So I am told that I lived in absolute poverty and it should never be forgotten – it is utter nonsense that was largely a product of Celebrities and a need to update anything that suggested people could get paid for being popular on my Public image, progressing to case where I had saddled them with Public problems because I am a coward and eventually settling up on a need to pick up my work and pass it off as their own, especially on social media where it will go to the market for criminal reason or do so very quickly. They go too far all the time and there was no prospect of the Bookshop succeeding unless there was carnage to ensure that their public lives gave way to mine. I don’t think that the matter is a crisis as such, I already have a reputation for supporting the female community and they can only go about making a more of a mess for me over these gimmicks that were the result of years of doing nothing about the abuses providing them a license and a boundless confidence when it came to the art of bullying; all they can do is get about forcing me to support younger people while making sure that younger people got ahead of me in life for a living. The reasons I do not respond to it as much as I could is the Public problems; like we know these practical jokes are jokes that poorer people play because these fools generally spend a lot of time coming up with ideas about the way that people tried to do things they didn’t have money to do while they never had enough money for their happiness either and the insults will reach a stage where the careers people had in had did not mean anything to anybody, so we find these practical jokes that churn their tummy to be the things that poorer people did as well and should not be disrupted. Right now, it is looking more like a matter of taking them up on those threats and stupid comments that get sex workers following me around or just making me want to vomit which does not give them much excitement when made about their own concerns and ensure I burned the Celebrity industry and culture well enough to ensure I can get back to the business of making sense of barely criminal gits who claim I am the reasons for their financial problems on my Public image as I used to do – which they claim they will copy and leave me with the problems, like we see that they cannot keep the mouth shut and review something they had paid for, if they were showing up on Public media all day long, which complements the way their stupid dirty men spend all day abusing me to a point where they have now decided what became of me at the Monarchy, like another alternate reality that wants to come into mainstream civil living. I too will have to take up another more destructive version of that part where they invited themselves into my concerns to make a mess of it for the way their personal decisions had affected them, which I usually follow up with a destruction of the public image that is displayed on my media equipment to ensure I did not need psychiatric help – the history that needs to be clear to the Public and the line drawn between me and them to dispute this idea their abusive media bubble adds up to what my existence looks like made clearer. I have not given any license to make comments about my concerns like these and they are about to stop it as I would like them to. They always claim there was this case of what is said to me at the Monarchy of which there is nothing said towards me that is unusual at the Monarchy, so we are left with the claim that people have been fighting my battles there while reality is that their Celebrity fans have been the people going to the Military to make a mess: where I got caught up being that it was thought I am some sort of Gold digger bugging the Monarchy, because it was not considered the Queens decisions about me were very important at the time, which they had since taken advantage of to such an extent that while I thought they were persuaded to go and fight my wars at the Monarchy but they still cannot stop stifling my Book sales  and would not seek lascivious excitements from making comments about their own lives and careers, there was more to be done in terms of fighting my wars at the Monarchy,  to which effect I am now said to have been completely inconsolable while the idea I was some gold digger bothering the Monarchy had long been resolved, which is not the case.

