They do claim my Books have become a source of problems for all just as much as Politicians say the problem was more to do with the way I thought my response to Celebrity abuses was the wrong thing to do. I do not consider my responses the wrong thing to do as people worry that I do, just me making sure people get what is coming to them and I was there to remind them of the endless opportunities available to avoid problems. My Books for instance was to do with the part where Celebrities were seriously disturbed by the idea that I would own the Bookshop and it was available to them as equally as it was to a paying public, so there was something in the Books that could help cover their backsides whilst they got famous and if I were in need of money, I ought to be covering their backsides for money the way that writing the Bookshop betrayed me in terms of what I could do which I could no longer keep from them, lest they were able to secure a privilege that caused me a lot of discomfort. It has since taken up wealth equity I built to ensure those who never stopped attacking others with money, faced a situation in which people were able to build them products that they needed to be happy to prevent them attacking people with money, so that we may get to the bottom of the reasons they did and never stopped pushing people around to weaken the public for such gimmicks it has now turned my wealth equity into a system where it befriended society gits and quasi criminals, made me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy in the sales industry and left me for the gold diggers, to hang around on National media running me down everyday over it. In the end they claim they have learned my secrets and they probably have but it is only a matter of famous big brother looking like he would fancy the little brothers ganged up on his need to trash a Bookshop for more money as if he was as desperate as people living on food banks the scenario being that it picks up my assets because it had learned my secrets to creates its own version of it but if I assisted the Government on matters of red tape cutting and economic growth engine, somebody would have been doing that with a small business at Industry, hence I am now being put a position to choose. I have been told facts show I had these matters under control but I do, just that I have had to rebuild everything from scratch having taken the risk to trust them as per maintain audience interests and keep a court of female journalists for Industrial range it had arrived at a stage where its disrespect for me and its need to invite itself into my concerns had reached a point where it enlisted society gits who created an environment to hang about in a corner and develop opinions about me that were so abusive that they shared my personal space, took advantage of it to make money violently and got physical from a safe distance, at the same time that it ensured all I did was shared with the boys from the neighbourhood to ensure its insults had grown into a monster I needed to face down, having taken the step of removing access from them, hell hath broken lose because of an unusual opinion of themselves which they entertained.

The history is that the tit for tart of wrecking my career to have so much fun they had to catch their breath, working violent gossips whilst clinging to the earnings, meant that we are now on either side nearing our retirement years but their ego suggests they do not wish to be free of me in a manner where they got to stop handling me, hence I have to consider the damage done here by their social class games when playing mine too. It is really a simple matter; that people think it the best way to make a living, getting rich by seeing that I had a history with some society gits that followed me around for popularity practical jokes until they got me dropping out of University because I failed to work with their needs, so others who possessed media presence set about making me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy at sales industry over it. They are now important people as we can see and are running the Country with rogue landlords, quasi criminals who had an unusual interest in peoples privacy and corrupt private security industry I can always make it worse if I faced complications on the international scene because they pillaged my public image for this nonsense to make money they spent on organised crime products, to get jacked up before appearing on screen. I mean this madness has now grown into something that involved some activity people performed with my public image because what I did to help them with mobility was so badly taken advantage of that they were forced to sell their bodies, all because corrupt Politicians, Industry goons and celebrities staged private parties that people attended was the main thing, what it seems worries them a lot at this stage, being that I have been finding their pornography stashes on the internet, it would be hard to keep a promise not to go looking in these sorts of circumstances where my history was tangled up in it. I have been told Pornography is not something to play with but I am not playing with it in anyway whatsoever, there is nothing sexually stimulating about it as such, just something people do to save themselves from what seems to be new ground breaking ideas on pushing the boundaries of criminology because I am a public figure thus some people have suggested it showed reasons they targeted me but this is also the reasons that it should be considered in terms of the way there was an issue because they needed to keep their careers, at the same time that it was a 20 year career mess for me because they were sexually frustrated and not good in bed.

They do claim I had control of nothing happening around me which is utter nonsense as what they were complaining about was to do with the level of control they had for what happened around me these idiots had since developed a level of abusive insult that gave rise to a way I can be handled whenever I was seen pursuing my career, which suggests that nothing associated with what I am doing or where I made an appearance mattered with respect to what they thought they should be doing with me, thereafter built up narcissistic happiness that grows into a version they can deploy to run advertisement, in order to keep it going and ensure it continued in an environment where rules did not apply, what they are now complaining about however was to do with a degree of involvement with me which had eventually caused them harm because they were too greedy. The point remains therefore that it needed to show up hear to read a Book if it was complaining, not drown me in insolence. The control issues have always been a simple matter of the men fooling around with my career and finances to such an extent they had to catch their breath behind my back, to which effect every fool that shows up here to stop me defending myself in order to use me as well, had seen them build that community that makes it work on the basis there were more of them in the community than there was of me in my own life, did nothing, said nothing, now embarked on activity that will add its position to list of adversaries when it is not complaining too the females were mostly responsible for most of the transferred aggression that their media appearances tended to make the most of and was largely a function of the last person or persons that they got into bed with, we know these matters become the case when there is too much attention paid to them, the too much attention was facilitated by industrially corrupt gits at Parliament and some other goons at the Monarchy constantly engaged in something that will make them real men at my expense. It is all very well tolerating their gimmicks, just as much as the idea there was too much of me has not been backed up by evidence of there existing people who were as stupid as they and their famous goons were, we know it to be entirely normal as per what they who were addicted to media abuses and narcissism loved to do with the power immoral society granted them but it needs to make comments about its career and show up here to read a Book or the risk is that it will start the war and I will finish it, so far we are having this conversation because we did not have it in a scenario where I too got out of bed everyday to push them until they complained before we did. There is nothing wrong with my career as people have feared either, just its need to get involved uninvited and a result where it handles my personality to feel good since developed into a need to explore my work market footprints uninvited too, hence it loves the part where I may have been doing some security work, to which effect an idiot runs off a gimmick that involved getting imagination into my panties, which is then the main obsession that was considered every time I was seen pursuing my career or engaging with the jobs market else where, not the security work but such abuses that occurred whilst I did the job itself, I am trying to get its stupidities and that of its famous fools to stop handling personality in order to feel good because it interfered with Client involvement with Books at the Bookshop, if it starts the war I will certainly get to finish it.

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