It’s usually the three issues of Celebrities who never stop making comments on my own social life and public image to boost processes of getting paid for being popular, instead of their own and then they run off those other gimmicks that come through all of the time because people loved it so much; claims that I am a coward that is – what really happens being that they pick up issues involving people that are mentally ill, such that those who have reacted violently to the way that a handful of society idiots have gotten them to make contact have ended up with criminal records of worse, while people like me who sort it out to set out a way of carrying on with my life are targets with a life that Celebrities now want to sell to the public to build up their own fortunes, so it goes without saying that I am set to put up with some more of the insults for a while and then we will reach a stage whereby the Politicians will wade in to suggest that I am the one behaving dangerously, especially when I want them to rebuild that nonsense that sets me out as a character who should not complete career and academic work processes, so that I might get stabbed and shot on the streets when somebody wants to make money from it as well and then I will have had to put a stop to it again. I believe that should I build a public image for my own gimmicks as well and seek out ways of running them down to put them in the same position that they have put me, the fight will really kick off in earnest, so we might find out which ones were the fantasies they lived in. The other two issues being stories of the men that control me and it’s usually spear headed by Muslims who are not currently complaining about blasphemy while the last 12 years of my time have been spent stolen by them, when I have a Muslim lecturer and got home to Muslim neighbourhood idiots banging away at me all day but we now have this situation where the need to show up on my social life to facilitate sales while I am studying had given rise to claims they owned me and everything I did after dropping out. They do appear to work this nonsense within an assumption they were completely immune to nepotism and tribalism if I had a version of it to play up at their expense of their superior stupidities. The third matter being that of Politicians who are not such a threat to me anymore because sensibilities around what they could do with Government offices to develop their superiority and that of their families, alongside their American friends is a complete mess at this stage. None of these issues arise at any stage where I had to set them out to clear up Public problems if Celebrities were not making their stupid comments on my social life and public image, to set about claiming the problem to be that people had been fighting my battles while they knew nothing about me all together; what really happens being that a handful of characters who set about following up those well off neighbourhood insults of getting in touch with people to tell people what to do which makes such a grand mess of the career and finances and never stops if they didn’t get hurt, which they then take up to the stage of following me around until they were able to communicate Country ownership to me which churns my tummy while I am chasing the daily concerns and after that we find them on a section trying to sell State secrets, where it becomes motivation enough to try and kill them and sometimes the effort becomes successful.

Here they claim that most people never take seriously when it is suggested I am a weapon, while that was not my primary mode all together; what happens being that they show up here to calculate me until they were able to make sense of how I could fight and then I will think their need to chase money on the basis of getting me to tackle their enemies while they fulfilled those stupid dreams was the biggest problem I faced, however in time which is shown to be an incorrect assessment. Then it gets serious due to the fact their obsession with the gladiatorial aspects of National service which gets them talking nonsense about Heroes and Villains being the same thing, producing outcomes in which the practical jokes of some proper villains affected recruitment processes at National service because it got so invasive. The other story being its need to pick up my career and get a handful of gits who keep talking as if they were in need of exorcism, knowing very well the consequences and effects of the distant violation that comes with it, to blow off the big mouth that made them feel comfortable on my finances, only to show up threatening me to do something about it all the time because their bottom hurt and their stupidities wanted to keep the career while it never cared about my bottom or my career. So it had to be clear those gimmicks that suggested the way it works was a case whereby Government felt Russians were a threat could be neutralised by sending somebody in to collect intelligence while what really happens is that the process had to be built up – there had to be British businesses and Industry in the area, such that if there was a potential threat to National security, it was possible for a person to go somewhere and collect applicable information, so what has happened is that they got shafted and it got serious. I have no idea if the part where they pick up the distant violation issues to run off while clinging to my social life, public image and finances, in a way which blames Russians for their stupid problems, really added up to a vouch for Nuclear Winter that their stupidities would have fared very well in all together but we do know what becomes of them if I decided they were going to sort out the Russian problem while I supervised for instance.

The other question is usually that of whether I thought that Politicians shouldn’t have the perks associated with their Offices being involved with economic matters, which is not really the case – they need to adopt a position which means that they can come on strong when dealing with public and National interests but at this stage they are doing it incorrectly, such as a need to take one steps on public interests and 5 steps for private interests that will boost the superiority of their families and personal finances, while working the same official capacity and the same Office – this part is not such a problem but I am not winning as much of the finances back as I would love to in the areas where they expect me to put up with some pain so that public control might be built up and accomplished, which I ought to ensure ended with a process whereby they lost the extras all the time. They do claim my understanding of the extent of inequality in British society is quite incredible which is also utter nonsense as I ama product of their equality campaign – having achieved everything to the top apart from the money and academic qualification bits which was clearly the crime I had committed for I tried to accomplish more things that were befitting of another person’s size to add to the offences I have already committed of that nature; it does work wonders for their civil rights apparently when we eventually settle up on the type of progress that they really wanted, like achieving right up to the top end of Government without achieving on the financial front, sorts out their correct view of what inequalities are happening in British society and sets out the way their future should proceed (as stupidly as possible).

I am told that the fact I am single was a point people needed to understand but it has always been. The big one of recent is claims that The Queen wants me to be gay while what really happens is that I am not in a relationship with people, not because it was impossible but because they did not fit i.e. I had set out financial matters such that it would be run by the woman and for somebody to trump me on financial decisions, they must be older or they must be younger persons who want to play the part of an older person – what these people have done mostly is spend their time building up an act which has shut down their personal relationships, so they get involved with and shut down mine through their social lives in order to get into a relationship with somebody that will show them off as characters that were a big deal. I don’t believe that this is a problem anyway, I mean I do get asked why they target me all the time, which is an issue that best makes sense if it was cleared up the reasons it appeared I was at logger heads with Celebrities while a lot of Celebrities liked what I did at the same time i.e. Celebrities do not get involved with me on the basis they are celebrities, they do on the basis of reaching an arrangement and most of it are for the benefit of very young people i.e. the mystery behind claims the Queen wants me to be gay is something associated with people at the Monarchy who want important members of the Public as mistresses and sex toys, while HM has acted on love interests with respect to me because they detached me from the responsibility of acting like an adult who has to care for younger persons and had to find a partner with whom I can live comfortably in my adult world, these were the Royals that get along very well with the Celebrities and the cause of all the abuses we see Celebrities exhibit with unfettered boldness all day – hence there was no way for me to set out a relationship without ripping up the Celebrity culture or celebrities may stop getting involved with my Books and cease getting in touch with me to tell me what to do. In terms of the reasons I am targeted, it was always an old story where it is impossible to explain the reasons we needed to have celebrity culture in society and I would fancy somebody helped me with this, forming an alternative explanation for the abusive and gruesome stupidities exhibited by ageist idiots who skewer by income alongside their abusive daughters all day long – the first time they complained to Politicians about me, it was to do with an abusive interest in the fact I had written a Book and my Publisher built a small market that helped to facilitate patents that were placed on the books, which market they wanted, since then I have hurtled down a rabbit hole to end up at the backyard of industry watching people work my career and they have sent out their daughter to trash my wealth equity and set up business on it so their stupidities might buy the products, thus it’s always better for people to see it in terms of an explanation for the reasons that we really need to have popular and celebrity culture or those who worked it kept it away from me. This is just me dancing around the fact it is impossible to live like an adult with a wife in it who was responsible for other younger persons in my care without either a case of Celebrities staying away from my concerns or an outcome where I burned the Celebrity culture and got rid of it. Sometimes they would claim I behaved as though I would like to get into a relationship with a sex worker which does indicate they knew nothing about me and is more of a relief, but we had a problem in the sense that they had not stopped getting in touch to tell me what to do.

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