I am now told that I have been bullied into compromising my position on Russia, what we know however is that everybody else is aware of a certain wickedness associated with forcing people to get involved with security services and nor forcing security service operatives to do their own jobs, it appears that only famous fools were oblivious to this wickedness even though they complained endlessly about being well and truly fucked by their criminals friends. Th problem with this matter is obviously that I had delayed the clash with the famous to such an extent they have now built a version of my assets which were used to provoke me whenever they were corrupted, so there is a corrupted version of those assets out there provoking me but they are now somebody else’s property to do as they please, it is not that I cannot do it but when it brings up points about what its stupidities have forced me to do like so. I mean the USA is a completely different country from the UK and this is the main reasons I delay action and refuse to align myself with the fact State provided security attacked people who attacked my Books because my financial situation affected them and played into the hands of National enemies, about which I have done it like so because they would have suggested at some stage that they were more worthy of my position on account I needed state provided security to run a Bookshop. I needed to ensure that every git that shows up here looking like I had to lose something important over a sense we are a proxy of the USA, found what its stupidities was looking for, now it got better as I have since developed the range to address the matter of American Political idiots becoming so confident they can do whatever they wanted with other peoples lives and property. The Politicians do raise the point that I speak the way I have but it does not make me the victim in the matter which it does not, I never said it did, just highlighted important facts associated with my response to somebody stifling my finances to pick up my assets and help other well off neighbourhood fools to make money without doing work through it, claiming to me my father character, then finish off with another group of fools that were born under Virgo and Scorpio birth signs building communities that get imagination into my panties all day. The famous gits were above everybody, the professional institutions that govern the way they were supposed to behave with fame can no longer control their professional actions, so it shows up here handling me abusively endlessly, whilst its idiots would suggest the racists were the people who followed me around to make a mess up to University where they wrecked the studies because I would not allow people get paid for being popular by handling my personality, joining in on the abuses because they had since gone on to do the University better than me and were handling my personality to get paid for being popular if I liked it or not, I mean I have warned I will get away with it and it can see why it needs to allow my Clients read the Books as it were, the reason that such an approach to running the Bookshop had become necessary. It is always so disrespectful towards me and I have done my best to help make the process easy by setting out ways it can keep its comments to its career and stop handling me, to no avail, on account it had a big ego with a big mouth blabbering about communities I had to be afraid of. I have done enough work to support the famous people I worked with on lifestyle matters, enough to support companies on the creative equities I brokered with them, enough to support vested interests, so these gits need to allow those people to read the Books, if it was obvious that I was cash strapped even though multinational companies were making use of services at a Bookshop on account of their stupidities, It may raise the point about forcing me to fight some Russians again as it were.

I have been informed that there were fears I might be in danger but I am not as such, the danger is one in which I am sore all over due to distant violence and it was facilitated by people who have built a community to make it possible, implying that the process of running me down behind my back to such an extent it was possible added up to a form of power and the fact it could work violence on me from a distance made it evil but they would claim that their civil rights had taken such a form when I felt so threatened that I wanted it eliminated. So far their biggest pleasure has been one in which they shared my personal space as a bunch of low lives who had interest in acquiring what Celebrities had, at my expense, so there is also the point raised that I needed to take some responsibility for it, which responsibility was to do with the fact Celebrities are actually obsessed with me and it was never a bad thing as such, especially because I had channelled that interest towards a direction in which their position highlighted the way that it was a person that put themselves on the line to protect the public, each time a bad person was prevented from being a threat, due to their position and all the products going in and out of the ports as a function of their activities, this curtails ageism and its organised crime at Industry, entirely different from another group of idiots who are funded by the ageists and organised criminals, showing up here to ensure that instead of an engagement with wealth equity the public viewed me as a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, its understanding of my career was to pick up the publicity and help the women in its stupid life to put faces on the glass doors and glass windows of high street shops and super markets. I need it to permit my Clients to read the Books at the Bookshop or I will burn its well off world, it is all so well issuing those threats but if I pushed them into a difficult position, so I may pick up their fame career publicity to repair any crime control publicity they had damaged here to make a mess of my public work Office, I will have their fame insults and stupidities under control, it is fairer to say they need to keep their comments to their careers and stay away from me. They do claim what I have responded to here was an experience that was inflicted on people by Law enforcement but it is as it is a method of informing people that of the many ways that the public pursues various activities to acquire legal tender with the Bank of England leadership signature on it, permitting people to pick up their supplies at the Markets, their own was the best, showing up here after to run me down everyday, stop my Bookshop and get stupid children calling me names.

The politicians have again raised another point about tackling the matter head on as it is very persistent; it is not such a complicated issue, we have criminals doing things to me that law enforcement did to get their activities under control, since I know what it is, I should not be troubled, except the famous have built up a disposition for it where there is so much effort put into working me down to a person that covers their back sides for a living, that if I did nothing about it, it would take all my energy to not do something about it and the career will be left un attended, likewise if I did something about it all of my energy would be required and the career would be left unattended, hunts me down and opens up my personal space to the sociopaths, so I appeared to exist in a world where I was a school truant child that got caught up with the local hoodlum who smokes marijuana at in the morning, so my future got bleaker and bleaker, before it starts complaining and issuing threats about what I am supposed to do to get into trouble with the Law in a way that enhances its sense of security. It is quite impossible to convince them of the way their gimmicks which is a matter of choices associated with either saving £10,000 a year for 5 years or getting £50,000 from an immoral society entertainment industry git that is paying them to make others characters that were bullied so others may befriend the wealthy, produces an outcome in which they were not productive, their victims were not productive and the wealthy were spending money, if they were supporting their actions on the premise that it was not unlawful to be callous, selfish and irresponsible and that there was no law requiring them to care about other people, at the same time that there was no way to forecast the effects of their actions on the future economy and bring it to bear on them in the present. It had found a way to suggest that the whole business of wrecking public office work to ensure criminals taking out their experience with law enforcement on me because of them was my fault and there were social matters which have brought about such an outcome, the same way it claims it was desperate whilst I am the Arch Prince that dropped out of University due to their stupidities targeting me endlessly and other human beings were living on food banks – so we have arrived at that stage where it did pass the exams at school and got the good jobs, saved up some money to be comfortable since, needs to allow my Clients read some Books at the shop now. Here I am told that I am persuaded by socialism which I am not, these idiots have appointed themselves to decide which capital gets wrecked to protect other capital but it was not their job to protect capital in the economy as such, they have not got a foggiest clue what they were doing with their own careers.

I. Uno I

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