It is now suggested that I am prepared to cause people as much distress as possible with my legacy trading. It is utter nonsense too as what happens is that the complications, I face are not a matter of product or market but the conditions in which Clients got involved with my products. So, the conditions are being developed by Media and Celebrity fools and involved how despicably I should be used, such that a product might be okay but putting these sorts of circumstances at the heart of your family is the last thing any living human being would want to do, bearing in mind that the last time this business of how despicably others should be used became a public matter, we ended up with two world wars. This is obviously a result of giving it six years for them to move on, whereby the idiots had since become rather convinced that they had a license for it too and I have faced a decade of financial complications because others are trying to decide how despicably I ought to be used. I don’t think it is a crisis either, they have thrown down this gauntlet whereby they say that if I felt that badly about waiting for them to move on over a decade only for them to get worse, I had better expressed it if I couldn’t live with their superiority and we are starting with the basics about the way they need put forward their important social lives when making those stupid comments that they know will wreck their career and finances if people made it at them, at me all day and I am hoping to progress it to the stage where they got to understand bitterly, that most careers do not work the way their own works and this is because they claimed the stupid media and celebrity careers were supposed to have been self fucking regulated.

This is all a product not just of a process where they work on me instead of their jobs and careers and since the last time they were told to stop tackling me over the smell issues came from the highest points of authority in the land, I had decided it was time for the practical joke band wagon to move away from this place, it is also a product of a global stage campaign that sets me out as punching bag for Celebrities and their little idiots, about which I think that enough had not yet died on the matter as well for my part and they do believe blowing off their big mouth at me would likely end up well but not only so, there was prospects too that I wouldn’t get away with it all again, as it were.

I have been told that I set the stage which suggested I am weak and therefore encouraged them which I never did; what happens is that to build structures that facilitated service operatives working areas of economy where they would be able to pick up intelligence by which they provide the National security, generally was likely to earn you a process whereby Americans trashed it, complete with features such as a handful of idiots ripping up my assets to get everybody sucking up to Celebrities and Hollywood money, only to show up somewhere complaining about what insecurity they thought their most recent abuse victims had created – so the other part of the story was that especially for office block criminals Muslim twat, the need to pick up my work and use it to make their own terrorism army as well, on account they had seen service operatives handle it to get work done, is insatiable, which outcome over time had become that people had died over it and perhaps British service personnel as well, in those circumstances where they ended up facing what happens at home at the overseas field; the combination of these two results which are entitle a product of American abusive insults putting up this banner that makes a statement constantly about the idiocy we see them exhibit as stupidly as possible at Government buildings, as if Government work was for everybody – this being the weakness that have encouraged these scum to try and handle me all the time. The exit is still as simple as ever; it needs to stay away from my Books and make comments about its own social life or preferably keep the big mouth shut.

Point scoring about the fact that service people allied to me do not face much difficulty at the field, is meant to have been an expression of the fact that I am a perfectionist at what I did as well, like their stupidities cannot stop stealing people’s property to cling to the grooming products and address me, looking for more of what they are complaining about, The Americans were willing to create and pay prices for gimmicks involving some stupid National service involvement where people who did made them powerful by setting the stage for sacrifices being made to be another person’s fault and free them from the responsibility of bullying people into joining the services, as stupidly as possible. None hangs about it fingering my anus the imagination when these fools and their Celebrities did not get all over my concerns, the civil disobedience associated with is about to end in my view, their way or mine. This is the problem associated with a business of having a Americans make such a mess of structures built up to facilitate National security – these idiots can then develop excuses on the basis of complications caused, to say that if we built it, other countries would want to as well and then we got to complain about how small our Country was – the two sections of the problem really being that the structure is no longer safe and if there are no alternatives, those who work National security were on suicide missions, on the other hand which it needed to be safe again or I got rid of it or I laid low, which is never going to happen if I spent time tolerating these idiots while they made a mess of my finances and family life. We knew that the standard we had to better was engagement with other Countries; we had a way of engaging with them which meant that we saw them in the same light as their popularity gits and we were happy to work with them on economic and diplomatic points, such that if they attacked our interests we tried to burn their Country to say the least – it does not mean that improving standards of engaging with Countries in the real world, was to be done at the expense of this pre-existing system but what has happened is one of American Populism, getting rid of it to put me to work for American global influence and the fucking idiots have not had it worked out, so the bottom chasing issues are now a global stage phenomenon as their stupidities got to spread democracy around the world. This is nonsense that beats the imagination all of the time but there has to be a test of this sort at all times and if they had done it, none knows why they had decided security was to be built on the basis of devising contingencies of idiots that showed up here to get imagination finger up my bum, the big one being the exact reasons the fucking idiots had stalled my Bookshop sales and I am still single at 40.

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