There is the recent questions frequently asked about this idea that each time people find me, I always had something to say it is not really based on reality as such either, it is a product of claims my personality are the outcome of sleeping with peoples wives, by community croons that support those who abuse others over money issues all day, the outcome of the failure of all I had done to keep myself from fitting into the category of characters that popularity idiots abused for fun and self-improvement, as talented tortured souls. So they have built up this nonsense on media and do run it off at me every day as if my life was never complete before they built it, I needed it to complete who I am and now do not actually understand what I mean for reason of being blinded by their ego, when I ask them to shut it down. They even annoyingly claim that I have played a part in the matter which has no basis on reality as well reality that I know what my personality looks like and am aware of every aspect of it that they have chased to get paid for being popular, then there are the abuses, the pinching and pushing and violent processes of chasing my private parts because they were excited, the communities that make sense of my anus until they can get imagination around to it, looking like they would want me to stop it the way I saw fit all the time then there are other spiritual realities like the halo that shows up in the skies when I felt very relaxed and how it usually heralds incredible forms of abusive behaviour from them, putting their problems into my personality over their money issues and community organised abuses, claiming that I am responsible or have played a part in the abusive behaviour. We see that the women can never have enough of it and always show up on the two fronts of their wickedness one part being that when they had a relationship with the women, I would not be allowed a breathing space if they wanted to make money, the other being that when they dont have a relationship with the men, I am at war with women and soon where it applied to public service, I will have been the character that took from them access to gangs that hurt people over money issues while I had armed services to protect me and then I had to make sense of it. it comes back to this every time, although we cannot be free of the bragging at all times that they have this need to see everybody else clamour around their access to media presence, such that people got off fighting each other because they were special; they wrecked my University studies because when they feel my body would do very well and please their stupidities a lot in such circumstances, it is set it stone but now they are attacking my finances all together because I have been doing some fighting and the fall out had affected them, meanwhile the fact I dropped out of University is still not such a big deal after all in their view, being completely convinced that the way the world works meant that bad people always had it good, while there is no law saying I cannot shut down a Bookshop and do something else if my bookshop was not profitable, on account they had made a complete mess of it such that the problems I resolved to create the Books are now creating problems for me because they dont buy books and use my books as a pretext to handle me and get round to enjoying the benefits of the solutions I had created there isnt a law which says I cannot shut it down but this is precisely where I have found myself all together. The other part of their story is usually that I have construed all public interest in me as hostile which has no basis on reality as there is no hostility or friendship here, just lots and lots of career pirates such that they have now worked on me well enough to pick up Bookshop service processes and set it out as a tool for other purposes that suit them whenever they got involved with me. Then we hear them claim I am the goon who shows up to take back parts of my career that helped others to self-improvement and career advancement which is not really the case, especially in terms of the processes whereby I set out a deterrence and Celebrities spent it on themselves, even the younger ones that got off getting paid for being popular on my social life, doing so to wreck my career and dominate me with the money all together what is happening then being that I am rebuilding everything they have trashed from scratch and wish to work with others, therefore meaning I must deny them access to my concerns which they claim I cannot because they had money and power which allowed them do whatever they wanted, and this really does make sense of the way people say I waste what I know whereas its all ending up with society goons, so that when I carried out some property equity administration, it would be so exciting to watch how they planned to grab my career all together; we know they have been there before and the pattern is much like that of the Celebrities who are now progressing from a process of spending all I did to deter people vandalising my property, to publicity that has resulted from it creating a fight between my achievements and show business. The rest of it being when they say that it will not bode well for me since they know where my Books are located, like I have not had enough of them yet so far. Now I am told they claim they are more important than I am while I claimed I was more important but there is no such thing going on, just the battle to ensure I can shut down a business that has been corrupted by their perversions and move on to something more profitable without having my life flushed down the loo, due to ironic stupidities as the things they can take because they had money, while most who had money paid for what they owned. We have reached that stage of middle management legendary vandalism and market destruction, where it is possible to say that I am starting to work at my worst and had nothing to lose while their stupidities were the rich ones and needed to keep a distance from my Books very soon indeed. Their Muslim friends lead from the front when it comes to gimmicks about the British Government letting me play with words to wreck their money making nepotism the reality however is that my empire exists in my head and yet when a car company brokers with me to build a car on patent margins, I could say it was built on patent margins or I could avoid playing with words, when the stupidities they had for jobs got to their heads. I have been asked this question of the reasons people behaved in these ways and its an old story of the way business managers built relations with hoodlums, sometimes as a means of handling shareholder and other times as way to push profitability but then it had something to do with Royalty they wanted to bully into digging deep so as to facilitate their profit making stupidities, by which they forget who they are all the time and I personally do not think business should be run that way either bearing in mind I am a Royal Hermit who has a Trust system to play with now they can tell me about privileges of rich and successful that I do not respect again and we may not explore other aspects of their fantasy world still.

I have been asked if I am aware of some role that the US government in playing in the matter and I am aware of the whole thing I mean I could really do with the hard work I have done to avoid people seeing what I do with my work on social media as a tool for getting rich fast abusively but I have only ended up with a reputation for putting out property that middle management idiots picked up over a period of time and deployed at the pleasure of Politicians, claiming its the Russians making a mess of peoples lives and work on social media the entire time, supported by American Politicians. When we go to those neighbourhoods they claim are responsible for wealth and social inequality issues, we find teenagers with three interns, college work and coaching from parents at the same time, if they were to fulfil their American dream in their case its more a matter of not letting go the need to be more important and financially successful than I am using my Public image and then regularly daring me to do something about it all the time. The same applies with respect to risk they faced with my publishers being a matter of people who were caught up in the storm of their need to abuse others and make money while we were trying to deal with criminals doing crime and encouraging people to follow it, especially for those whose social lives were completely trashed because they were not good looking, it was clear how they would respond if I published a Book at their firm and Celebrities decided it was where the new fame they wanted to own was located I have done my best on the matter making it clear they needed to keep away from the Books and stop shooting off the insulting comments on my social life, if they were complaining about unsavoury outcomes. So we find that none of these activities tended to affect the wealth and property of the democrat party leadership their lives were like heaven and everybody else lived in hell, so the chosen would be taken up to heaven from time to time literally and so am I fed up with the gimmicks they set out of my finances and Books, making claims it was about alleviating wealth and social inequality problems, while we know it was about money and more insulting power, while they had more than they needed. I dont think the matter as a whole is a crisis, I mean the Politicians have asked how we ended up in this situation where National interest was a subject of practical jokes but we have not ended up in any such situation, its a perception they have built up on media and for me, the idea that they have always wanted to see me deal with the complex emotional aspects of getting the Public affected by what they were doing with markets when they wanted to be rich, resulting in this process where they had picked up information from my computer or about my Books to run off and show me there was nothing I could do to stop them taking whatever they wanted from me, black mail me and run off insulting career piracy and industrial espionage that helped them to my income margins, supported by their Politicians, is work I had averted and has now been rebuilt as perception of public media and I could really do without their stupidities. The outcome is that old case where it is coming to view the sheer extent of destruction and vandalism that middle management and their gits are responsible for, even so on the global stage, whereby in my case it is producing this outcome whereby there is the work that I do on one corner and celebrities on the other, with the public wanting to know what the outcome was while in their case its more a matter of the interests of businesses and companies I have worked with on one hand and their middle management abuses and vandalism all the way to the secret and security services on the other, the public wanting to know what the outcome was and it seems that the Biden Administration is heading towards another occasion in which I ended up with a history once again.

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