I am told that people are usually worried that I had a propensity to pose a threat to the public but we know they keep more companies that stir them in such a direction than I did, in fact considering that people tended to pose a threat to the public based on companies they keep which wides their scope of disillusionment, I do not keep any companies at all. It seems that it has been made up when they got off running my life with the social activities of criminals, showing up here after to complain that their bottom hurts and that if it does, I will get into trouble, with a big mouth. The problem is that work that was done to protect the public from terrorism has been completely trashed by these idiots, where I am concerned, the means to relax considering the pressure of my Office was based on supportive work I did to facilitate the environment in which the work was being done i.e., soldiers merging into lifestyles, the city centre, neighbourhoods and regular work environment, so they rip and tear with Celebrity culture and Media everyday having now arrived at a stage where they had successfully done damage, but have not yet informed us what we are set to do next thereof as such. I do not think it a crisis, just that they claim the system was corrupt and it is not clear whether it was the part where younger people were enlisting in the security services over ideologies and sensibilities associated with my Office or the part where women enlisted as well, we know they draw attention to the part where some people did bad things and had to make amends, which ever part of it was their business. It is not a crisis in my view because I have done considerable work to get it operable again, we are now at the stage where abusive society gits getting imagination into my panties meeting up with Industry twats that enjoyed raising money in a co-operative to buy shares with companies I got involved with in order to control me, occurring as a product of Celebrity insults will provide me a license to trash their fame mobility too, as progress from a stage where security services must have provoked them at some stage by informing them that if they were dissatisfied about something they could take up their own public security by themselves. On the matter of whether I did not need security for my part, I do but the system works well, we have means by which the matters can be directed with process and ease, to the civil service department that handles it, I can say that the fact meant I did not need to prove myself to anybody and that it gives me pleasure to point this out at this stage that we were all well and truly fucked for the abusive doxy society gimmicks, seems that it is the point at which it gets to stop and gets to stop targeting me.

I. Uno I

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