They do claim that I am said to be a very stupid person which I do not think matters as such, as those who paid me through my Books for providing an Intellectual property administration service, such that they hung about my finances and business, fooling around to such an extent somebody else bought Books that they were supposed and the scenario of gimmicks affected their careers, is not going to think that I am stupid. They are likely to adopt a position vested in the authority to do so, on account that the way that criminals took advantage of the damage done to my finances to develop statements and get imagination up my anus, affected their social lives and wellbeing too.  The Problem has always been a simple one - their popularity stupidities, sales army madness and profitable insults falls on hard times due to economic conditions and they decided to flush my life down the toilet to secure good times that they did not have to work for but the audacity of the way they have gone about it, now needs to be reciprocated. These are the facts I have been trying to spare people the entire time; that it is possible for an Arch Prince to be hounded for 14 years by Celebrities that were keen to flush his life down the loo, so they might develop good times they did not have to do a day’s work for using his social life and public image. During the time I have worked to isolate the problem because they are like the Industry gits who kill endangered species when you try to prevent them pillaging your income margins and had barely criminal sales army ripping up careers to employ career criminals in the neighbourhoods, I have issued a million and one warnings literally, to move them on, which had not since taken effect, so this audacity must be reciprocated, the financial stagnation caused reversed and above all, matters of mobility and access to my fans brought to a point where it was possible to develop enough of an absolute security for it to achieve peace of mind.

It was always going to lead to this - the outcome being the destruction of my career to feed on exotic food, develop a good enough health to pursue ownership of the rest of my social life and public image on the premise that I could not take them on, the need for a life of robbery which I had agreed to so they might avoid the worst consequences of it being insatiable - wonder if I had missed anything setting out these facts.

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