The security of this Bookshop has fundamentally always relied on a resolution of the tale that was about how much I thought I got along with Americans but will not bring myself to accept how much they hated me. It does not really work this way as such, it is usually largely a matter of how one gets caught up in the stupidities that should be ignored normally, of an educated fool ripping up my career because he didnít like his body and then the other outcomes where I pushed back and ended up making friends which I became excited about because they were people from neighbourhoods where it was very common place to find teenagers with an intern, a part time job and college studies, if they wanted to fulfil their American dream, that is usually much easier when they had access to a British Public service operative. The pressure point being the lairs in US Government buildings who accuse people of making trouble when they wanted to ask for help, who have not worked on a recession for a decade and a half because they are relying on an applicable sense of entitlement that came from Allies which is unheard of, then the main one about their need to push people down and kick people in the teeth after, sending out their stupid women to cling to peoples career hospitality, passing around insults that make profitable a process where they got out of bed to chase a legitimate daily living instead of pursue crime Ė something about this insatiable need to target me, save their careers for money and use mine for verbosity, that threatens to develop an interest in making a mess of their lives as will be applicable in the corridors of Government buildings. Specifically, they say I have written Books that stirred up dissidents but since I am the only one who knows what the contents of the Books are, I suppose there was no way to verify this all together. Then again, the cause has always been the diversity of US society, where we find for instance that as soon as Obama was President, there emerged all kinds of filthy Politics to ensure the Germans had their own and the Italians did and the French did and all sorts of nonsense that came from it never stopped targeting my career and finances until it got a response, which might have made everything alright if the Americans didnít spend a lot of time investing money in a way that got people to engage with a market that suggested what was bought and sold was based on the idea that I had lost something important. eventually giving way to the gold digger gimmicks and the Celebrity insanity whereby if the idiots had spent the energy diverted to seek my income instead of work for their own, through this nonsense of shoving my clothes in the washer while I got caught up in very bad sex when I should be at work, in a bid to get me whispering revolution on the streets, was put to a process of solving the stupid wealth and social inequality problems about which they raised the roof all the time, I think the problems would have been solved but continued business of handling me generally means that I am going to make my own Royalty can travel to the USA on unofficial business at any time without issues into something that contributed to the problem as well. Itís the story behind American hate Ė something about a handful of idiots being able to assure their girlfriends of the viability of tricks that allows them make much needed money for a high life when they didnít work for it, that also involved handling British Royalty: the whole thing is endemic to say the least, usually got British Royalty venturing into City underbelly to part with fortunes at the Casinos Ė it will gamble and gamble as such, in my case it suggests my career was good for the gambling and then it gets sexually abused and shows up to pillage my finances, then the whole sordid business plays out in an environment that existed in the Law Courts because women gambled the careers of Men which outcome was that whilst every other group of people suffered violence because of a thing that encouraged it, violence against women was worked with a deliberate need to omit facts about the thing that brings it on all together; so the woman gambled Husbands career to end up in A and E whereby the Law got involved and we heard of the 20 years of abuses and House work, these idiots will then pick it up claiming it had set the stage, to gamble and get sexually assaulted because it would entitle them to my earnings due to the stupidities that Celebrities had developed. Hence the tale of the issue with the Americans and there is nothing left to do. I could wait for an eternity if I wanted the gits to accept statements about having more money than I did affecting my finances adversely was a very stupid disposition, so I have decided to proceed with warnings about action, as either way somebody is about to decide where it stopped if they know that they were putting the jobs that are paying them towards these abusive nonsense and hence talking about fairness of their part was disingenuous - itís the need to do this several times a day which is about to set the stage for an outright clash.

They make those stupid claims that I never do my work thoroughly of which none knows whom they suppose I meant to please as such; we know however that the same behaviour is shown when it blabs about the idea that I am filthy for instance, building those stupid communities that transforms the need to have sexual fantasies about me that developed into corruption that brought about revolution, where they get imagination up my bum all the time and build publicity for the violence that will be exacted on me for it which I think is a defence mechanism but apparently isnít with a big mouth. So I then have to try and counter the effects their stupidities have on my body by using antiseptic to tidy up which risk is that I could end up clearing grounds for worst forms of disease and germs, most common being sepsis that kills idiots like these very often and then the pathology will have pressure placed on them to find the cause of death again and again, considering their stupidities were very important people Ė mine saved by the fact my Dad was a serial monogamist and I ended up with a Nursing Sister Stepmom that showed me the way. This nonsense about how thoroughly I ought to do my work started out as a story of the way I had written a Book that solved problems because I was planning to attack the fans that would make a talented tortured soul out of me when they read my Books, it had since developed into a process of picking up my service processes to stifle my earnings and tell me how to write already published Books.

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