The bottom line as such is that none is really stopping me from writing Books or stopping people from reading it, what they are doing however is attacking the concerns and wellbeing of any who gets involved with my Bookshop for positive reasons. The whole thing is now developing into a three part story when it comes to me attacking their clients, their customers and those who showed positive interest in their business, so that I might clip their bank balance as well, every time that I had to deal with stupid poor book sales numbers being inflicted; the three parts being the society gits getting imagination up my bum, the popularity fools who will not get a job over an obsession to get paid for being popular using my social life and the celebrities. The question Politicians ask often is that of the prognosis for this which is simply a sense of entitlement played out to the extreme; they have spent the past 9 years or so showering me with insults that make sense of their pay packets and the fact I needed money, doing my thing as they love to put it and now that I want to move on, the idiots want to live in that time, whereby it is becoming a matter of shutting down on their part or I burn their world on mine, which will make a nice change for exhilarating behaviour that comes from clever people being abused by famous idiots over social issues. The problem they say is breeding tension but it is not from here, everything is working the way I designed it to, contrary to those claims they had ruined me; we have seen the rationale behind my decision play out in terms of the time that the city centre gits think was best to return to economic recovery and we see that time being made sense of in terms of the idea that compared to criminals, they made very little problems for the government, paid high taxes and should be allowed to do whatever they liked, making it very clear that it had no plans to proceed with its own concerns save it had handled my property and perhaps that of other people in government for such purposes, from which we expect that in the future, it will set about ripping up careers in the neighbourhoods to employ local criminals, straddle the two position and will not allow others be over claims people had little respect for the privileges of rich people. They can make their comments without handling my Books and the pressure point is that I am constantly surprised by the existence of Countries from which I have been excluded, communities as well and now markets after years of being confident I will do nothing about their stupidities, all made sense of in terms of those other stupid claims, that I spend my time chasing high maintenance women, of which none knows how you have need to get involved with high maintenance women and then set about chasing them to solve the problem when you were broke but we have also seen the idiots pick up service processes of my Bookshop to build a Crowd that will help decide the purpose it should serve, hence quite obvious this was desperation at play. So, I have been told I needed to stop describing them as high maintenance and yes, I suppose as it were. There is no administrative issue here as thought; what happens is that I have duties to assist with administration and the management of corrupt violent families, which duties decide what I did to support the armed forces and the Government – they do not have this, their lives are usually a matter of making a lot of criminal enemies such that they become a choice between them and the criminals and this is when they are being nice, otherwise the above was the order of the day and I am about to start clipping their bank balance every time I faced this poor book sales numbers due to their stupid interest in me. There is the other story whereby I am always dirty and smelly naturally but the smelly comes because the Celebrities and popularity gits are having revenge for the state provided security that I get  by getting imagination up my bum to build publicity that suggests I didn’t deserve my career because I am a coward, while the dirty part is another story entirely – we know that I used disinfectants in pretty much most of what I did with respect to self-care, on account this one issue of hurting at the abdomen due to their civil and criminals disobedience makes my body behave unusually, never mind the fact I had haemorrhoids and we know they are talking about dirty from a point where they have never used disinfectant for any form of self-care in their lives. The stress of this nonsense is the main problem here not the way my life had turned out, since I planned it that way, the sole cause of all that stress is the need to groom me until my so called social shields are broken and people can get imagination up my bum, then get criminals to share my personal space – the same as their stupid children did at University, to make it the fiasco that it became – this time, I think I am going to award the idiots some revenge for it.

