Welcome to the Tunnel Light Books and Holding Limited Royal Bookshop. Main concerns of the Bookshop are brokerage of the cultural need provisions; first of HH Royal Office and then of the hermitage library Trust. This is largely concerned with the Middle East, The Atlantic, The Mediterranean, Europe and Problems that may come from Africa, The Far East and The Far West.

It should be noted that the Operation Parameters of the Tunnel Light Books and Holdings Ltd Bookshop here and creative Equities offered up on it is run on the basis of securities concerning vandalism wrought by those who believe that getting involved with other peoples aptitude which is linked to their family life is a better fundamentalism for trading than their own ideas about how to be nice to people and is likely to operate with the public along the lines of the prognosis of the company CEO which is largely based on business done on the basis of confiscating their own so they might have problems with family life later, especially after being famous. Currently media squander dispositions suggest I will never be able to work for my Clients and Customers but of course all that really demands is that I abandon my Christian way of dealing with them and begin to handle them like they were an evil that is not a good thing for the general public which they really are and then we will have a vicious capitalism where they have no means of determining whether or not they buy the products.

So it is said that I think the secret services are protecting people but that they are not; I do not care for my part anyway, most people who say such things claim to be responsible persons and so they need to show responsibility and regulate their behaviour in public – most of secret service work does not actually involve secret service Officials, it involves people who end up in a dangerous position that sounds like Mr A and Mr B were Business Men and at some point their view of the world changed and Mr A and B fell out with each other; having been that Mr B took his interests and placed them in the hands of the British which is his view was where the force for good came from, he will be willing to supply the British with information that will help them protect overall interests as well as his person and property and sometimes that could mean clashing with his old friend Mr A. People need to regulate themselves if they claim to be so responsible as it were. I mean these guys can get off like so and pass around their insults until they make a state of affairs they attribute to their society with it, at somebody that has public duties to fulfil; when they are done they commercialise the effects of these insults and protest about Politicians making it into Law so others might do it to them as well if people need to, when finished with that they ensure my public life ends up in the hands of the gangs that roam the corner streets of their popular culture and social lives and turn out to run my State provided security acting as though I would never have known which is which anyway. I like to speak of it in the classical way i.e. sometimes I have so much fun it takes me years back into my age – what I stumble on is my childhood and school stuff, what they stumble on a lot of the times is the ugly sex and the days they got drunk on the streets and taken by Police and emergency services. So the reality is still the same, that whenever they see others with serious matters of state, they get involved and turn out to behave like extremely destructive children with money to spend, which makes it really difficult to tell them that they are – and if you set children from schools at them as well so that they might understand, what they want to become is armed rebels. I for my part have contingencies in place to ensure Media is made to gather this information when need be so; all I am asking them to do is let people live as well, as much as they want to enjoy life itself – not push off really stupid questions at me with anti religion impressions and insults on Media, yapping off about how I get involved with a world in which I will never survive. They do say I interfere with their lives but it is an old story we are very familiar with; one about the fact they have turned up at my Royal Estate and Public life to rip something up and get rich quick way too often for their own good; so that as it stands, there is no known way I can ensure their filthy street popularity supporters do not find ways of getting involved with me and making a mess of everything around here – they however claim to be responsible people and that a state that keeps an eye on them is evil; they need to regulate themselves, regulate their public behaviour. 

I mean these Media and Celebrity ones are something else but they are not the only ones; there are those who love to rip up peoples academic work, in order to run off and acquire the best jobs in the land, just so they can regularly send out their community croons and grand Mothers and Grand Fathers to confront those who have not done as well as they have in life etc and it is for shit like this they are so incredibly destructive as it were: they need to buy the Books the way they handle my Public Office and Public life, especially the way they scoop business at the Royal Property to get rich - buy the Books or keep off. It’s much like the story of how I have helped people with their rights on one hand and when the going gets tough suck up to industries and then expect to sell my Books and pay my Bills, meaning I am being punished by idiots for being Royalty and on the other a case where they have found a new preoccupation in the first of leaking information about tax havens and how the rich protect their wealth. So they say I have some duty I should have performed around the matter which is simply looking for trouble, as it is clear that if it is the people and civil rights idiots that want to collect taxes instead of the Government, then they should be allowed to do it and at some stage their stupidities may become a state of affairs in its own right and set out a precedent by which Politicians will make it official for them by Law. It’s the same old story about being an Arch Prince – the only reason these idiots want to do what they want to do is because their historical stupidities and the effects it has on them would be relieved so they can seek out more, within an eventuality whereby they will make more money and fame looking publicly good and filthy at the same time for it. I have always been clear I am aware my duty is to provide people with a sense of morality since it is clear that if they are asked to chase it and abandon everything else, they will lose it all right down to their culture and history but it does not mean I cannot tell which wasn’t taking off the morals his parents raised him with like a shirt, naming me the big one and turning up all over my Public life and earnings margins to get rich and famous, this is the only thing they think religion is good for, a feel good narcissism which clears their mind and allows them look the part of being important and famous until they are and at the moment the original problem of their need to tackle Women along side their perverted Feminists who become what they become when they have stopped boasting about the Men they degrade, is the project which has so far been completed, whereby I am left with the consequence of every ageist idiot wanting to write Books in my stead these days.

They do say I complain all the time and pretend it solves anything but I don’t; it’s a simple case of living with older adults and youth plus newly married couples that have no respect for me whatsoever and their case has now come to a stage where their stupidities are only satisfied if they get out of bed and have means such as Media to screw with my income all day long, just for the fun of it and I do not think that they matter for my part either. Their civil rights complains are easily resolved i.e. they are British, I Govern British, the simple distinction between Lower Classes and the Upper Class and they need keep off my Public life and clear my space not assume I will not enjoy playing out what I have learned by being the Prince others want to be more important than, on their most high profile Celebrities. The story of being partly scared of them always gets thrown around before they needed the Politicians to spend decades of your time wrecking your finances for them, so they can play on your confidence for years and claim it is fear on which to build their own.

It is said that  have been regarded with affection by Members of the Royal Family and have blown it away because I do not think that any Woman is good enough for me and it has no place in reality either; the truth of what happens is that every one that has turned up to regard me with affection has been more interested in taking advantage of the fact that I have built my life in a way which ensures the female half does the financial issues, on seeing I am relentlessly attacked and punished by people who love to make out supporting women always leads to outcomes in which feminists take part and then the women took over – what they do with it is extract the money equities I have built for the family, make their own money and set me out as a tool by which they can promise their men the whole world on a regular basis while at Holiday or something like that, the result is damage to everything around here and at least a 10 year setback for me which I must now clear out. Can I pick up my life after a ten-year setback, obviously, except what is said here has been brought up about 2 hours from the hell I had to clear out earlier in the day and it is pretty much like this every 24 hours. They do speak of how my list of offences causes at the highest level is rising but there is really no such thing; what happens is that when things occur and I make one of those statements about not doing anything about it, I get these individuals that complain all the time about people being punished at the Monarchy because of me, doing something that expresses the fact its not my decision to make but as for where they have been, that would be a case of wrecking everything around here to pillage my life and help celebrities feel good about the insanity that they inflict other people with endlessly and for it I believe they have been punished but where they fit into my own personal business fighting my battles all the time which for me is a very good thing even though most people think I do not regard it that way, is that of the fact every time Industry goons and Celebrities and violent Liberalist twats with the one ambition to buy shares with companies that employ me and set about chasing my bum, show up here to damage something and cause some evil that will make them feel good about their stupid selves, then set off telling me they are nice and calm and an  arch prince is a disturbed person until I killed them for it before it stopped obviously, the fact that every time they damage my property, they make out something bothered them on the left hand side and right hand side for it and now I have something that is bothering me to point to when I tear up their own too. It goes without saying that it is quite true the first reaction to things are usually the most important ones – we know Prince Harry is the only Royal to put on some Nazi swastika band and make a routine, we have seen him work so hard to redeem himself from it the same way we have seen him veer off down that route uncontrollably as well from time to time – likewise Princess Beatrice whose first reaction to the world was about money and American Men, now she has got those, built me some problems and abandoned me, and the outcome is having found a human she detached from a wife and child which HM is very unhappy about, so we all have our first reactions and we all have limitations we need to overcome – the story of me being taught lessons by these incredibly foolish activities is past the sell by date at this point; the reality is that these guys have spent all our times punishing us for being successful, I got a Royal Commission and must never be allowed to breathe – blackmail that makes me lose my appetite and an inability to control the fact they tell lies and deploy my assets gained by building history of insults and abuse around my public image and Books by tapping into the public will towards me, as stupidly as stupid human beings can get, which allows them to do all the things I do not want done never the less on grounds that people need money and I am comfortable – the same idiots are the ones punishing us all yet again on account they themselves became celebrities and financially comfortable but the structures they built up to ensure people are not free from the stick to enjoy life is they have been successful lingers long enough to ensure that they made a global stage exhibition of themselves for how it has affected them, threatening then of which will never solve the problem as I did not build it as it were, what their stupidities are worth. So we find their interest shift to this case of getting me involved in National security services and a need to make a case all the time for why the British security services should be deployed on a mission to give their stupidities a sense of their own powers which will ensure the British do not stretch themselves beyond own capability; I mean if I am seen to be suggesting that British Military service or Elite services people are doing too many missions working with Americans they would say I am insane at the security services, so its clearly not what I mean as it does appear the increased number of services that British personnel engage in tends to reveal how many times American security people have to march around the world in war to keep safe the democratic world but it become something that facilitates their fame based stupidities to mention something about the deployment of British service personnel who do a good job. So we find in the end they say my problem is my behaviour towards race issues naturally while they have spent the last 15 years first of all beating people down until they made a lot of damage and criminalised individuals, spent a large portion of mine time making sure they expressed to me how much they want to do things in ways that do not agree with what nature intended and have now finished off with a Liberal stupidities that involves mixing up the criminals and the racists, while setting off to select people they think should be sorting out the problem; we know they won their own battles in Iraq and people do not chase my bottom around here for any progress that they made, we know the same did not occur in Afghanistan, we know it was not the same in Vietnam – so it is clearly another battle they are about to win as it were.  Its all laced with this theory they are showing me what the value of what I have done really is with respect to which I have lost sight.

In which case it is considered that rejection in its merit as an art is meant to ensure that people are pushed into violent situations and yet they show up here to express everyday the fact they want to keep spending money to allow stupid people show up all over my concerns to earn some money I should have been earning from what I am doing, right up to the stage where it is said that my career is being done by somebody else; its difficult to tell what is really wrong with them as such and the need to drag me into armed services is not all good as it isn’t clearly going to be the kind of service personnel that they will fancy all the time. If I said they exasperate me by showing up to act in ways which ensure nothing works as nature intended it, they would tell me I am unhelpful but I am not a Politician and have no way more so of making them a deal they can agree to with the State if they have made a mess of their lives and want some support that will help them recover for it.


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I. Uno site is the Royal Bookshop of the British Arch Prince and Intellectual Property Author  (British Government Intellectual Property Administrator) Ikpe Uno. 

For your Securities and Equities, browse I. to buy Autographed Copies of written Securities by the Arch Prince.


Although it is acceptable for people to be angry the path I choose in my work is followed by many other people and experiences I state are that which people have come across, I write my intellectual properties to create the broking of my physical and tangible equity from my own Royal Estate-hence such things are expected as I am a Statesman. These securities and Equity when read although have a literary appreciations, they are purely for entertainment, their specific  purpose are securities deployed from experience of service to the British State and Church from a National security Position. Those that have no interest in the purchase of these Books really have no business flipping through the pages of this site

All Published Securities and Equities on site are written on the prognosis of what I am Famous for: The British Legal System Intellectual Property Author and therefore the ability to deal with and protect myself from the Evils of Society which Statesmen and Women, Kings and Queens, Industries and Industry experts do not have and therefore have become my Fans for. For this reason I sometimes allow myself suffering of Cultural and Society oppression, Vandalism and abuse to feel what they are feeling.

I considered it would be nice if showed the big privileged businesses on the left and insolent get rich me goading fools on the right and wherever else they might be, how good it would be if I offered them services they had no choice but to accept and pay for, then used it to find out everything about their privacy to bully them in ways no body else understands, in order to tell them where they are supposed to be, so I can get richer because I am greedy. I thought it may even be nice if I did business in such ways.The only reason I have not wiped out Pop culture completely at this point, is because somebody else is busy taking it over and doing their thing for them in it. So they can attack me all the time and make up conspiracies for doing so all the time too. It appears that despite all those complains about wealth distribution, it is still impossible for people to do things with their own lives, property, allies and a job from which they have the right to earn a living, at market level because they exist; for me in partciular it appears to them that owning Equities and Securities that majority of Businesses in the world which mostly belong to leaders is a curse, therefore media provisional vandalism of my property on a daily basis in expectation of Politicians talking about wealth distribution so that they can share wealth will pay off, bearing in mind they are liberal people and always get what they want. Now there is an Air around this shop and its parent firm which suggests that of a sense that I feel an illegitimacy to my actions, something of the sense I know I am doing the wrong thing but hope no body will find out I reall have to right to do it; this is completely incorrect, as the truth is rather that any time businesses and idiots pillage my livelihood, they always leave behind the alternative moralities of what they could have done instead of doing so and it is not a bad thing to preserve that, protect it and cash into it to survive, on the contrary it is how to run a firm.



