They do claim I am all over the place on a global stage for having to contend with only a fraction of what others have to live with every day, whilst I claimed to be superior to them; it is utter nonsense naturally, we now know it is not as much a matter of superiority as a matter of getting paid for being popular by handling my social life and Public image but if they did not have my income and own my public image, it was not enough, like something that is truly evil. So those who say that my clash with Celebrities was pointless were correct but I recognised that fact before they did as well – since which there have been other pressures such as building abusive communities to target me while they kept it going, getting addicted to my personality being a replacement for the respect they ought to accord me when they get involved with my concerns and my life, and of course teaching their silly children to describe me as a bum after over a decade of tackling my finances with the help of a global stage community, leaving me on government support, where there is now not enough respect to allow me plan a life as somebody whose finances do not match the work that I did. It has meant that people think their lifestyle was more rewarding but the stealing was the main problem, however the biggest cause for concern is the delay and setback that they cause others to get paid for being popular on people’s social life, mine is now so acute, one delay and setback after another had ended, that it is a crisis that needed to be resolved. It is not really the uphill task that people think it is, just the question of me thinking I am deserving whilst they faced what I am facing many times over, suggesting that the street violence, the vices and the sex industry, the popular culture and Celebrity culture and every other abusive process they make money without doing a day’s work and throw people’s children into the flames built up, is a product of decisions that others had made for them in some way, which it isn’t – just like I am of a mindset at this stage, where I would not mind making Celebrities disappear completely because I was trying to show the Public that I had some means to convince them that the jobs market was preferable to the Celebrity culture, although I have given them the option to stay away from my Books and stop making a mess of my finances by making good of their addiction to my person, which they do through a process of expressing themselves on my social life very publicly constantly. They do claim the facts dispute this but the money Celebrities make is not real and this is the reasons they need to destroy people’s property and cause setbacks to keep it doing – the jobs market on the other hand was a place where ministers could not do something, so they delegated to the local council, parents could not do something, they delegated to the Children which is a more sustainable process of wealth building, never mind the parents always having a need to leave some inheritance for the children as well. The suggestion that I am completely unable to do a thing about them although I had fine words to speak, is understandable but the reality is rather that they have had this nonsense for long enough and every one of those comments, gestures and expression on my social life and public image, destroys my Books, so they need to be stopped. Eventually the big picture is that we have since ended up with this situation involving their gimmicks, industry and people who have business at Industry, so to move them on means being free from, you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues gimmicks, just like Americans support them all the time and if everything done with Americans became a bottom chasing gimmick, none was being prevented from leaving the Americans to it as such but because of their narcissism and the prospect they will ensure my career does not mean anything to anybody, adding to the damage done to my finances and social life, it had since become a question of the way that I want to move them on. The main threat is that they had enough money to replicate the industries that others had, become a competition and ruin people, which is where I am going as well – after a decade of handling my Books and public life without legal permission, such actions by some famous idiots will become a very tolerable activity on their part indeed. Generally all can see how pointless this action really is, since they were not living on foodbanks and I knew what to do about my financial wellbeing but they will not permit the success of my Bookshop if I had not done it; what I currently have is a history of tackling poorer people and richer people who do things like this, nothing to say that I had prepared or done something to tackle the gits in the middle with a certain amount of disposable income, which existed solely to make other people’s lives very difficult, pick up a stick gesture and teach its stupid children to do it as well.

We had to listen to those gimmicks where the Politicians will get me eventually and it’s a fun game naturally until such a stage as I want a response for an interest in me that involved sexual violation abuses to say their stupidities were important people, as a matter of the parental narcissism associated with it, their response which is likely to decide how I got about the stupid Celebrity culture which imposes these errands on me and of course how I got about saddling them with results for an interest in me which they will never get out of too. The statement they are making is that the business of their vices and its celebrity culture and its media and its popular culture, never followed me around to University, to ensure that I dropped out, which by the way, happened in 2008, while we are still having the conversation over what had become an increasingly sexually abusive interest in me, in 2021. So, the women were awesome bitches who had since built themselves nursery schools full of their retarded Children who learn to get imagination fingers up my bum over the way their foolish parents had taught them I am a bum and we are set to see how that stupid dream that I am at war with their female stupidities got to play out for it too. They do claim they will never stop handling my public image which is precisely my point i.e., they deny that the University fiasco ever happened and needed to make the stupid comments about their own. It has always been a matter of money making tricks; to be seen endlessly selling themselves to people who had money and power, by setting other people out as punching bags, to be endlessly concerned with a process of selling premium products to people who can only barely afford them and offer up other people’s lives as a means to make the money for it – they claim I have already provided them a response that they cannot get out naturally but that was only a dilemma, where they were tackling me over wealth and social inequality but did it because they had more money than I did and were more important, where they got into trouble with the Law and the process was counterproductive towards what they were trying to achieve before they clashed with the Law, so they decided I will end up like them but had not yet decided what the future of their evil children will be. So, I understand that they think Government buildings were places they could go to do whatever they liked but I believe that it needs to stay away from my Books and make its comments about its own career and social life at this stage. The chances I never had have since been determined by a response to the vices and the popularity and the celebrity over 7 months in 2021, about which they have worked out exactly how they wanted to respond to any of the things I have done about them in the 7 month period since February; what we know they had done since was a matter of claiming I am some sort of Public and National enemy which I am not as it is all routine Celebrity culture gimmicks – it has its problems cut out for it and is set to chase my social status until it picked up National enemies on one hand, chase my Public image until it picked up Industrial criminals on the other but what they claim they were doing, involved confiscating my social life and Public image, about which I believe I have said my piece. We are here in this position where their stupid practical jokes caught up with those whose careers they could own when they were bigger, because the Prince of Wales had been supporting them, so normally with respect to the Queens leadership, it did not pay to spend time on people that the Queen did not want to do business with but in HRH case, it is playing out that this is all what he meant when he spoke of the Queen taking a retirement i.e. these gimmicks would become HM responsibility while he became the Monarch and then he will have his Mother to himself forever.

They claim I criticise the Prince of Wales but do not have a good relationship with my mother, but my mother is a narcissist, the Queen is not which again they claim is wrong while we know it is a matter of HM knowing she is not like other women and that you were complaining about things she had not done. We are talking about running off a gimmick where she got involved with some insidious boldness twats that showed up at University to get imagination up my bum, which the Labour party was obsessed with, to handle my concerns as the answer to all their problems for the future, just to make a statement that I am supposed to find myself a manual labour job while my personality is used by some scumbags to be happy, meant to abandon the University studies to those that were more worthy. I am now caught up in a place where I had to patch childhood injury with Government support while I tried to show them that I could do manual labour work, as I tried to get the qualification issues sort out under the barrage of German influence stupidities. I have not held it against their madness until now, where I am even still single at 40 because they spend all day getting imagination up my bum, claiming others were fighting my wars and talking demagogues at me – it needs to stop clinging to my social life and public image, stay away from my Books and stop threatening me, if it thinks that complaining to Politicians about my attitude had not turned out a good investment as such. They always suggest most of it is a problem I had created for the Monarchy while reality is that they have taken up all the good parts about me to make money with, like a bunch of idiots that were deaths door stupid and appear to want a response from me every day thereafter – the mystery of me is that I am a Hermit, separated from politics, media, celebrity culture and all vices about which had no footing in any, it beats my imagination that they think if they paraded themselves as my fans who followed my temperaments and public work all over the world, especially in Europe, I would not have been able to tell the difference and they would handle my concerns to get rich fast and make money without doing any work, the Americans showing up from Hollywood with ideas I should be punished for spending time rubbing shoulders with Celebrities instead of buying show business like they do, only to go off and try to solve the problems via racism in the Police force at my expense and have not yet resolved the American school shooting problem for it either, always the fabulous ideas they have, like the way we now spend time tackling media, celebrity culture and popular culture narcissism as though we were gods on account that the idiots have not allowed it to buzz away at the background of mainstream living, instead of bringing it into everybody else's life and concerns - the purpose of my separation from the world being to serve the interest of the Church and the Queen.

It never stopped bringing up the point that I am getting into deeper and deeper trouble, if I started talking about a process where its inability to keep its imagination fingers off my bum and their community alike led to some serious trouble as well, I will become like them, people who go through their lives with a constantly developing state of mind where others did something and were to be stopped from getting away with it, so they might sell themselves to people of power and position. It is impossible for any normal person to maintain such a state of mine – it would have either been that it was the way your mind was wired and you needed medical help or that you had need for career advancement and development which was based on envy, such that most of your time was spent wondering if another person had done something wrong, of which both are usually the same. What has happened here being those gimmicks where my social life and public image was linked up a stupidities that concerned the business where people learned how to make money and taught others to, which was easier on the matter of credibility when they clung to my income margins, about which I believe I had described what I was doing with a Trust and a Bookshop well enough, even for minds as stupid as the sales and money business that got to their heads all the time. I do get told that they were getting support from the Prince of Wales and yes they are but the Prince of Wales underestimates that they will want to hang around telling him what to do, clawing power from him for every instances that he had secured authority for his position and yes, it is the same way they claim I am getting into deeper trouble while no such thing is happening, as per I am when I am being helpful, since I would never have wanted them to take HRH into a conflict situation and abandon him in the field. I do get told it is serious stuff and yes it is, I simply do not understand why they need to make that case for the idea that I have been getting into trouble anyway, I can only say that it is linked up to the endless unpaid errands that their celebrities get to force on me through communities that are built to get imagination up my bum, which stupid women make the most of on media, looking as if they will want their foolish dreams that I am at war with their insanity to become a reality and if they cannot keep their hands off my bum, it is about to end very badly in a different way as well. Always those stupid statements that I never had a chance and we know the last time people realised I did not get along with them, there were claims that I spent time rubbing shoulders with celebrities while they were nice people buying show business, therefore a problem which emerged and had to be solved through racism in the American Police force, this time we are talking about what might happen when those finger up my bum meant war with black people, that their stupidities believed would never happen because I am black as well, where it is then said that what I have said even so was a threat in its own right but none is paying them to talk into me, get imagination up my bum and shower me with insults on media all day either. The Celebrities it seems will never spend their time on their mates yet as it were; they were part of a group of young fools with ideas about making money without work, that involved handling my concerns at the marketing industry, the whole perverted interest in my Books, health, personal finances and happiness as a matter of their famous stupidities feeling they were entitled and lived in a world where they did not get denied what they wanted was based on this and yet the idiots cannot all tell me if when this nonsense about communities that abuse me to handle my Public image and seek money without work, is unable to keep its abuses away from my Books and thereby show it was good at what it was doing or shut it down and stop trying to hurt people, they were not looking for a response. Eventually we listen to the outcome of those gimmicks that it is about people wanting their freedoms while we do not share the same public image, social life and personal life, therefore a Bookshop being suspended so they might begin to work on and enjoy their civil freedoms after years of wrecking my career and health was unlikely to produce outcome where they went back to their silly leaders to discuss me again as it were. The Celebrities claiming it is all competition were the most annoying of all – I mean we see them give others opportunity for the competition last we checked as such, what we see not being a process of inviting themselves into business others had with industry and failing to recognise the harm they cause their victims is set to earn them a response and then it eventually developed into a matter of building publicity for a version of me they wanted me to be while securing contracts from the companies I worked with, so every public appearance became something I wanted to reward myself with, meaning I am set to develop a certain area into a process where I went into a Trust Office to ensure they had no contracts and lost the ones they had acquired, just so I might breathe. So the Politicians have suggested that if this was the case, then the Government is not an unstable as thought but it isn’t at all, we see the same stupidities all round, blackmail endlessly because it does not wish to employ new blood in the company, having had a fantasy about acquiring my income margins to boost profits for a business that pays enough to make them rich for the job in hand, then it progresses to the destruction of natural environment when it fails to get what it wants from me and if the plates at the holiday resorts were not made from 2000 year old volcanic rocks, the meat from the 25th angle of an engendered Buffalos side, they will not eat meat on a plate, of which I got round to the issue and they are off on other gimmick that also involved inputs from their idiots in suits on the Media, the point in the end being that stopping them from harming me and or other people in a bid to acquire my property for their gimmicks, my career did not mean anything to anybody. It does need to talk to its mate and refrain from making me feel sore all over, which diminishes me and ensured that access to my social life and public image was good for sales, having been that all other methods of handling my concerns to make money without doing the work had failed or I am going to make their own end incredibly badly too.

I. Uno I

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