They do boast about causing me a lot of suffering which they don’t – it’s the sheer stress of enlisting ex-convict and criminals to chase me around and secure them access to my work before it had been put out in a public place, so as to secure my patents and if they cannot get anything secure a perception of it that they can work with a media bubble and then time and again, they really twist it hard on media, which they do because they are trying to get or befriend rich people whose children will become friends with their children in future. I am now looking forward to a process where I spent time on the fact that they had fans as well, in which condition I stuffed them full of what I know for every involvement with me or my so called aura and personal space – I am certain if I did, we would return to normalcy and of course we are talking about my normalcy, especially if I garnished it with the previous state of affairs i.e. me, them and the gangs, replacing me, them and the employers which only just gets employers laughing at my CV when caught up in the trend, then wondering why they did later on, the former will ensure that they got serious hurt in droves again. I mean to solve this problem, I would say it is a Royal Hermit, they need keep away from his Books and stop interfering with either his fans or his Public image but it is not likely to be heeded if they preferred complaining about the fact that I had important things to spend my time on while they didn’t: always stupid enough to start and then it becomes unable to apply its mind to a dialogue when the case arises, then it will likely get me off on a stage suggesting that the way I had developed two personalities, so that a part of what I did represented them, was the way their joys of naivety had come through. What has happened contrary to the idea I am putting a brave face on what I have lost, is rather that the Celebrities have run off the process of getting the Public to decide what their Popularity meant and this had produced market results for the businesses that are happy to pay them for being popular, the problem is that their opportunities had dried up and they now want my earnings, so for the civil disobedience trespassing, I am going to ensure it was clear on this stage for one more time, that they had to make the comments about the way they got around with friends and family and keep away from my Books. I have been told I had to declare my reasons for working like this as it meant getting into a lot of trouble, but the benefit outweighs the risks i.e. I had to because I needed to ensure that market separatism was brought to its lowest possible level, which I have achieved and they have been fighting back too, such that if they are able to support with facts the idea that I work for them, the wealth equity I had built up to facilitate public mobility and my financial wellbeing will have no purpose.

They do claim I am responsible for people losing their positions at the Monarchy. The truth of what happens on the other hand however is that they had developed new forms of privilege that involved picking out important areas of other people’s concerns to run their own with – outcome is that it is possible for people to replicate my Royal Commission and I am at risk of stirring public dissention because of this, something they do in  my view because they can take me on and want me to start taking their own risks for them as well. It is also as they say the misery of my life is affecting everybody which it isn’t – what is, is the fact I picked out a bad neighbourhood to avail myself to facts on Books I am good at writing and the Celebrities, alongside their big brothers who had relationships with truck drivers and could organise communities to get imagination up my bum because they were selling show business products, showed up here to suggest I had done something that will cover their backsides while they made money and stagnated my entire life, career and personal relationships, running off all sorts of abusive nonsense where they could galvanise people to explore my private parts and insultingly intimate me to the finer points of homosexuality, like we see them give their own to the frugal – as bad as it is that this replaced the business of reading a person’s Books to know more about him and how he works, it is as if when they do this, I am a person in a can, garnished with the need to take pictures of themselves blowing kisses at criminals on my social life to make magazines that are sold at corner shops and to get their daddies running around town, pointing petty criminals towards my residence, once they had consumed me, I was finished. They have now taken it to a whole new stage where they had a need to make comments, they knew exposed my social life to all sorts as well, endlessly, and this is the last straw.

They claim I have always wanted to have a go at Celebrities and it is utter nonsense – the problem is that only about 20% of the way they handle my concerns is either done in my interest or done correctly, so each time I am in pain, I want to twist them into a difficult corner and they say I am dead inside because I cannot due to the money they had in their bank accounts. So, it is the usual story, and we see each Royal has these sorts of public matters, where it is said that the Public were hanging around somewhere fighting their battles, then Royalty joined them and they were ecstatic, the question being the reasons they are. That of the Prince of Wales is largely the same issues that killed his ex-wife and they do say I never acknowledge this which is not true, as it was not his fault that his ex-wife died either, so when HRH said he planned to develop a Government that promoted an active role for Celebrities, it was the alarm bells ringing and I don’t think anybody is paid tens of millions of pounds to play the role of a CEO for a company, so that they might spend time galvanising the Public to treat me like a punching bag on account they were selling products. It is said that I never really address the issue of people thinking I am at the bottom of social pile literally but I am, if I am currently at the mercy of a handful of twats who spend time completing some quasi national service I did to streamline my involvement with Government – they have since completed it, the most convenient way to wipe off the issues associated with being labelled a coward, in a way which ensured the fall out and talk of finer points of homosexuality chased me around instead. I mean anybody can see that characters who chase people around to make a mess of the career and academic pursuits, as punishment for the victims failing to co-operate with their popularity needs, over a 15 year period that saw them do well at theirs and do well financially, likes to live out an existence where they were lucky to be alive, there is nothing to do about it and nothing much I can do about it but their inability to cease making those stupid comments that get the all sorts which follow them around to show up near my social life, is about to brew more serious consequences and we have reached this stage due to an employment of criminals and ex-convicts who collect information about my work for them, to ensure that they stayed ahead with respect to a right to feel good about my achievements, like they were in need of services from an exorcist and we know the Politicians that spend tax payer funds to help build such nonsense would not have had their careers if others had done it too. They love to suggest that they feel safer screwing with me like that but it is not safer and therefore incredibly stupid to think that it is; simply due to the deaths, have I replaced working through a business of getting the worst out of the destruction of my career, social life and finances by a handful of idiots to deal with a life that had existed in a cycle of me, them and the gangs, with an alternative that involved me, them and employers, which does not seem to make better people out of them, so I want the one that gets them killed restored, so I never have to deal with my career being wrecked to get me into a clash with gangs and criminals, as will build up atmosphere that facilitated their media stupidities. Some people have asked why they behave in such ways; it is an old story, not just of a sense of entitlement involving how they claim it would be a lifestyle choice to stop channelling their insults at me but also more a matter of their need to antagonise the Police while making some real violent trouble in the neighbourhoods, only to get on the civil rights band waggon to suggest that their rights involved abusing people until their victims ended up in a legal and social no man’s land, so that they might gain access to the career to make a mess of areas where the victims had done the best work and get around with a media bubble trying to get ahead of the weather all day, the purpose being that they got some corruption going to make money while at the same time, the idiots were able to decide who got torn up for it.

They claim I am a low life and people simply do not understand, which I can make sense of mostly but cannot make sense of the part where they had small men in their lives but did not think they ought to spend time talking about the way that those got to handle matters that were reserved for their stupid big girl selves and the big boys they had sex and relationships with but I am getting very fed up with the stupid insults for my part as well. It seems that when they show up to get imagination around my private parts and I handled their own as well, it continued solely because there was a crowd behind them to strengthen them for it, the stupid crowd that currently is looking like the powers of the USA, it would be nice if somebody made their personal decisions for them as were. There is no doubt that the matter is getting worse, and we really had nothing in common, save the idea that I am this ‘cunt’ whom as insultingly as possible the idiots claim needs go to the prison service to be taken care of while complaining about discrimination, at the same time which the violent process of targeting me with a cracked up out of my league big mouth was linked to something about the way I had a peaceful place for those who fight for everybody to cool off in, which indicates their stupidities if continued will likely end very badly as well. It is developing into a three part story, clear as crystal – the society gits, the Celebrities and the popularity fools who will not get a real job and it is an issue that I cannot ignore having lived an existence where I was always aware of people pushing off insults at the background because of the pressure of criminals and ex-convicts collecting my career for them and we know that my involvement with these bad parts of town to avail myself to facts needed to write my Books is actually none of their business. It wants this nonsense from me and has insisted for 17 years of my time, now it wants to control my Bookshop market as well and I have never seen such a bunch of idiots whose stupidities are only resolved in a violent situation but it will continue to make those stupid comments that allowed all sorts to get involved with my social life and make me out to be a punching bag when it wants to befriend rich people. I would say the only way to resolve this would have been a case where they spent their time trashing peoples careers and finances to get paid for being popular, such that when they wanted to get involved with me, there was some respect for what I did for a living and there was an appointment but we know that they will claim this was disrespectful because I should be making appointments to get involved with their stupid selves, so I am condemned to live with the abdominal pain associated with their famous and stupid lifestyles, blowing off that big mouth about the way that tackling them will drive down to German influence gimmicks, as though the war was that scary after they had blown off their big mouth about it for the best part of a decade. We cannot be free from those stupidities that others were always bailing me out of security issues – I wouldn’t know anyway – I know that I picked out a bad neighbourhood for book writing and they got the criminals and ex-convicts that lived there to grab my career for them, I mean they have been chasing my career as insultingly as possible for years but this is a new low – it needed to give me my space if it was complaining to Politicians every day or we are set to witness how it got to stop.

I have been told the clash with Celebrities appears to be inevitable and yes it is; we are doing this solely because they got the criminals and ex-convicts to collect my career for them and I have been issuing the warnings about the destruction of my Books and career for 4 years now, so I think I have done enough on the matter to avoid the clash all together; we are talking about the daily occurrences being something of a 4 times a day activity that got these criminals and ex-convicts working on the matter very hard and it’s all broadcasted and so on. So the facts are that when popularity gits want to get paid on my social life which is preferable to getting a job, I made sense of it by putting them up on my public image to get famous but didn’t think they had to change their lives to fit either, this usually means I had saddled Celebrities with Public problems as they clung to the most decadent parts of my personality, when I set out environment for Book writing, everything stops – I am not getting into a relationship with others, not completing my University studies, not selling Books and not writing new ones because the criminals and ex-convicts were collecting my career for them as instructed. It has therefore now run out of time. they do claim I have always planned this clash which I have not; take for instance the building of a wealth equity structure – its purpose being to recognise that the men have had time to keep the women at home, assuming as they put it, I needed women to make my life work, they have always spent as much time as I have lived on this earth, in the employment environment which gives them time and resources to save money specifically for making trouble, so I needed the wealth equity system manned by mistress characters, so that there will always be people who have completed qualifications over a life they had built before and after their 18 birthday, hence if the men wanted to boost their profit margins on it, they would have to pay us until they assumed a strong enough position to kick us off our turf and I have lost all tolerance for Celebrities who have a long history of failing to recognise what I use it for and had a long history of showing a huge amount of disrespect for the way that I lived my life as well and if I continued to deal with their involvement with it, this is going to end very badly. I want them to return to their wrecking people’s lives to get record labels making them millionaires’ gangs and crime gimmicks or I will be the one making all the trouble. They do claim I had a need to control everything but I don’t – if I am a writer with a Bookshop and Books published in my name, I can say I want to head off to the Office and spend X amount of time in it but if I am a writer only in my imagination because others had to be popular to such an extent, then this was the funny bits until it is not funny anymore. It’s like they say I want to control Celebrities while Celebrities are always meant to run off gimmicks that trash people’s lives to build them a sense of popularity where it can be said that if they were paid to endorse a product, what the public thought their popularity meant would sell the product – the problem is that they had a sense of entitlement such that they needed my income, are not living on food banks and have changed nothing about their need to get their lives sorted out on the basis of the size and scope of wealth and social inequality, which makes it a threat. Moreover, should you ask somebody to do something in a carrot and tick arrangement as per they had fallen behind on their career and finances, these activities will have offered the person a sweet but counterproductive alternative and we have not started talking about the criminals who think government is responsible for their problems. Naturally I am not a writer, I am an Arch Prince but there is no part of this that has been built incompetently, so we have ended up with two results whereby on one hand, it is impossible to handle my Hermitage without facilitating my welfare save they destroyed my welfare each time that they handled it which is brewing a reciprocate response and attention for their stupid audacity and insidious boldness – the other being the tummy churning issues that had become a public phenomenon because they repeatedly handle the Bookshop as a pretext for claiming they were more important than I am.

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