I am told I have lost everything I had at the Monarchy, which is a huge shame, having it become a governmental matter about which I must respond even though I know it is devised by gits who think their insults put them in charge of other peoples businesses. The reality is that I am now so tired of treacherous complicity of the authorities with social ills at my expense, that I needed to ensure my duty was done with a reflection of facts associated with the biggest of them all which is the King stifling my finances and everything I did, which has continued from his time as Prince of Wales because he was picking up my affairs for the purpose of Royal family reinvention in his name – it has been a 20 year career mess here and my financial well being are in a state. They do claim I do not like him as such but it is not a matter of like or dislike, it is a matter of the way he sets out normal persons such as myself as characters that should get torn up by National level enemies which was something his Mother did to control those who tore up peoples daily concerns and created mobility crises for the public, so none knows if he plans to befriend the latter and engage in a campaign of targeting the public all together. It is not getting as convoluted as claimed by other people who find affinity with the fact I have become tired enough to set out a process where I did my duties whilst I also built myself the means by which to stop the Royal practical jokes targeting my finances over something important they were doing at the Monarchy to be real Men, it is a simply a matter of the abdication option being abandoned and now they were staying on to perform their duties and serve the country. I mean it is also suggested for example that in consideration of this being a matter of Royalty feeling so entitled they pursue the wrong thing such as mentioned above to such an extent they had no way back to doing the right thing, I am not a saint but I am not a saint and never claimed to be one – the very business of the idea I had  profile which suggested that women spent their spare time having anal sex with me could go either way and has to such an extent there is now a question on whether I was on the side of democracy or that of communism, with respect to which the Kings Mother who thought she needed to take action over my frequent jumping out of character, that they felt entitled to copy as well, would have noticed whether I was detaching from chastity, to which effect whenever I am asked to do something there was a tendency that I was never up to the task, which I think that the King would not have recognised that I am detaching from chastity if I were.

The other part of this story being the various shades of what people think harms me when I watch videos of people reading birth signs and zodiacs which it does not, as the main problem is that they had a need to do stupid things with peoples lives on account they were making their own money, putting themselves in charge of things they had no expertise for in the process, due to what they thought was an immunity afforded them by a Media presence and a very abusive form of civil disobedience. They enjoy stopping me from defending myself and making a mess of anything I did to do so because they felt it could be easily acquired by perverted members of the public who wanted to serve them for their money and it is the fun of this that they were now paying the price for, as we know that 99% of the times that somebody interferes with Police to ensure that the Law did not serve them and were found talking to Police officers as though they were pals whilst being arrested for using drugs, on account it had conducted its own investigative gimmicks into a current Police investigation as part of a behaviour where he or she was a thorn in the side of Police Officers, it was an act performed by a Scorpio and the same ratio applies to persons who build communities that get imagination into peoples panties and form co-operatives to raise funds by which they follow people around to buy shares in companies that victims engaged in for the purpose of dominance, being vagabond Virgos, so these fools who never stopped doing stupid things with peoples lives because they were making their own money, runs off the three of Scorpio, Virgos and Libras such as myself on me everyday i.e. I am not affected by people reading birth signs. These facts matter because people likely think I am in trouble and needed assistance, their assistance involved helping me with German influence gits, which effect is that their assistance involved working with companies to put their images on big public billboards over my public image, rip up my finances and realise they are doing the wrong things when it is too late. The idea is that I am very different from most Libras which I am not, all Libras start off with a public image that involved complicity with the gimmicks of poorer people and end up with high profile careers, of which whether or not they did was determined by the things a bunch of idiots with ideas about the way the money in their bank accounts which location and access codes only they knew, ought to influence other people’s personal finances. So we end up with the usual situation in which there were poor people who think I knew something and a bunch of idiots who think their boyfriends deserved high profile careers at my expense, finishing off with radio wave lesbians keeping me single in my 40s to pursue female lovers, which I can only respond to by taking them on the claim they can deal with any punishment that I dished out, in the sense that each time the abusive disobedience damaged my career, I got to trash their own as well, but if I allowed it to stop at retirement, I would not secure the results that I needed, thus considered that the only thing preventing me to looking at my overseas interests and the governmental deal with the public in a way that makes sense of my Bookshop and enhances my finances was the money in their bank accounts, I needed to get up on a vendetta to create wealth and social inequality, in which I built a perverted arrangement with the broadcasting community and interfered with people who supplied them produces at the markets in order to achieve my aims, hence we know the idea it will not stop passing insults at me on the ways its famous stupidities having become and important person that was predisposed to insults it invented, was due to the idea it could handle anything I dished out, was its big mouth blabbering, especially in terms of if I did it because  fundamentally wanted my privacy back and needed to retore my social life history where an abandonment of the lives to pay attention to me cost them dear every single day.

Eventually I am told some of the things I believed was enmity is not enmity at all but I am aware of what is enmity and what is not – for instance, Celebrities have caused all these because they heard I liked anal sex when they made sense of sexual narcissism that allowed me to counter with my own version of happiness that was right for me, the short insolent videos that people thought was the way broadcasting advertisement should be made, so they decided to embark on a process where I was set in a situation to get anything I wanted – I am thus not talking about their boo boy characters getting into a fight as such, I am talking about idiots who raise money to follow me around and buy shares with companies I got involved with in order to handle me, having since developed into a process where their stupid women and radio wave lesbians worked to ensure I did not wreck their family finances with my wealth equity but continued to cling to my income margins over poverty opportunism. The first time I responded to these fools we heard of how evil I was and their celebrities intervened to stop death toll resulting in a clash with people that were pushed into localised terror extremism groups and the method involved pursuing them all the way to the Holiday destinations, the lip flapping we hear supporting the continued famous persons insults and the communities that get imagination into my panties, suggests that they can deal with the same response if it was devised to ensure they never got a retirement. In the end I cannot say that others ought to suffer the consequences if the Bookshop was too noisy for me to pay my way in the world with it and those responsible even got off complaining of things that did not exist at my public image anymore because it was, never mind the suggestion my work was dirty whilst the dirt was a product of their insolence and an alliance with corrupt private security to say I needed to swallow what I was saying down to my tummy until it made a bad smell because US Politicians and president was incredibly powerful (This itself being a product of need to breach my privacy and corrupt work I am doing with some society goons that showed up to handle me and ended up being stuffed with so much information that the information bore down on every one of their insults being channelled at me, such that I was not affected by the sway to explore their unusual ideologies: we are talking the prevalent question of a need some characters had to build a new world from a sense I got into a fight with them and lost with a whole industry emerging from the fact they were the only people doing the fighting, now settled up on well off neighbourhood that shows up here running my life with the social activities of criminals because it was to risky to run people’s lives with such things in their well off neighbourhoods, will not cease drawing attention to my career to serve its purpose and its Media idiots that had built a stage for my Bookshop which allows them to make the public comfortable through it on account they showed up on people’s media equipment had not ceased – ultimately in terms of whether the state of my finances due to the way this nonsense keeps clients away from the Bookshop, was a concern, it was all timelines and work history i.e. timelines in terms of exactly the same behaviour back at University, the insult I am supposed to get into a fight with people to help them feel safer and then eventually the tummy problems which I had suffered everyday each time I attended the classrooms, every other student that had evolved into something else after retirement had moved on except these fools and I have in terms of work history met them again at the warehouses, security industry and door to door sales, thinks I should be worried about the finances when I can get it out of them if I run out of time).

They have suggested it was all a product of the way I am a coward and should be treated like one which is utter nonsense as they dream constantly of getting Libras to fight for them, have trashed academic pursuits and work market foot prints here, now after my Books and I will have no money unless I got into a brawl that helped to enhance their sense of security on the streets which is my stop as it were. The facts on the ground is that it never stopped its stupidities until it really had to, I am rather worried about myself as I find it impossible to devise a method by which I could justify the existence of their show business careers – since what it does involved picking up my assets to make money by using my career for something else, I would then think about a process of resolving their abusive gimmicks professionally, to end up in a situation where delivering Intellectual Property Administration services via Book writing did not meet with their show business, hence abandon it, once that happens they make money and return for repression and vandalism like something that deserved 100% of anything violent I may have had in mind. It then gets off the stupid well off neighbourhood claiming I am not good enough to tag along with them whilst the main problem had always been that I do not wish to; I have an Arch Prince’s Office and I am a Hermit, the part where I got into clothes exhibited myself to get attention is so worthless to me that I do not wish to engage in it at all, but it has become the means by which self-exhibitionist twats whose involvement with me is always disrespectful, working their immoral society, will wreck everything here to do stupid things with peoples lives because they were trying to make money. I have issued the warning before of a risk that they will meet with me at some stage, start the way and then I will assume the right to enforce career code of conduct that people could not because they were above everybody else at their workplace, to finish it. I do not wish to tag along with them, just as much as the onus here was that big mouth suggesting if it did not do what it wanted to do with me, it had the power to ensure I had no money, could not get a job and could not maintain a livelihood, currently living up to its big mouth while complaining, just as much as I have given it an option to keep its mouth shut and show up here only if it wants to read my Books. They even raise the point that I thought of myself as a diplomat which opportunity came to me back at University, none had taken up my work and to give people hope I am still doing that work, my qualifications allowed me to do a lot of heavy lifting so there was a position I could lay claim to which I did in order to communicate. Here the Politicians have mentioned being able to make sense of show business spirituality naturally and the point has always been the way it gets its madness tangled up with other peoples international business interests – that each time it picks up the phone to speak to anybody, it was speaking to an idiot that sets others out as characters whose bum can be fingered to ensure entire communities were safe from such abuses whilst consuming show business products, the same idiot will have employed another group of scum who spend a lot of time trying to get in league with the most powerful social position and standing that there was, which had become so confusing for them due to the ever changing landscape of power, that the way to get around involved endless gossiping and getting imagination into people panties all day. We know if the Celebrities are able to show up here handling my career and holding back the finances, my career will tend to work the way that their own works and this is what I do not need for all my trouble – just as we are aware they justify this nonsense by suggesting that I am a threat to the famous whereas what happens is that they pick up my assets to make money by proliferating abusively the wealth equity public image and being naturally as insolent as possible as it, compared to their need to ensure I had no money and could not keep a job due to a lack of co-operation on my part: it will then make sense of the way that I am likely to do something unusual when it refuses to hand back the assets and instead invents a new investment with its stupid money that I can be a part of, so it seeks protection from the American Government or it begins to groom me into a position where I can be attacked by hoodlums and criminals on its behalf, giving rise to this response where I need to remove their involvement with my crime control publicity and eliminate any friendships that may hinder something I may have had to do to catch up with their history of preparing for such a thing, what we see then being the need to fool around at my expense when its gimmicks had not yet stopped very badly.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland