They do suggest I am always in denial of the fact things had gotten so bad I am now in a position where I was better off giving up what I had; it is utter nonsense naturally as it is all about lies, same as the claim that I was being manipulated whereas it was a group of people that were really good at looking for trouble working distant violence which made me feel sore all over, which they used as a stage on Media to explain how what I got up to was being done to serve their stupidities. The reality on the ground is that people wanted to see how deep the rabbit hole went, ripping up my finances and public image, now that they had a narcissistic career built for a certain gender that was responsible for poor academic performance in schools, poor work place output, at the same time the devaluation of academic qualifications, most willing to commit crimes and keenest to get involved with security services after committing crimes, in order to change the reputation it had built up with local authorities, people have now seen how deep the rabbit hole goes, so if I did dish out punishment for the destruction of my career to suckle my temperament and personality, they are now in a position where they were likely to justify more of it themselves too or show up here to read a Book and get their famous fools making comments about careers that they own. The threats that are issued appeals to me only a bunch of people bluffing, since it does nothing to say it was vengeance for the way it shows up here to fool around at my expense gaining access to my career using civil rights and seeking to get into a position where it was easy to attack me every time I denied its stupidities something it wanted from my concerns, they do raise the point about my role in Governmental matters, especially with respect to the business of thinking about what advantages I wanted to develop for security services operatives whenever they got involved with my work but we also know that State provided security provokes their famous idiots whenever they happen to handle my concerns abusively, thus several other ample reasons I should not do it.

It is never a matter of respect like they suggest, I mean if it were, I would have had difficulty with my bills because their interest in my Bookshop produced an effect where I lost money due to a lack of respect on my part for the money inside of their own bank accounts. The respect issue factors in like if they wanted to abuse and proliferate my patents like they do, they could spend all their time on it but the main problem is that it is not part of their job description of famous persons contract to tear up my Bookshop. I can catch up with my Royal finances on the contrary, the problem is still that whenever people engage with my concerns, Celebrities controlled the assets that invited them – since this is being done over a realisation that having allowed them fool around with my career to make money and buy security without which they cannot stand up for themselves, I was the real threat and not the society gits that got imagination into their pants all day; it has actually pulled off a business of getting about with immoral society to keep a career on Media of which the interest in my career with it tends to do most of the damage here, the destruction being what we can see of the way that it gets to maintain such a career, as none can get about with immoral society whilst getting into some clothes to meet people over work, career and business opportunities – it is currently complaining about my most recent measure of making sure each time my Bookshop benefitted famous people, the entire concept and context of their financial wellbeing will be jeopardised to pay for it but it is still unable to stop running me down a well dressed hoodlum when I am at work and unable to keep its comments restricted to its career whenever it felt like having fun with people who hoped for affection where it was not available and I believe I have issued warnings and given enough time, I am now aiming for a showdown. I need to rescue the business Empire from their clutches, especially the aspects that interests people who got involved the most, so it would be possible to simply get into an Office and work (the dream that I would seek approval from them was so great that it makes stupid statements that I thought I owned an Empire which actually did not exist endlessly - its need to show up here with a sense of desperation for financial success, that involved making money from partnerships I established with others, would easily have suggested that the famous gits and the support crowd they referred to as Fans, were homeless, living on foodbanks - clearly not looking for trouble from its point of view, simply being famous, important, entitled and doing better in life than I have. The state of affairs is that Celebrities should have taken up my earning margins to protect themselves from me after spending my crime control publicity to forge alliances with organised crime product suppliers and that Hollywood USA had confiscated a large portion of my Assets which will not be handed back with a big mouth, the problem being that we were unable to live under the shadow of such nonsense quietly and I was paying the financial price for it too). Year date 8/5/2023 and it has been 2 weeks tackling the famous, idea is that I am in a heap of difficulty but they have been the people doing the fighting here for decades without reason, seems that idiots telling me what to do instead of reading Books for showing up here, which grows into a case of having become a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy because I did not fight their enemies for them, was the main problem.

I am told there was considerable glee and satisfaction for what people have done to me but they have done nothing but show up here to fight me for a decade and a half without getting a response, we have simply arrived at a stage where it had to be clear that there were some things I will not tolerate for my part as well – so it seems that its interest in my Books and clients was to do with the money which is located in its own bank account, like something I really had to do, hence I see no other way to pursue the matter, except to say that each time their famous gits made comments about my concerns, got involved with it gained from it or they did the same, I will attack everything that represented the existence of financial well being for them, a sense that they were entitled to such things and I will try to completely wreck any financial well being that they had, should they continue until I succeed, I will live up to threat of inflicting wealth and social inequality on them such as will allow me go down in history for my role in their existence too. I mean Politicians have raised the point I had failed to recognise that they harboured a real intention to cause me harm because I worked to retrieve my assets and public image from them, just so I can get to work and pay my way like everybody else – it was supposed to have been a product of a sense that when they trashed work that was done by security services to protect the public from local and overseas terror, where I am involved, I will have ended up in a scenario where I was soft and it would make sense if I got bullied, it therefore appears that they must have accomplished such a thing. Having said all this, the gits I want to target the most were the idiots who showed up here to run off what seems to be an interference between my Bookshop and the Households as far as the economic circulation of wealth was concerned, which their famous twats took part in too, so they make this happen by making my Bookshop the platform by which they got to tell me what to do, run it off to such an extent that the main social problem that now existed was to do with the issues I resolved in order to create my Books, then set about stifling my finances with economic abuses until I got into a fight with their enemies – they did attend school like everybody else apparently and I am not the one raising the point most of the time as such, their involvement with the education system was greater than everybody else’s, hence the question of whether I was finding it impossible difficult to resolve the matter is thus answered as per there is exposure to the academic system for somebody to be able to do what I do and their inability to keep away from my client interests has led to an outcome where I see no other way to proceed save every time my work and property had benefitted them I would trash and burn their financial wellbeing. We have seen the nature of what it is when it had decided alongside its famous idiots, that it wanted an alliance with sexual harassment gits that appear to have all been born under the birth sign of Scorpio, the vagabond Virgo whose interest in streets curbs and road traffics, seems to be resolved when it spread stories that those born under the birth sign of Libra such as myself existed for anal sex, where it gets to label me its bitch with a big mouth, currently being famous twats that are not dead yet because the need to stay alive relied on me entirely – what these fools have achieved is something of a need to convert their alliance with immoral society into something that was good enough to provide them mobility as well, for which I must forfeit my career and financial wellbeing, unable to get into clothes and meet people for career and business opportunities because I never smelled good no matter what I did, due to their bad habits etiquette and habits in my personal space 24/7 but it is the need to run my down and make use of my literary work without paying which has now set the stage for a response on my part that will help to resolve all the other issues. They do claim that even after I have said all these things, I am not necessarily the victim but I am not – what I think of as the best purpose for gits who invite themselves into my concerns, is to use them as tools for wasting the finances of goons who spend their money trying to find out how much abusive power they can exert on me, so it is a stage for seeing how a bunch of clowns could take something seriously for a change in their stupid lives. It does speak of bond with the media which I had broken whilst it was never bad enough it enjoyed inviting itself into my concerns to pick up my assets and get rich, then turn the money on me for more gimmicks, it also loved to share my career with the boys from the neighbourhoods, which would make sense of me breaking bonds if my tolerance had decided which one added to a process where it had been done for the last time as such. Abusive Birth sign characters who lived for nothing else and when it suggests it was an important person, it conjures two states of affairs, one being that I am dealing with a power which was evil, the other being that I am left with humour as I was looking a completely ridiculous persons, always the assumption that I it had nothing to lose for getting into a fight with me or that such losses would be manageable and shows up here to take up my time and financial well being for gimmicks it begins but cannot explain why it performs them, eventually ending up with a social activity that may have converted the consequences of its immoral society stupidities into a form of population where it gets to decide which aspects of a left hand side and right hand side I am meant to end up in, my warnings have not taken effect yet and Politicians were meant to listen to their feelings for every response they got.

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