Now I am said to have interfered with their businesses as well but 13 years ago my first experience of the men and the Muslim guys picking up my career to proliferate in service of Celebrities who reward them at criminal backyard radio waves with Publicity and the destruction of peoples careers to push their products was back at University – at the time the concern was that they were developing eventualities where I would get caught up with lecturers that loved to give me the low grades because it would get me complaining about racism but the worst actually happened in the sense that I dropped out. Now we know the idiots had taken their abuses to such an extent, they spy on me and copy my diet to serve Celebrities, who then decide they had to rip up my career and get me serving them with my diet, same as the fact I wrote the Book the ever complaining fools found useful and they got ex-convicts and quasi criminals to chase my around ensure my entire life stagnated, to get paid for being popular, so it goes without saying failure to make their stupid comments about their concerns will inevitably ensure this ends very badly indeed. Much like the other twats that never stopped talking about a war being waged on them when they want to handle other peoples’ property, who are now about to get the wars they wanted as it were, blabbing of my attitude when they didn’t have enough morality to make sense of State service, Church service and the business of supporting Armed Forces operatives at the job and none will ever know why they loved to blow off the big mouth at me about respect and attitude issues, however, we know the main pressure point is that they cannot keep their fingers to their stupid selves. They do claim I wanted people I did not like to get involved with my Bookshop and it is utter nonsense as what happens is that I had to keep confidential the intellectual property administration business with Clients, while everything they did to work a process where what I had shared with them in a business environment was a prelude to what I did not share, which is where their freedom  and equality really lay – in the middle of that my finances had completely crashed and the abusive process bangs on and on and on, preventing other people from getting involved with the establishment. The outcome is this process where there are Clients developing equity I had invented, while these idiots had since developed a business that involved trading what I was keeping from them with a Publicity that had adopted a global stage and none can really explain why they have existed around my concerns and or have existed in this way, the prevalent sense of what I must do to be successful then being a matter of serving them through a Client service process. So, it had occurred to me a few times now, that if I wanted to spend every 24 Hours improving at least one thing about the fact I hated them, the whites should be the main target, if I wanted to spend the same amount of time, turning the business of bullying people to be successful and market and to suck up to rich people to my advantage, the ethnic minorities should be the target. The Politicians love to boast about having taught me a lesson while what we know is the need to invent a narcissistic all might battle with me which they probably won and therefore enhanced their Political profile in that way, the idiots have not won any battle of that sort while the public have been paying them for it and paying the price for it too – the part they are good at is the destruction of peoples career and academic pursuits through the unbearable insults and then the assumption that the way it plays into the lives and work of colleagues that are responsible for the applicable governmental department, should be the problem of victims and it’s the same way these other fools who followed them expressed their wickedness and evil, when they blab off attitude issues at me on my part but need a moral and religious disposition to improve a product profile, about which they had to decide what became of my academic pursuits while complaining to Politicians about moral repression since they have not got any. Even as I write this, it’s not really as much fun to run off Publicity about their own lives, as it is to usurp my Public image and Publicity I had built for a Bookshop that was paying my Bills, talking nonsense that stem from a stupidity they had developed since Hillary Clinton contested elections with Donald Trump in the USA, a war that I had started on queer people because I had written a Book they were chained up and prevented from reading literally, ruining everything in this place and have not since stopped blabbing insulting threats at me, which war the idiots are now about to get as well.

They do claim I boasted about being able to handle this matter comfortably, but it is a story of the way every day, they go home with their salaries and make civil rights statements that backed up a need to cling to my Public image and income margins, making statements and comments on Media during their jobs, which bottom out my own and leave me on government support. First time round they showed up at University with this gimmick and a need to ascribe my public image to what they are doing, in a scenario that will put them in a superior disposition while I was at University – they said they did it because I attended University without being qualified enough to do so, while I attended to do an access course which the University uses to get people qualified for the degree programmes and passed it, so that by the time I dropped out due to their interest in me, it was because I tried to attend University without being qualified to do – same as what has happened between 2017 and 2020 which is the most of their stupidities I am willing to tolerate; put a Bookshop on the market place and end up with labels that I am a bum and needed to do more if I wanted to run in a league with them but the Office space and Office window insults which really make a statement about their need to decide what becomes of academic work and careers of religious people as they complained to Politicians about moral repression, meant that anything I did about the finances were counterproductive, complete with media fools and parents talking nonsense about my attitude, while they know their interest in me had now meant that my Children will be younger than their children and can do exactly the same things I have done to them all over again and that if we took it too seriously, every generation of their popularity stupidities will have less rights than the previous one. It eventually comes down to the Celebrities who appear to have this need to explore how much I am not thrilled about their existence and the way it ensures their show business gimmicks do not influence my mind, when for 6 years they enjoyed ascribing publicity I built for my Books to their own concerns to a point where they had destroyed my market and went home with their incomes – the Celebrities that set the stage for what I must do about the fact that the last three years leading up to 2020 is my last straw on this matter, no idea who asks them a question or what makes them think they had licenses to act on their stupidities as well. Only when I have devised a plan to abuse and insult them until their careers do not mean anything to anybody, so this fight might really kick off in earnest, does it become clear that the foolish social disposition which is about me, them, the bottom chasing issues they needed to be saved from and the employers was one occupied by a bunch of incredibly stupid individuals that had since become so stupid because their interest in my social life had inadvertently lifted them out of an existence of pure evil in the first place and that there should be extreme consequences for each perverted interest in my Bookshop. The claim is then being made of some people who hated Celebrities but loved to use them, what we know being that the kind of celebrities they are, were the type which you had to go a lot lower when it came to the business of whether your children spent time with famous people which was likely to impede their prospects of academic success, as famous people are not involved in the dirty things we did for public control purposes and are not meant to be bad people either. We can then see that the part of Public service which meant that a person served the Government and if they had a goddaughter she would be doing well on the mobility front, is being used by a bunch of incredibly stupid people that are hell bent on getting your office to work a purpose of covering their backsides when they were done fooling around with Police work until they ended up with a lifestyle over it, on account they had liaised with criminals to make statements that they worked on media because they were tougher than you were and deserved more money thereof - putting up large billboards on public roads that showed a crowd they were screwing with you really well and had no plans to take responsibility for the effects of it.

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