I am not getting into a position of serious friction with Americans in anyway – the problem is that they can simply turn up from America and Africa to wreck my finances and factorise my Entire Royal Estate and Literary Empire with the money the stupidities of their involvement damages all the time and the reason for that being that those who do not have money should not provide leadership, telling me what to do all the time; I dont have a problem with their madness that says money is the determinant of leadership of course but they are a people that will not solve their problems about what they complain about as things that hurt them by listening to what others have to say and staying out of provoking people and that is why they love to turn up from America and Africa to make money tell me what to do – so all I can say is that it will continue to get worse as well.

I do not believe I am facing a crisis, as long as I dont have to deal with some means of exasperating me everyday based on Americans doing things which allow other to claim my career has been taken up by others and that I am not a play thing for stupid women with boys that can beat me up if they do not get famous and rich at my expense because they are free people, we will be in good terms but otherwise they shouldn’t expect a terrorists.

I hear it is said that the problem is more about how I break the rules and get involved with the media, which really isn’t true; the media attacks me because it wants to play off a test of what the outcome will be when they are the ones whose jobs depend on saying and writing what is on your mind at the moment and we will play it out to the end as well – I do not get involved with them. It’s like the Americans say I brought this on myself by detaching people from their commitments which is utter nonsense since we all know it started off with competition to find out which country will have the most important black man in the world and the fools have their salaries settled by tax payers of course thereof which makes them more and more democratic as it were. I am simply going to get to the point where their president has to sort out the Country and the whole idea of its existence over my books and then he will stay off the sales from then on one way or the other, so it is not as if I do not have a master plan anyway. I simply want to get them sold and nobody has the right to make me so uncomfortable – The President himself cannot say I am racist in any case since I am as black as he is but the question of what it is exactly he wants from me giving word to ensure my books are never sold like it was any of his business just like that looking for trouble and his Democrat part idiots turning up to try and push me around and tell me what to do thereof without reasons which is always before we hear of trouble I am in as it were because they do not think they need to listen to what people are saying to them which again will lead to serious problem too as it were; all measured largely by their lack of interest in their spheres of influence these days because they have thinking of me as a plaything to occupy their stupid selves with instead.

It has never really been a problem, black men have always consider themselves a collection of indomitable deviance and of course I intend to put it to the test as well and their stupid children are not respectful enough yet so far as it were, they can respect anything, hence media is their salvation and it will get a lot worse than that too. So the greater concern is that I fight and pull back which I dont; I mean there is no point setting up anything permanent because I lost my temper – if this all goes away I will return to myself and my normal life but if I set up something permanent because I lost my temper somebody will get hurt, the question now is whether they will go away or cause me to make them and that is what matters. I mean these black fools always love to think they are an indomitable deviance and they are not – they have the NSA and they have the CIA and they have everything they need but at the end of the day the reality remains the same of the fact that they cannot even be arseholes long enough for me to write a seven page blog on my websites and it is a perfect example of their inability to hold onto a commitment about which not enough people get to tell them how stupid they really are too. The part about the idea I suspect people at the Monarchy and my Government Provided security to be in league with them has no basis on reality; I dont – it is something they do so that each time you are angry about it the parameters you do happens to be the ones they created i.e. the guts of the Monarchy and my Government security people being in league with it; it is not a problem for me, we have three very clearly defined worlds here – one of them is these idiots who must be seen doing popular culture and being famous and making a lot of money to wear bling in the least labour intensive way imaginable and the other is the Royals who feel like making money without working for it so as to create big parties that only the privileged attend so we can mock them and make a show of them and so on because they feel like killing us all of the time; that is where we still are i.e. they have my books and it will be the means they get anything they want from any part of society that they wish and I too have their civil rights and it will be the means by which I get anything I want from any part of society I wish and I dont see what they are complaining about as well. The one in the Middle are the Celebrities and those who are not my friends are the worst thing that ever happened to what I do for a living while the ones that are can be a pain ; it’s a matter of them nice people that others want to take photographs of all the time turning out to be friendly with you and maybe your child, which is then supposed to have become something you allow your child want as an ambition or something you allow them want to experience all the time; so if you dont bother celebrities they do not bother you. I hear they say I bother celebrities all the time and should look to myself before I judge others with all that nonsense about things they did with me in which they were the boss being the basis of their stupid future; but that is not true, what it true is that some of these celebrities really do think of themselves as people who have duty to look after me, they think of themselves as mother figures so I do what I do to make it up to them as well. I mean I am not mentioning it because I am resolving anything, I am because it might help people to understand if they deploy my property equity at stock markets to get people to take a look at something beautiful hence get inspired to make money on the day it will definitely provoke me and we shouldn’t hear the complains thereafter as well either – I mean it is still difficult to work out why they do not seem to deploy the community around their own businesses instead anyway. At the end of the day some of these celebrities have a temper and everything these fools do provokes them, absolutely every one of it but when they make songs, they want to have it and control it and so on claiming to be fans and nobody is ugly enough to notice and it goes on and on without thinking about the content of them songs and what the words mean as it were but I have tried my best to set out they make those things because they exist in my world and do it because of, about and around me – this is because I dont want to hear stories of somebody having hated a celebrity so much he or she got off to killing one as it were because if that happens I will not stop until those stupid communities are no more so we can find out what they are made of too. 

Of course it is said I never pay attention to what I have done to provoke people into doing these things, which I find difficult to understand anyway, since as far as I am concerned they need to build their stupid popular culture empires somewhere else and all I need do around here is get out of bed every day to check my behaviour and make sure that it is not allowing them make profit and there are two reasons I am not winning – one of them is narcissistic Muslims with strange ideas about whom they are superior to who are clearly not terrorists enough yet on account of me as it were and the other is them and the Politicians in the same league, so each time I lose I have revenge. I can only say in the end that people do need to go back to their businesses and sit down and run it properly, it is more cost effective and it is more efficient and it is more rewarding than to turn up and build a new age of decadence on a Royal order that belongs to somebody that is clearly their equal as it were; so at some stage when this is over they will return to it but will fix the damage they have done here and by the way by that time their mates would have gotten way ahead of them as well – like I said, they are never told enough times and by enough people how stupid they really are.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland