I do get told that I have not had the institutional racism matters figured out properly and cannot tell exactly where I stand on the matter – it is always so incredibly annoying since they trash my finances for a perverted interest in me because they were using my understanding that all forms of discrimination anywhere in the world that they are happening, depends entirely on the minority population publicly relying on something the majority believe they had achieved. When people show up here and fail to buy Books because they were perverting my finances to make it more of something that can be handled through nepotism, it is incredibly insulting to then set about suggesting each time they need my income margins, that I am unable to make sense of racism or to get my head around what I really thought of it and it’s going to end very badly as we can see that they had time for it but had not the time to sort out the wealth and social inequality issues they complain of and it will end very badly as they will be sorting it for me as well. The racists on the other hand may continue with their behaviour, apparently the rest of us were aware that a process of suggesting a certain group of people in the Country should be treated differently from the rest is punishing work and they do not tend to suggest the Politicians should treat them differently as well either – so it likely tended to get serious when the Politicians did their own as well. We always tend to see this endlessly – they will pick up everything we have said and done to suggest that conflict had to be avoided and made a complete mess of our lives in order to get rich fast, once they make the money, the exit for the consequences of this behaviour was to find the people they took advantage of in such ways and build publicity that suggested they agreed the entire time on the matters involved, which is a double jeopardy that the victims could really do without; I for my part do not want them to agree with me on anything once they are finished, they are now the ones being tested. We have seen their real opinions about these matters show up everywhere – whilst we speak of the way that the arms of Government jostle public matters, their parents were corrupt fat cats whose children wanted to play with my livelihood, passing insults at me as people who made rules at the Monarchy the entire time and it feeds into the already existing problem that gets them hating my guts because they show up around my concerns to put themselves in charge while they hadn’t a clue what they were doing about anything, punishing me with work that they know I have already done and done well for controversies that will create the necessary decadence to get rich fast – time and again coming up with those silly issues that will get a crowd behind them, claiming I am unaware of racism and have not reached a decision on what I thought of it. They claim what I say is good and sweet but it does not change a thing and I never thought it will either – this is about the evils of socialism, which the US is usually confrontational about but we British are more interested in public demonstrations of how they would be better off if they worked for it; life in the business world of which I have no idea why they wouldn’t get a job instead of punish others with their need to get involved with business all of the time, involved at least 40% of resources in a business being spent to keep them at bay while anything that is remotely profit becomes the subject of wealth and social inequality matters – here in the UK its mostly a matter of Politics with them as such, since their Politicians are usually one story but the sort of evil they want to brew up from the underbelly of their socialist activities is usually another entirely, it soon becomes a matter of looking like they wanted to handle me all the time and have now ended up in a situation where they had much to lose but then again when they dig mine I am likely to lose my temper and set them out as well but do not go through with the digging hence the fact I don’t becomes some sort of stupid encouragement when it had not gone completely wrong as a worthy use of time for gimmicks. For their part, they say I am responsible for the disappearance of their social lives which is utter nonsense as what happens is that when I set out wealth equity and it results in popular culture which helps to support younger people in an academic environment for instance, they build their own crowd of tribalism raids and take over the income parts, then hang about on media, social media and the city centre making something out of themselves by handling my social life, insulting me and handling my hermitage earning margins – so when their popular culture shows up at the backyards of industry, it is usually a completely different story all together and if they don’t bother mine, since it helps me make sense of matters the Politicians must be aware of when making education and defence Policy, all will be well with their social lives i.e. if they want to pick it up I have done my part to provide them with a guide here.

I do get told that if we are to go by what I have said here, there are little social ills to be concerned about but then again, this is the case technically, the problem is that these characters are prepared to pick up every one of these social ills and deploy them as tools to manipulate the rest of us into a position that allowed them to become successful in a market place.

I. Uno I

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