Of course I am aware a sense has emerged that I have allowed my literary empire to be deployed by money mad trouble makers to satisfy their needs in order to save people or save the world which means they have used my property to extract a lot of money that they now do not know what to do with from others using the markets and that the violence that continues still to create disillusion for people and money for their inability to work for a living or tolerate a sense they do not have everything while others seem in their view to have a high tolerance for it, was not and is not worth it either but that being the case, it has been a matter of competition that can either be resolved by a future built for our younger people and children when it comes to competing with them successfully on one hand or simply a sales and competition platform I have built for those I hire to do the job of selling the books for me, which I may pick up myself.

It is normally said what I say about such matters as domestic abuse are either unbecoming or not understood but the matter is really not an emotive one in any case; the assumption people make all the time that domestic abuse happens to stubborn strong women than men simply cannot stand and therefore attack them for it, whereas that will better describe the idiots I will tolerate no nonsense from and really think they need to get beaten up by a man regularly anyway, which is why I wish it all the time. I know yet again I will be told I have not said anything progressive but domestic abuse is not a progressive issue when two people are in a very unproductive relationship and one wife that is not at work cannot groom a husband that needs to because she is all beaten up and the other issue is the story of companies in an area and people getting jobs from it and the strange things some woman does because either she or her husband is trying to set up a small business or something which then brings into public light the things people do to push themselves harder and harder to work for their money and the third is the big case here i.e. these idiots that must get out of bed to try their hands on my job where it earns money and cannot do anything else with their time except earn the perks of my job and ensure I can never breathe because they are making out it is funny as well looking for trouble; so for now it is the lesser methods of handling them which involves never responding to the men because it is their women and celebrities that suffer the most when you donít so that leaves me the opportunity to take him down financially and yes of course they are off to the media to cover for that so they might never stop and it is great to see they are fighting for their stupid lives as we speak.

I am not unaware of the case where I have lost everything and need to admit it so people can stop having false hopes about me and it is never really unusual: what they are referring to is the fact that the politicians and media fools who know where my Books are have been working with their Civil rights goons to destroy Books I write over a case where Civil rights Women are really good are creating criminals and never get jobs and wreck the lives of every single thing they get involved with, only after 5 years of flattening my finances and destroying everything else save my reputation, the idiots then fancy themselves bullies that get on Public places to force me to do something about their problems, which is why I am always wondering who the hell they think they are every day, it indicates they have struck again etc. As far as the matter itself is concerned however, Feminism about which their society goons think I should be doing something has an effect where they spend more time with those their wives that are likely to kill them or make them criminal and it keeps them off other peopleís beautiful persons too, so I am not a Woman and should not be bothered about what Feminism gets up to save their stupid children who are not bragging about girls that can beat up religious people these days anymore, what they want to do is take revenge bywasting all I have to create Female equality at Industry. I have not however lost everything, just getting really prepared for Royal Estate business and trading and we will not be talking about the first time I got interested in this matter with civil rights Women and their popular culture targeting something they can squander here and they needed global media and local ones to recover to the state they find themselves today, we will be talking about some serious freedom ripping which will be fun too as we all know these are the kinds of things that happen when people step out of Church and spend more of their time at Pubs and Clubs and Parties when it does not suit them but for others like myself who do not have a compromised version of their faith, it can be taken to them a problem with vice and the role of stupid abusive and destructive killer Women in it, in their own homes, so it is all together possible I am bluffing when I say freedom ripping for them as well; they talk too much, I have not lost everything and do not need to admit anything. I do not think it a serious matter - all the ways by which this matter can permeate mainstream living as a means of making sure moral people cannot get jobs and a livelihood has failed, so they have resorted to direct punishment and revenge for its failure - such as lies about what products do, stories about being abused by some moral person and popular culture insults all aimed at making sure a lot of suffering has been caused to change a quality of life and a personality that God has moulded etc. but most of it have always been easily avoided if they kept off the Books and Public image that actually belongs to them all together as it were. I mean they do speak of the dangers associated with talking the way I do but everybody knows that massive criminal is the reason his mother will attack the shop around the corner if you lived in the neighbourhood and said something important about poverty before you got home that day - he is the reason she keeps an eye on you and plays up an obfuscate on your right hand side to keep you open for her son all the time: so they are getting on my nerves and we are not talking about popular culture ones doing my fame career and boo boys threatening me with insulting disobedience either - this is what is happening i.e. they bother me all day and when I write Books for them cannot be caught dead buying their copy, not me having lost everything.The Politicians always sayitís a case of people who have no discretion being allowed to win the day but this need to cling to my Book sales and Royal Estate and pass around insults that mean they can bear bate between me and violent gangs, to tell me I have lost everything and need to admit it goes too far - hence they need to be reminded itís the community croons and their big bad criminal sons that they support, that is at the heart of this issue - done: War on Celebrities is always an option, it prevents boo boys factorising my anus to run off and grab some fame to threaten me with especially. In the end the gratuitous insults will say I have prevented them from getting famous and need to take it up, which does not apply as we will find them want to be Royalty next but do not have tools and property by which the Public can handle their Public image while they assist with Government and show up here to cut up off my finances by insults and disobedience all the time, which grooms me into a character people want to punish and allows them throw around those insults that give way to complains when they become threats too - the public image are for fans of the renaissance only not disobedient Politicians and Media and Celebrity fools and they are learning that it is a pretty important thing too.

I. Uno I

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