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Intellectual Property Securities and Equities to cover the time frame of 2001 to 2030 have already been written by The Arch Prince as at date 2 July 2011 (Important to mention; His Literary Achieves recorded between 1997 and 2001 had fallen into the wrong society and cultural hands, sometime in the middle of 2001 and again in 2004 and has been used to second guess his movements for very intense unsuccessful but gradually becoming violent so far career piracies. The British Establishment it must be said however also has access to it ). These are the ones that have have been Published and are on sale. Their prices are at the rate they are here because they are intended for those who buy them on the prognosis of the value and content of this website and can thereof afford tips for his Autograph.

These Books are not commercial Literature, they are Intellectual Property sold as packeted Equities, created and released from HH's  Office. They are flawed as it is impossible to write them on his desk and release them between 200 and 700 pages with perfect diction. They might all as well have been written and dispatched with HH's hand writing but because not everybody will be able to read this, have been typed out and packeted. Having read through his mistakes, had he left them, as they carried the experiences and security based authentication on which the securities are rooted (they have all occurred at the point where sexual bullying by evil women happens to instigate violent familiarity based bullying by men, which is intent on causing mental illness and financial Failures or preferably for those that have always known better to be able to buy them and make the corrections themselves). They are a written Matter of State from the Office of a Government executive; for the sake of being able to read them, not missing out on them and the benefit of those who buy them, they are not to be factorised with the prism of Celebrity Culture. Description of Public figures in them may fly above the head, HH has deliberately written them in this way because those who are not interested in their contents of Personal and Business Equities and Securities, have no business with any of these Books. As these matters do beg the question of whether people actually do know what part HH would like to include himself and play with their Jobs and lives, while they play their stupid games with One's property? 

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY In the words of the irresponsible people who coin the phrase, what it really means is the deal Politicians always makes and will make with them over what they can steal and what they can leave behind because they have businesses. So it has never had a thing to do with me, however there are now reasons to mention that if they leave alone my books sales, no body will disturb their arrangements but if they do not, I will never allow that balance to exist. They can see like everybody else that  my books are published with errors, this means they can never be sold except for the purpose they were intended. These errors were meant to help me get a job done and it is the things I have done  to ensure that they are tolerated by the customer that they love to strip my work and spend to get rich and have lifestyle doing so. I know that the only thing stopping me from earning a living with my work is the fact Politicians want to be the ones that go down in history for doing the things I have done and they will never respect the fact this is somebody else’s career. Let those who want economic recovery after they pick on me wreck my life so they can control me and wreck their economies to create those problems, which they normally have so they can pretend to be really privileged, claiming they do not deserve to go through life with their own problems because of what I have got with a big mouth, go back and tell their Politicians it is okay for them to know about insults that can wreck the finances of another statesman because they like to encourage extremism but if people do not leave alone my books sales they will not be free of me and this also means they will not be free economically. This has always been the message on my property, now I have been forced to spell it out as well.

I. Uno I


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 The Royal Journalist & Estate Asset Base Administration



In The end arises this matter of where I really fit into when scandals are put in perspective with respect to how much money I have in my Bank account, when the people who spent state funds to create those financial damages were there as equally as I was when they created them as it were. So I ought to mention it is largely a matter of my service to the British Incumbent Monarchy and how the Leaders of Royal families all over Europe and the Middle East especially follow Her example by restricting how much involvement members of their families have with me subject to approved behaviour; so I do have my purpose and place and work as it were and the idea of getting into trouble with In-laws can only but create blogs that are of less value in description than this paragraph.  

