The suggestion being that most of my activities although having approval at the top levels of British Government, only leaves a bad experience between Celebrities and British Royalty. That said, I do not think that the characters applicable were Celebrities, they are a handful of people who turn up to wreck structures I had built to facilitate civil living because they believed that if they controlled it, they would be rich, adding to this, they have always turned up to make trouble because they were representing the interests of criminals; this gives them the means to apply ideas on whether or not harming others makes people understand and therefore respond to their personal problems while they took a break from it. It makes a total mess of areas of my Canopy which I set out for spiritual matters, which tended to express what the relationship between Law enforcement and criminals really was like – the various codes and the fact they don’t attack Women and Children and do not attack people from the media, so it was possible for somebody to get right under the nose of the Police to document information on the reasons wanted criminals did what they did without facing danger. For this reason, products in these types of communities and daily concerns were developed and designed in a certain way, and the market worked in a certain way accordingly. These other characters are not celebrities at all, I believe that the person who told them they were, must have been just as insane.

It is not the case that I am caught up in difficult situations associated with my work which I denied endlessly – what has happened is that others had a need to work office bloc popularity insults at me, which outcome is that when it came to everything concerning my personal and family life, career, and finances, almost everything operated by managing or avoiding a cliché. They had decided family for instance was an exclusive club that people signed on to be a part of as social contract, but they needed to trash my finances and social life because I am in possession of facts that suggest they are wrong, and they wanted to be right. They are not my challenge as such, just a handful of very silly individuals whose lives appear to be developed entirely around a process of securing some form of discrimination which is complimented by directives to be applied as a matter of the demands of a higher authority with respect to a right to handle my person and concerns as they wished. So, it is fair only to assume that insistence on handling me is set to produce an outcome where they got to make a lot of out of hatred for the kind of right, I am given by a higher authority to handle them while I had my own applicable discrimination as well, with intent to work market engineering that makes me comfortable. My challenge had always been the Celebrities and I would complain a million times about the fact they handled my work to make money and are not accustomed to working for the good times, so they had destroyed my Bookshop to set out entertainment that will make them money for the next 3 years, complete with publicity that congratulates and is happy for me because a lot of money was riding on it. It does therefore seem that I needed to see a doctor about heart disease before I even suffered it, so that there might be a way to manage what I already know will be the outcome of a process where I got active about it. We have ended up here as usual because of the Men thing – time and again we find them with new ideas and then it had to be tidied up, despite the fact the Queen is known not to want to do business with them for any reasons whatsoever and either way they conduct or their people conduct these gimmicks on claims that I bring it upon myself for being a fun loving person, I am saddled with back breaking work that will not pay me, of either going along with their gimmicks or working processes by which I got to control it. I do not think that they were a problem either; it is the story behind the reasons that I thought they had to keep doing National service, since it was the only way to bring the country that existed in their head into reality, complete with the National and public enemies of such a Country which they can get everybody else caught up with. There are other sources for the crisis, contrary to claims that I am responsible; such as the Obama Administration providing them with criminals fighting other people’s battles Muslims with office bloc criminal activities in the history, who show up here to build communities that get imagination around my private parts, on account they spy on my writing and wish to ensure that I wouldn’t be successful at action I took to prevent their Celebrities pillaging it – so the abuses take up my time and I have not been able to account for the way that the last three years of my time had passed, everything had stagnated around here as well and the idiots are not currently doing Jihad for it, therefore it made sense. The other is that I did a limited amount of National service for my Office, they set about completing it to develop these gimmicks about me being a coward who didn’t deserve my career and the mess they make with it operates on a global proportion, such that it was clear that they thought if they continued like this and complained about me on the global stage, they could get away with it, never mind the fact what they did with it was to liaise with Industry gits who want to rip up peoples careers and employ criminals in the neighbourhoods because men wanted to be powerful. They do claim that I appear to have an obsessed with a need to control people that are more powerful or stronger – the reality is that I too do enjoy dragging them into difficult situations from which they will not recover as reward for a perverted interest in me, there are no dreams here to control the pain of a handful of idiots putting themselves in charge of things they do not know how to handle because they had the resources to be successfully violent. What gets to me the most is the way they build up this need to trash peoples career and academic work, chase the jobs people have to make sense of academic advancements they can glean from the way people engaged with clients and employers as a tool for beating them down, create a social cocoon of abuses to make people sick in the stomach, trap and secure matrimonial services from the most beautiful women around, get my career and social life caught up in it, invade my court and select my friends and acquaintances to preserve what they did with the city centre in the suits we see them wear and then tell me I am due to learn lessons for what I had done to move them on which consequences was that they spent more time on me than they did on their career which caused it to stall as well. Then there is the fatigue that is the consequence of abuses stalling Public interest in this Bookshop.

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland