The theory naturally being that it is feared I am damaged which I am not. The only things damaged here are my career and finances and it seemed that people would kill to do this to me as a pass time, so I had to value human life over it, we have now reached a stage where the Celebrities and Media have been doing this for a decade and a half so far and are recently expressing something of the way I spend entire years on telling them off making a mess of my Bookshop to get me into a fight with people who bother them, as an expression of their stupid popularity opinions of me being that low, implying I had to respond to the fact that they obviously have had what appears to have been a toy to them, for quite long enough.

They do claim it is a matter of the various feelings that the Queen has expressed about what I am doing. The truth however is that what the Queen says about my work has various meanings but the one that stands out most is that of their terrible behaviour and how when the Queen does not like me very much, they suffered for it, which is a fact that does not actually matter on their Media, the same way I spend years just telling them off ripping up my Book sales to play practical jokes and none knows what it will take to stop it, while the business of getting imagination up peoples anus is just a trick they use to get what they want off others and I am sore all over because of it but it is not going away with the Celebrities it comes with because the Celebrities had dug in. The need to show that I am a nobody who makes assumptions about his importance is incredible, not least because they were popular and this was the way their popularity worked, so they pick up various instances where I had engaged with a Client, repeated their own engagement with me and took clothes off on my Public image, so intellectual property administration becomes a process of providing cover for popular idiots who take their clothes off during their jobs, 3 years of my work time they spent doing this and the question now is one of whether the fact I cannot get rid of them so easily meant that they were engaging with the Books, which it does not because reading the Books would have invalidated what they are. It is an example of how far they are willing to go to look for trouble and the point here is that they are now close to finding as much of it as their popularity can bear. I do get told I tend to select the least damaging response to these activities which I do not, as considering their history and social life, the best response will be to build them a dog-eat-dog world.

They do suggest it’s the German influence thing they speak of whereas there is really no such thing; only their need to put themselves in charge and torture those who know what to do about a handful of some very stupid individuals who claim that Church people chose an easy look on the world, to put themselves at odds with female interests when it came to survival – the abuses will then range from wild thing insults to playing a part in a gimmick where women had influence so the poor get poorer and the rich got richer, eventually reaching the point where National service generally meant that they were in a position to handle the wars that came from getting imagination up my bum if they had to enjoy such pleasures, therefore the enjoyment of such pleasures was inevitable with a big mouth. What these famous fools then do is get into a habit of ripping up my finances, first to hang about dredging the prestige of being paid for the popularity of being the ones to have tackled them and return from that to a Media created fact about it which allowed them to maintain a position of financial advantage when we are no longer getting along with Germans over it but we also know they had to wreck my finances and career, they all had to show up where I had done the best work for my career to make a mess – it is all in the way that I should be used apparently and the biggest of the problems is that they stall my Bookshop to build communities that get imagination up my bum, hoping to force me into doing something about it to cover their bums while they got paid for being popular, which is about to develop into a more serious part of this crisis all together.

They claim it’s never clear why people could say anything to me and get away with it but there is no way that I can respond to their insults and those insults will never stop coming as long as the dropping out of University because they followed me around to make a mess of my career and decide how I should be used, leads to a way of working which meant I stuffed them with what I know every day – so they are free to keep getting in touch and when they do blow off the big mouth at me as well. The insults are meant to be an expression of the insanity that passes on their left hand side and right hand side, the reasons they usually decide if they wanted to live an existence that tilted towards one of the two sides, should I spend months and years to make sense of it to an extent where I responded, I would end up being able to communicate as if I had an academic qualification in the art of bullying, should I allow myself to go lower than this, I would really find myself in obscurity thereof, hence I don’t respond to it but when the routine had emerged whereby abuses fed into lasciviousness and they were getting paid for being popular on my social life, we have got a problem that can be solved when I had decided I wanted to bang them for having a society and make the best of the effects getting paid for being popular as well. hence it was always clear if they had to have a society, we must reach a middle ground where their stupidities and its Office space, office bloc, office window insults were concerned. They do claim I am a terrible person and none knows why the British Establishment got involved with me - it is not really this terrible naturally: these activities are an expression of power they have learned to exert on others, they meet the various people in their Celebrity industry who teach them these arts of power, thus with the damage to my career and finances, I want to hear them complain to the Politicians about me and tell those lies a lot more often. The fact behind my so called hatred of Celebrity culture as the damage to my career and finances will have shown, is that it orientates people with anal sex, one is well and healthy but one feels in the mind as though it had been a very long recovery from illness and one is being offered the sweet hugs of little things on the streets and is permitted to take his frustrations out on those who have been paid for the purpose. What had happened originally was this idea I loved anal sex and women claimed they spent spare time having some with me, as a defence mechanism but they are now prepared to wreck the career and trash the finances until I am tired of keeping up this appearance but by the time I want to be my real self, it would be too late for my career and family life, reason being that they always got what they wanted in their opinion - so I do not really want people to see how much I disliked Celebrities but now that I have to go public with it, it is also time to make success of the process. We hear that what is good for me is good for them as well but the need to rip up this Bookshop on some alliance with big brother who gained access to my work, the process which enhances the power of their media bubble making sense of their popularity money, disputes this - therefore inevitable that there will be a clash over their need to handle my concerns.

I. Uno I

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