I don’t know who they are actually; all I do know is that every one of my moves is being watched and controlled by those that manage my state provided security which also doubles as the certification of my Global Intellectual space and that there are businesses all over the world which invite me to play a part in their Enterprises and some of them just use my work to control the part I play after they have secured this invitation, which makes things easy for me and also for them and deals with the problem of the corruptions of excessive power, so they can concentrate on their own jobs too like everybody else and then these goons and their Politicians barge into everything public about it and get about using things for whatever they like to get rich quick and diversify what does not belong to them, which they have created perceptions for by and due to insults and intrusion and the scandalising of my private life via alternative uses for their Political establishments and Media (nothing there to scandalise of course, so they invented excessive exposure and mockery) and now they think they have enough footing to play the Satanic game; where they ensure they have revenge for the victories I had, of a personal life and spiritual nature of course against them and therefore have done nothing since but fight me to defeat God, in order to take all I own and push everything about me into the processes of power which they shall then get to have, while they play the processes of wealth; trying to be or become Royalty as well in their view and using me as a template for their plans-especially insidious and really filthy and silly white South African idiots and apart from South African fools in general, other unfathomable being fools from Ghana - speaking of some well place stereotyping and their most common example black counterparts, who also presume the importance of their foolishness to scrutinise my work. It is true according to Popular rumour that I do not have the problem of Racism and violent discrimination because I have a Royal Estate of my own, what I do have to deal with however is royal fools and some desire they have to make a big show using my life and of course we know it is socially and politically violently divisive and with respect to doing it with my life therefore serving them very well about my actions and view of it too. Popular matters of Confusion about me are no matters at all, just the Legislative Arm of the British Government seeking to influence and control the entire Economy and for me in particular they have promised a control of my income. 

They have good reasons for these things and I do hope that businesses and the get rich idiots who serve them and love to believe their own lies about other peoples property, especially the abusive daringly insolent female ones that are fond of attacking me, will not make me create a history which relates to them specifically. For now they and their Politicians can hurt me and tell lies which makes their attacks and abuses above the Law then see how I will get out of that for fun. When I become a tyrant for it I will have to ensure food and water do not become means by which they and their young people constitute a threat to me, bearing in mind all those insolent death threats. For now let us see how they will deal with this too and I am watching to see how they will fix this one as well. And it is not Pop music in Church one moment and the next stifling my income to get rich and famous because I must kill somebody that offended them or indeed making sure I am weak but cannot stay out of a fight, to see how I will do that one. For the businesses, to spell it out, the problem has always been that each time I put products out on the market they will turn up and squander everything claiming it is about my "level in life" which anybody can reach as well, more so at the precise point I am supposed to earn, especially Americans. It got them into trouble the first time I had enough of them, I suppose they continue because they are looking for an occurrence of absolute catastrophe, bearing in mind I have no choice and if pushed to act have so much to loose as it were.

The programme of breaking up and selling with real time securities to those who need a means by me to ensure less fame is rewarded around here, their contraptions and establishments of vandalism, its attention grabbing with media and threats when people protect themselves, which seems to attract the attention of violent extremism in which they have aligned themselves is thus justified. It is said of course that I speak of a literary archive that is in the hands of the British Establishment but of course it is, that is what I went to the University to develop so I might end up being pushed out of my studies by black people and their stupid white Politician lovies because they want to create a great thing the owner didn’t do so others can do as well which is one of the main abuses in the Country and the audacity with it to handle my person and reputation and possessions that I am completely fed up with. It is about my research into how to release money from my Royal Estate that eventually allowed me to stumble on the inexhaustible human resource but of which the catch is that we must agree as a plane to live in a utopia before it can become reality. It seems that some are of the opinion what is left over after hosting societies and cultures and communities and governments and Polities is up for anybody’s guess so they come up with all sorts of reasons to handle and spend it being they have no respect for anybody as it were – we in the Industrial world know it is everything; we know that it is Security and Property Equity and those games are the kinds of provocation that create unforeseen results if they do not plan and execute those results in a process of thinking ahead with their stupid games.

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Holy Temperaments of God and his spirit fill our Communities.
Detachment and scandalous exposure bring about dispossession.
Media, Politicians and Celebrity vandalism rewarded with Society exposure to excessive access to Industrial sense.
Right wing abuses and Left wing abuses rewarded with handling Admin at identity substitution and public Office vandalism – for the Roads, Shops, Neighbourhoods and Streets  - Office and Half Priests security Admin Fall out.

Feminist Practical Jokes and Community croons inflicted personal growth interference and excessive thinking – rewarded with Financial encumbering for Media, Politics and Democracy freedom appraised derogatory culture.
Youth with work that is not paying them for evil purposes, rewarded with work that is not paying for the salvation of society.
Media, Men and sex hunting – wealth grabbing, social ladder climbing which is a threat to Children at the Monarchy rewarded with Industrial detachment.

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