Eventually the point being that the claim was utter nonsense, that i am stuck in a situation i cannot get out of whilst others made the most of my literary empire. The truth of if is that a bunch of gits who keep cutting corners on public matters have not yet told everybody what their fools who get imagination into peoples panties by building very violent and abusive community for gossiping around the victims which is taken full advantage of by rogue landlords and corrupt security industry, what it is that their friends are doing, if I am the one doing the wrong thing, added to the fact I had to watch my step if it so turns out that it was a matter of seeing a person commit a crime before deciding they were criminals. I do not consider it a crisis, just a need to fix my finances when their famous friends decide that the only way to tackle the Books I write to back me up on work I did to ensure every interest their immoral society took to me at this stage after damage to academic pursuits and career for fooling around gimmicks that were eventually meant to lead into criminal activity, like we shared the same existence and their stupid civil rights had taken such a form to facilitate the involvement thereof, resulted in people dying and struggling with organ diseases associated with stress and lifestyle, was to ensure that they built a profile for each public appearance, claiming that they owned my property.

I am not necessarily as concerned about people thinking I am in a difficult situation I cannot get myself away from just that it is always disrespectful, and they had arrived at a stage where it was so profitable to push off insults at me that their women could not have enough of it and they were always entitled to. I mean it demands respect every moment, but it was just an immoral society git with a Media presence who ensured you could not get into some clothes and go out to meet anybody for any reason ranging from personal life to projects and finances, then set out ways that stupid children will call you names on the streets. The people who followed the behaviour at Government buildings looked like it was the most powerful thing to do when it was not complaining that the way I saw it was that it was pointless to prepare for anything since they were always going to make a mess of it and cling to career publicity that they developed an effrontery to handle for gimmicks and other things, since they will provide for everybody and were out there fighting my wars which their children took up whenever they needed to save their lives so it gets to make sense of what the public voted for painfully when we cannot be free of gits at Parliament providing them support at my expense for fun and some more goons at the Monarchy doing strange things to be real men on their behalf and at my expense. We have since arrived at a stage where everybody has been getting what they want from an unusual interest in my personal space: the people who got me dropping out of University are now caught up in middle management wars, the children are past it on the popularity and fame, so we are now dealing with the part where some idiots were near to retirement and desperate about which it has not been noted that I am too. If I still find them on a trajectory of insults, especially aspects where with respect to me it has never mattered that I am involved with the Monarchy only because the Monarch wants me to do something there, running me down all the time about what makes its stupidities uncomfortable, they will need to put the silly well off neighbourhoods on the spotlight on my account or I will do it for them. The hoodlums in my personal space pushing abuses from a distance all the time was never an issue as such, the problem has always been one of being burned out by Celebrities and famous fools who also abusively claim I am not a real writer refusing to make sense of the point that both our careers did not meet anywhere and neither should or personal activities and feelings thereof, burned out by idiots with a Media presence who think I ought to get into trouble with the Law to enhance their need to feel safe whilst pursuing the gimmicks they regarded as the most important thing in the world to do, the other goons who loved to spend money tackling me having since spent so much money on them that they were making the stupid statements about those who think about stopping them needing to think about the fact there was nothing that could be done about their financial well being because they were too wealthy for any action to take effect. For my part, we are now at a stage where I need to account for instances where it is never quiet enough for people to read here, so if I did anything for any Clients, the partnership never develops into an interest in the Books, so I need to get out of bed everyday and push them too.

Much as it enjoys showing up here to establish relations with me showing the Man-Woman affections lacking whilst its stupid interest lay in attacking me backed up by a bigger idiot than itself or being a narcissistic fame twat in whose mercy I found myself with a big mouth, this is not a laboratory either, in which they could conduct what must certainly be a control experiment on how to push the boundaries of criminology, it is my public image. I mean they do love to boast of the way their activities got me crying like a Baby which is utter nonsense as the reactionary activities are meant to ensure Celebrities having made a mess of the public work I performed to control them, allowing them to pillage my career and finances, waste 6 years of my time up to 2022, I needed to do something that ensured they were denied the objective, reactionary bits ensure Celebrities can never be free of it as well but for my part, I suppose that since we are not business partners with these trouble makers and they were complaining about my ignorance of the level of damage I have done to their concerns as well, since last people who thought that attacking them was the route to success joined my network because of damage being done to my Bookshop and its need to get Politicians listening to its stupid feelings was a reflection of fear that I will want to become the cause of all its financial problems and it would tend to see my involved with everything all the day to the Local Authorities, it needs to stop handling me or select an option to do what its likes without interfering with my Clients. It is all completely normal, anybody can trace the doxy society need to run people down because it was making money, all the way back to first grade - as long as there is a working Government and a civil society it always will on the basis that security only existed because somebody paid the ultimate price for it, run it off clinging to the incomes it covets until it befriends those who have actually paid such a price, we have now done the part where they complained and the part where I complained, beyond which our next cluster of activities are set to be incredibly serious, picking up my career publicity to cling to my earnings, ordering my steps and telling me what to do on public and social media.

I. Uno I

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