Now they say they will never let me be and I can understand that naturally; it is the size of their ego Ė something to do with claimed tiredness for a society that is not equal, so instead of proceeding with their career, they are bothered that they didnít move into my right hand to feel superior by existing somewhere all my concerns as a Royal Hermit is located. Thereafter they will show up with issues that hurt their bottom, to get on my nerves putting themselves in charge while they had not a clue what they were doing and spend my days punishing me over problems I had solved long ago and it still comes down to those stupidities on alternative reasons to get involved with me, when the public takes notice of my activities because I had written a Book, the entire time of which the idiots kept their salaries and the outcome was that moving them on meant I went under, they got on top and carried on. I do understand they claim nothing I say will move them on naturally and nothing said ever does, save action taken on white boys with popularity insults associated with short insulting videos they claimed added up to advertisement and it is linked to these idiots putting me up on an abusive pedestal, to grab my small bits and set about piling thing high to sell cheap and make money, instead of getting a real job or digging deep on the happiness front in order to make the customers feel affected by what they were offering Ė thereafter we find the idiots surround me with hoodlums that had ideas on how I should exist and needed round the clock mental health assistance, to hang about international communities where they had adopted a certain amount of diplomatic disposition that came with charity work they did, claiming their foolish children had a right to abuse me in such ways because their money controlled the world, the stupid children would then say the damage done to my work and earnings in order to buy time that allowed them set up in order to buy shares with every company I got involved with, so they might dominate me was a sign of their power and we can see itís a power to be stupid at other peoples expense, especially when they were not paying for damage to property that their idiocy had done, without which no part of this nonsense would have been possible at all in the first place. They claim itís something about the way I blame people for an inability to handle my assets and capital properly but we also know they understand I am running a broad based market incentive orientated business and that if they built targeted market on it, their profits will rise according to their level of insults but the part where they had to mop up public awareness of my Books was also in their view completely necessary, the way their word is law, hence they handle my Books and social life to blow off their big mouth at me in public all day. It really does need to trade and let me be or this will progress from a process of wondering if we are having conversations about ethnic minority fools addressing me until they made a mess of my social life, white boys running off Popularity abuses associated with short insulting videos they claimed added up to advertisement and foolish women entitling themselves to equality with me and access to my income margins because they were backed up by stupid men that will attack me if I had any ideas about it because they wish to decide between the two dispositions where I responded to it or they moved on. It really needs to spend more time trading and less time handling Royalty.

Primary situation currently is that my activities are edging closer to conflict while the reality of their stupidities is that those businesses are about to be considered as that which constitutes a threat to my person instead. Then again, the destruction of university studies because Politicians had other uses for my personality like a question about my very existence, the means by which such nonsense ensure that nothing here has worked as nature intended for the best part of a decade and a half does not edge their stupidities closer to conflict, even when it feeds into gimmicks associated with loved ones that will not stop hurting me and none understood what part those were playing in the matter and the biggest barrier to what I am doing was my inability to make the difficult decisions about my feelings towards such loved on naturally. In the end, the idiots do need to stop talking at me or talking through to me and more so doing it like I am some servant that they had account for financially; no idea why Americans always do it, where they know I had set out a Bookshop, so they decided to build a crowd that wanted to see how I would serve them to earn money and how they will stop all the wealth and social inequality problems but now we have ended up with a crisis and I am certain their American stupidities also had ideas on how it should be resolved to naturally or this is going to get increasingly worse. In effect, it does need to stop talking through to me like I am some servant its stupidities had account for financially, only to set about stealing bits of my public life for popularity money, as if its stupidities can afford the royal social life or public image as such.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland