We have seen emerged the need to have this wider community conversations about the way I have been given privileges at the highest levels of government which I have abused and also abused those who treated me well at positions of leadership. Completely detached from the reality that was more a matter of 2 decades having a social life where embarrassing things I have done to wreck peoples neighbourhoods and look of their popularity which will cost me all I own, being a product of having acquired a personality that I was not academically qualified for and therefore what we see being arguably the stupidities scumbags on the planet, who have decided how they would use my personality and built up a sense of doing something with it to a point of seeing me without my clothes on, so the answer for all their problems became a need to secure attention from me through sexual and narcissistic violence. The real crunch has come about because those of them with criminal records want me to have one as well while the main bulk of it was a matter of finishing a Book and sitting down to do the numbers where I got to meet a certain amount of people to get an audience being riddled with the fear that they would use a position in a big business that was already making money, to impress their employers by ripping up my market to boost profits, which is what has happened to my social life and public image regardless of how hard I have worked to keep their stupidities out of it, whereby if it opened its mouth I could no longer step outside of my door and if it got involved with me criminals became overly friendly and crashed every part of public image where that could not be accessed by the criminal world while other idiots who were their victims in the past ensured my whole life had stopped over their need to make use of the way I resolved the effects of the gimmicks. It needs to stop handling me having been that complains of my response to the way cracked out of my league a you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues does not want to give me a job because he does not like me and wants to ensure his employers do not read my Books because I would get ahead of its stupidities if that were to occur, leaving me cash strapped by interfering so much its practical jokes and that of its stupid Celebrities will wreck business of members of the audience who bought and read the Book. The part where it gets the fingers up my bum was never disrespectful naturally, it says it has got a community that will help it out when I raise the issue about its feigned ignorance of consequences that follow such stupid activities, will not stop handling me as its stupidities with a need to gather somewhere and decide it and its friends were a society that wanted to make decisions about other peoples lives but did not have public legitimacy, is not going to need it if it big mouth had not changed from showing up here to abuse me into showing up here to buy and read a Book the same way it got respect for the career that got to its stupid head. There is then the point they raised about the Royals that take part in it but that would be HRH Prince of Wales whom they say differences on my part where a matter of leadership styles while they are really a support for the various trends of crime, which does also indicate HRH is becoming increasingly aware that he is unsuitable for the role of Head of State, especially as we have seen results where his friends were the right hand men of Industry gits and have already begun an attack on workers with modernisation – at the NHS, they run off Hospital sirens to mock the Police because they had to treat victims of street violence and Police justice, knowing well that especially in terms of claiming that the Police disturbed the beauty sleep  of peoples grandmothers, doing this would make neighbourhoods a very bad place but do it to target me directly with a big mouth, in other sectors they have begun to get workers embarking of a fund raising project for mechanisation that will build the machines that got rid of them and took away the jobs, hence modernisation and mechanisation has come to mean making people work harder and faster for less. It needs to stop handling me or I am going to end it badly, its blabbing is its big mouth wagging, needs show up here to buy and read a book, loves it when I use its own PR to fix my book sales problem like so – their lives always being built around public investment funds but when it had to fight your wars, there was hell to pay, others cannot have enough of it as their heir to the throne was better off that we showed the narcissistic stupidities could rely on us to pay attention instead of spend time on public enforcement and provision of civil services and the Muslims were the religious causality twats, except the causalities of Christianity will create the Jihad with a big mouth, like a certified bum.

They claim they do most of these activities because people had died over games I have been playing with power – we are talking about a bunch of idiots who have wrecked my University studies and left me with a 20 year career mess at this stage, clinging to my Bookshop to build an updated version of me that they can tolerate based on progress I have made with my career, so clearly one of us was having fun and they can always decide that they wanted to leave me to my Book writing and public control businesses where I got to ensure society gits with a need to make playground out of peoples career knew what I knew so that it did not distract me to a point of damage or they can continue to rip up my finances and build a crowd that will forcibly make me serve them with knowledge of private security industry work, then keep up practical jokes that interfere with my audience and mock me on national media every day. It issues those stupid threats when finished to say that it had over time come to a disposition where it felt irritated by my existence with a big mouth and I do assess those gimmicks for my part as well, at this stage did not think it amounted to a real threat which will cause me to make sense of it as a matter of the fact the media, male society and female society were a threat to me alongside Celebrities, so that I might do something widespread and memorable, to find out if I was going to get away with rocking their stupid world or not. It is as simple as showing up here to cease interfering with my audience and get a Book, the way its stupidities enjoy respect for the career it deserves by pillaging my public image to make me a character people bullied to sell products and befriend wealthy people, which is not really as much of a problem as thought since I can organise my career to retrieve any money in their possession which I thought was excessive as well. It has always been the issue at hand; female society wants to cling to your earnings and make you a character that was known for hating women, considering the way their industry fools made the most of it and male society wants to accuse you of fingering the bum so they can pass insults at you that ensure you could not step outside of your door, while getting you caught up with bad company – it has always been the way that the famous idiots show up here to say I had done something to affect either or both and they were out to get vengeance on behalf of both, current outcome being my public image in the hands of mainly American exceptionist popularity twats with a need to initiate vengeance on behalf of criticised criminals, over equities I set out for popularity people that showed up near my public work; it turns up like this every day, a picture that will not go away, wants me to affirm its stupidities was an important person and had since arrived at a point where it was issuing threats with a big mouth. I do get told I have not actually done anything wrong but I know that too myself – the problem was that these fools built a life on public investment funds and so having made a mess of my concerns, I devised a way to ensure they did not straddle the gap between industry and Government, having done so set about sharing with exceptionist USA, to end up living in hell with foolish abusive narcissism that did wonders for my health, Washington showing up here to drop the ball on me every day. I mean they also say I put it so simply which is a world away from the way it really works but it is; we are talking about rogue secret service operative who will not concentrate on its job instead of bothering me, should I tell it off, the civil rights idiots who were more important while I was in charge will trash my career to ensure my finances were always a mess because I had to backtrack on everything I did to take them along considering their American exceptionist stupidities was incredibly important, should they fight my wars, there will be hell to pay. I still remember when it started with me meeting some female journalists and a bunch of idiots simply existing as twats that were annoying because they were entitled to get involved with anything they wanted, now I had become an irritating character they never stopped attacking everyday with a big mouth having come full circle. I have issued the threat before – it needs to stay away from my Bookshop, channel the narcissism somewhere else or its American exceptionist insults will become my next big project, I will channel it for them.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland