I am told that I have continued to accept that the involvement of women in my concerns was doing the most damage and even at the stage we find ourselves, which does not apply at all either way – what this has shown is that social security was enough to fund a wedding, a wedding ring and a wedding registry, women simply preferred to set out other people as characters that criminals and hoodlums could bother while they spent their lives with the narcissists, looking like they were deaths door stupid, if I thought I was not an alternative for them. The Celebrities have received this warning on my part from the first moment their gimmicks began, to this point where it was clear that the funding which facilitates their daddies picking up my Bookshop market while making them famous, is about to develop into something incredibly serious. The Media on the other hand was full of people who never listened, so it would spend all day running off insults that facilitated the loud mouthed stupidities of its German influence fools who will not show up here to buy Books if they were not sharing their career publicity with other people, generally meaning that we seem to have found the persons that will deal with terrorism should it arise again. The Politicians were the people claiming I am struggling with the matter whilst it has so far been a 20 year career mess whenever these fools spend time building up unusual ways to get in touch with my person and personality abusively, some will stay back to give others fortitude if I did something abusive with them as well, and the rest will show up here to run me down everyday, if I decided all the steps I took for my career and finances should have much to do with their anus too, the Politicians will strip me of it and turn up here racking my career to complain about the problems and point out their stupidities will continue to trash my career and maintain their own in order to feel like great stupid leaders, in the end which when the chips are down, it was a matter of those extra activities they used to raise for money for their needs by the way side and when I get my hands on those, they would claim I had set the stage for a full on clash with the Monarchy. There is really nothing the matter with my career as suggested; firstly these are all public control problems run by a bunch of idiots and they were all utterly stupid characters who had no idea what to do with anything even themselves, so they decided to build publicity that will help them tell other people what to do, of which building publicity for the fact that they were, which I am using my own public image to do, was good enough to clear it out, but it is not for the famous idiots who claim it was better for people to attack me than it was for the idiots to go from discriminating twats to scum that were busy killing themselves for some ideological reason, then show up here to attack me for life expectancy as well, to shoot off the big mouth when it runs my life with the social activities of criminals and hangs about somewhere dreaming of instances where it would be possible to say that if it wanted to attack me physically, it was a matter of time for any persons that its famous madness had paid to do it – where I am likely to attack them however is the gimmicks it puts up on my career publicity whilst it had the career publicity in spades but shared with none, something about the way I had set out a platform for intellectual property administration on the basis of society madness and their abusive vandalism. The rest were idiots who had taken up security services work and never take the job seriously, therefore got to a stage where they issued threats alongside their fools with CCTV to fool about with – so like the Celebrities, it knows little about me although we had a history and they were all looking as if they understood the history and were deaths door stupid. Always so disrespectful without reason or cause, abusive gossiping that turned violent tongue wagging at my expense, everyday, my career and whole life has now stagnated so that it may gain access to my personality if it wanted, when complaining more than I did, needs to keep its mouth shut and show up here to read a Book, especially the Americans.

None were willing to count up the fact that they were currently winning because I was not linking up anything I did about their insanity with their finances, none willing to quit when they were winning, if lessons learned about the fact I did not join in on it was so painful, instead of more tongue wagging on Media and insolent stupidities that left me feeling sore all over all day on account they were in charge and knew absolutely nothing about what they had to do with being in charge or indeed themselves - I have issued the warnings enough times and the other fools with security service work they never took seriously, needed to let me do my own and cease issuing threat, especially of the time where they clung to my property and lip flapped about people dying concerning which their stupidities were happier if I did as well, while their famous fools got to ensure they saddled me with life expectancy issues and I did not get them killing each other anymore, over social problems they claimed they were going to solve. It has always been an issue - where large companies had business, younger people with spare cash showed up somewhere, they got a podium and got paid to entertain, so they thought they were famous people but now the problem is that they would not keep the fame in peace.

They do claim they would prefer me dead, I understand this entirely but I will hate myself when I had to go back and look like my life had stagnated for real, setting out the interests cracked up out of my league had in my person and physical appearances, as the main stage upon which to ensure he was in so much pain that the medical practitioners had to intervene, over the fact he did not like himself very much and wanted to be somebody else. I mean we all have our limits and mine is the interest in my Books and the paying public that showed an interest in it, stripping my finances for gimmicks and because I am not doing the same to their own, they were winning and time passed so quickly. we know the single reason their gimmicks had become such a massive problem is that people were unable to stop the insults the channel at me, never mind the other reasons being that whilst they were being arrested for their crimes, they were telling the Police something I did about their interest in my personality when I stepped outside of my door to go shopping for my supplies, the idea being peddled around that such statements and information on their part, was fact. I am then told that I am never honest on the matter, whilst we clearly can see that the fools who had to be right all the time over other peoples concerns simply failed to tell the truth all the time as well, when these idiots claim that the problems they created for local authorities was due to a threat where famous people laughed at them, whilst their interest in my academic pursuits like they were paying the fees, my person like they were paying the bills and my work like they were employing me, had left me with a famous 20 year career mess. Their famous idiots had stopped me getting them to kill each other but do not understand shutting the mouths with respect to my concerns and showing up here only to read a Book, the self harming gits. The preferring me dead story is much the same as the idea that I am struggling. I am not struggling, just sore all over from the violent tongue wagging of famous idiots that were making me into a character that attacked people to help them feel safe because they were superior enough to deserve it, 6 years of my time having been spent on this insult, it does not get better and I am sore all over. The reality of it was more a matter of the need to show up here making a mess because of delayed success they inflicted on themselves and or the need to try being me, then becoming to attached they cannot let go, just as much as not being able to handle it created a tummy ache and smell issues that got them building a community to inflict their own man made version on me for vengeance, is going to give way to a me versus them situation that meant the stupid communities existed in a condition where those that can attack me successfully never stopped lip flapping and those that could not never stopped hurting themselves, while I made something of it on a leadership platform. I have given them an exit that works – needs to stay away from the public interest in my Books that are a product of patent based publicity and needs to stay away from my Books, no matter how pleasant the feeling – currently the cause of all the problems is that I am stressed nd sore all over on account that they were best friends of German influence idiots with violent lasciviousness that is used to work on other peoples physical appearance while it hangs about on a stupid media presence beating me down with it to make me fight people on its behalf, we all know about a story where being attacked by extremists was my fault and lip flapping about preferring me dead considered, I will stop when I start again. I mean we are talking about a social activity so immoral that the issues go as high up as Police intervention in an instance where it was trying to make a mess of another persons daily concern, 6 hours later it is selling a product on the basis of attention gained from trying or making a mess of a persons daily concerns and people were buying it, now I am the one dealing with life expectance illnesses and risks associated with their stupid lifestyle, on account that the Media and famous fools were making me into a character that attacked people to help them feel safe and it has not stopped yet, the well dressed hoodlums and idiots in suits, picking up my patent margins to feel good about life, as though they were paid to start the trouble they did, it has not stopped yet until it really had to stop.

They do say that we always end up the same way which is largely generic because of the nature that this nonsense takes – the two parts have played out, one in which their stupidities meant that they clashed over extremists on my account and are now seeking an alliance with extremists on my account after the death toll, reason being my career was always open to investors because I worked with Government on the management of red tape issues, so they made me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy and showed up to earn money selling products to industry trouble makers I pushed off my career, as their definition of opportunism was the only one in existence, thus their own was the usual process of recognising the context of the tales they tell about wealth and social inequality, when the last millionaire in the neighbourhood had a personality similar to mine and if I was made poor and abused every day, they would solve the problems of poor people, achieve wealth and social inequality by bullying others to give to them thereafter, which outcome is that I am set to turn the ability on them over the lip flapping that they had media and fame and I could only talk where I was not seen or heard. The Celebrities usually take it to a whole new stage, after deploying my public image to sell show business, spend the money on private security and come up with ideas to run my life with social activities criminals performed, in a bid to ensure I earned my career by attacking others to help them feel safe. I am told that there isn’t a version of this where I came through better off which is utter nonsense as I am always better off at all times – the problem is the intense fooling around, like my stalled finances and the nausea of waking up to it everyday, simply because people claim I was afraid of something and could be taken advantage of by any person that wanted to do so, hence they built a crowd that will serve them on it and I ended up with a Bookshop in which anything to do with property security and a paying public involvement was picked up by a Media and famous fool who needed to feel good. I mean when I say that it will not stop and I am sore all over from the abusive processes that prepared me into a character that will fight people and get into trouble with Law to make them feel good, hence they will likely shut up when it was becoming clearer that they were the people to sort out terrorism issues if it arose again, I know that people will get killed, I also know the source cause of all this nonsense is that they are attacking me by using my single status against me, hence I am actually not worse off but it needs to fool around somewhere else as it did not pay the fees at University and is not paying the Bills now. It is apparently a mystery as to the reasons people ended up like this with the opposite sex but it is not a mystery here, I do not wish to engage in a personal relationship with a bunch of idiots who think that the idea I did something to bring public service to disrepute in order to show I am brave, was the most appealing thing on the planet, never mind that when it is nice, it believed my entitlement was to endure emotional pain, so that it may get a narcissist to share some money. The real problem now is that they raised a point about the smell issues when they take my last discipline each time I stepped outside of my door, their media fools and famous idiots will not stop building up an environment which caused their inability to dart their filthy mouth else where to achieve this all of the time and it had since arrived at the door step of public authorities. Needs to talk less and read more, especially the German influence twats looking for a bad response from others 24/7 to make money with immorality and violence, talk less when it shows up here and buy a Book to read (a bunch of idiots whose teenage Children want to be the next Milky Bar Kid when they were past it, showering me with insults and calling me names while complaining, the need to share social ingredients of my public work to acquire a state of mental and physical health which allows them to be free of being their stupid selves, issuing threats).

I. Uno I

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