch of idiots telling me that when I described them as utter fools each time they made a mess of my social life and career, since their word was law, I was to desist from doing so and bear in mind I will face consequences – the same stupid pattern of being convinced it was possible to invent anything no matter how stupid and set about inserting it into my career and social life, like the men show up here to put themselves in charge when they hadn’t a clue what they were doing, spending most of my time, punishing me for work I had already done – the same stupid pattern where anything I do with myself had to be spent on others after the lies they tell of the way their laziness will make use of what I had earned because I was using the Country that belonged to everybody to accomplish it, which then clashes with a process of being made to understand I am to go to the Monarchy to get money while they spent it on themselves and resulted in a future that was to be a total destruction of a Hermitage and Trust system and it is developing into a certain outcome where I had a certain behaviour towards their bank balance as well; the big one was the part where I dropped out of University, the one that will decide how I respond will be the attitude towards my Bookshop and trust system all together as it were. They claim my Books are responsible for riling people while it isn’t as it were – what riles them is the way that I respond to the destruction of my University studies, following me around for what I was thinking and now a process of chasing me about to ensure I spent time in the company of a handful of gits that had given up on life and need to ensure they got what others got for the money they had and are determined that my personality and social life was the way to do it, I really have no idea how many they think must die for them to stop doing this all together but not that I cared if their brains had taken a walk either. They do always have to do this and it is never about to result in an outcome where I made decisions on what was right and wrong with respect to the feminists and the women, while I made one on the insults thrown towards my career and finances where the men were concerned as it were. It turns out like this every time – first my career is trashed and all I had to do to recover it will offer improvements for access to a foolish media presence and then what has built a crowd that will make me do as they please was not linked to truth or reality in anyway and the consequences of spending time on me instead of their careers was that if they stopped handling me there will be destitution of unimaginable proportions, while they became convinced I was afraid that my Public service would produce such an outcome, while I had completely lost all freedom to run a Hermitage the way I felt would help me support government and central banking system on the reasons money was created, bearing in mind it produced such a problem when their stupidities got involved, any attempt apparently courts the interest of their popularity stupidities that will set about making sure the bad the financially worse conditions remained a permanent feature, as stupidly as possible, then act as though their foolish word was law each time they messed with my career and they would decide how I described it. they make those statements that they want to be free and in control and that they were not inferior to me – the first time round was that case where a country that existed in their heads would materialise in reality when they were allowed to express how superior to me they were and it didn’t end well, now it’s the part where I could really do without somebody stealing my information to go somewhere and pay a price for it, then show up on Media to tell me about power, government and the position they deserved to be in, spending less time with their own careers and pillaging my income margins to keep it going and I believe I have set it out clearly here, that when I am forced to make that statement again about the fact they can express themselves if they got rid of the Crowd that is built up entirely from the lies they tell, it will come with a warning. They do this all day and when they see my stress levels had gone through the roof, we find them do it again and again and again – the freedom they speak of involved their civil and criminal disobedience being a process of building up practical jokes they may get off their own careers to play on other people’s careers, when they had done enough damage which gives them the ability to oppress people, looking now as though I am afraid of my public service producing an outcome where they faced consequences for abandoning their careers to spend their time on me and again still I could really do without it for engaging in equity broker with multinational companies. The crowd and the lies therefore set to be the reasons I became an impediment to their self-expressions.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland