So it is said that my attitude issues are catching up with me and it is utter rubbish too – what happens is that these idiots had a need to develop communities where they sat on benches and invented ways of judging me while I had my clothes taken off, whilst I look the part and their celebrities were little sexual things on the streets that drag people into rabbit holes all the time, I have been groomed into a position where they can get imagination up my bum and get anything off my social life, career and public image but I have not groomed their silly Celebrities who have not yet stopped bashing my Book sales to improve the risk of me doing it as well, into such a position, so their stories about attitude are insults they get accustomed to, something I was not raised to understand, exhibit or indeed raised to communicate in the same mannerism, concerning which there were pressure points like when I drop out of University or my Book sales stalls etc.

It does love to boast all the time until we had to show up at a Law Court to find out that their whole lives relying on a process of having arguments with me that their stupidities won which they seek with all the criminality and civil rights in the whole world, was not what the Law of the Land looked like as it were. The boasting being that after years of surrounding me with their stupid juvenile Children with correctional; institution experiences, getting imagination up my bum and talking nonsense about smell issues while what I did about it was passed off with the help of another twat who was talking some time earlier about the way I defend myself risking the loss of a Media job that many people wanted but few people got, thereby provided them with a Media bubble to fool around with, they have finally shared something I refused to share with them so that I might gain power over them and we can see that for all the times the idiots have shown up here to make their foolish personality available to me as well, I had not shared anything yet but their stupidities were still here, building up the community that will console them when they attack me while I am all alone to get imagination up my bum and spread the gimmick around so that my social life was affected as anybody I got involved with would be affected too, with a big mouth.

Eventually they come forth with shown claims that it was a matter of clashing with Parliament which is what a bunch of idiots in Government buildings, who had become wealthier than the people they tackled over wealth and social inequality matters, spent their time on when credibility had vanished, and they were talking rubbish at the shopfloor of Parliament all the time. I mean if I in a bid to build a company, developed it a year and some months before the world’s worst recession, led me to a good idea that involved setting up an incentive business where I built up the equities and brokered it with other companies, became successful at the work I am doing, many people would be financially better off, so this was about their own careers and if their insults become more important to the Public than the fact I write Books for a living, I will put that theory that they were untouchable at Parliament to the test as well and it will run all the way down to the part where I wanted the finally consequences to their stupid perverted interest in me, which involved getting my hands on the stupid salary as well.

They do claim that I faced the same challenges these people I had little respect for faced and yet I had failed in every way – it is utter nonsense as what kills off my Book sales so the Government shows up to pay the Bills is the Media and Celebrity white lie practical jokes, such that although the Public knew I did not work for them, engagement with my Books was a risk taken at the expense of jobs and they had to make one every moment because of what their famous stupidities needed. They had a big ego for it naturally and I am about to test mine as well – at this stage some people say I did not have much work to do but it is not yet something I can do on a whim as such as it stands, it would take time to pillage their bank balance as well, I need to get to that point where it was possible to pillage it in a matter of Hours, for now in terms of whether they were bread winner customers, shareholders or owners of companies I was involved with is no longer a threat, I am ready for that part. They do claim it took all I had while the issue had always been as simple as a civil disobedience at my expense that can be stopped at any time, if it is causing the victims such a huge level of distress and yet it will not be, so they had gone off to the part where their famous stupidities got to bash my health as well, enlisting society scum to surround me with juvenile children getting imagination up my bum to issue threats and play up distant violence roles, while all I did about it was passed off as another person’s career through media, so if I beat up any of the scumbags, it would never make sense, hence so far the filthy things the idiots did to get to the top industry Offices, which decided the reasons their stupid children were so insulting are now a Public phenomenon but I have not yet beaten up anybody so far.

I. Uno I

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