I do get told I have caught up with them and yes I have – the cash intensive investment holders have not allowed me a single days peace over how my personality should be used, in 19 years, 4 years to 2021 spent on a new level of Community that spent time thinking about and getting imagination up my bum and I am broke and single at 40, so worse case is that somebody who plays a part in my business told me to tone it down while he makes money with my concerns, which is the same way people talk to them as well and I intend to find out whether they teach their stupid children to shower me with insults on the streets because they were immune to it. It needs to match every interest it shows in my concerns with a Book in hand, especially the ethnic minorities, keep its comments where its career is located, as we are not relatives.

They do claim I am partly responsible as I tended to express the idea everybody was my Equal which is utter nonsense as it is not my business if they were little things on the streets leading people down a Rabbit hole all the time - the idea their interest in me should be matched with reading Books I had written used to be an advice, now their abuses had since made it a warning. It’s as they say that others will suffer for my decisions which was never meant to be that way - little things on the streets driving people into rabbit holes and a need to force me into a response connected with their stupidities by other fools with what they think are better jobs having produced results for them: so it seems that Celebrities, Media and Politicians have wanted this so much that somebody now needs take the steps to ensure they got it i.e. a reputation for always getting society makers to get out of control at other people’s expense, especially the hungry.

It cannot be that difficult for people to stop bashing my Books if I end up with financial complications, but they do claim that it was a matter of their stupid civil rights, while the Celebrities were determined to revitalise fame industry by laying waste my Royal Hermitage and Office to make it happen with a big mouth. The latter will end up with a reputation that says it is all they ever spent their time on and work a show business with that or there is set to be a clash, the former were a bunch of twats concerning whom the cause of all the problems we had here was that getting involved with me was an experience like no other and the idiots were addicted, such that they were clear on what I should say if I described them as a handful of mean cunts, considering it is never their fault but will be fun for them and they had allied themselves with bigger men that will handle me while I am being used, so they took my social life and public image while dreaming of me gradually degenerating to a point of a constant clash with society gits until I ended up in a fight that was too much for me, with a big mouth.

I. Uno I

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