They claim I now had difficulty living with the fact most of the Money in the UK resided in the City of London which is independent of the Monarch it is utter rubbish as that is clearly new fact to a handful of gits who need to run off sales on my University social life, until they had wrecked my academic work and followed me around to trash anything new I had done over a 14 year period, until you responded. What they have accomplished had since killed off the romance that existed between the City and the Academic institutions, to show that I had difficulty living with the way the financial economy operated in the UK. Their friends in the US were responsible for their stupidities, the reasons they could not keep their ageist white lie gestures and comments restricted to the career that got to their stupid heads the same group of individuals that had built a community that spent most of its time having imagination about my anus and shows up here to blow off the big mouth about where money is located while in their Country they had to do gangs, before another group of idiots got off Hollywood claiming they were nice people who only needed more money while I am discriminative and the Police was heavy handed, such that it seems the Police over there is not heavy handed anymore apparently, starting to get on my nerves nibbling at my little finger about the kind of influences they had exerted in the UK. In the USA it was obviously as simple for them as a process of spending their youth being tough and then making the most of other peoples career using the Media once finished but at the time that their stupidities were being tough, they had to do the Gangs and crime anyway.

As for the boasting about conquering all the way to UK Government however, when I do become fully interested in their gimmicks and they were stupid enough to let me get my hands on it, I think that the only public image they will have will be that nonsense where they get imagination up peoples bums which started my history of woes by wrecking University studies, then we will hear all about it in a very short while as well. I do get asked why it is I do such good work but my finances were a mess and that I suppose will be our resident Governmental Genius HRH Prince of Wales has a history of making the lives of those who were doing good government work incredibly difficult and mine started off with the idea I should be kept away from all financial success until he was King, now settled up on what I deserved because I was one of those who nursed sentiments that he ought to abdicate his position, which I did after and not before.

4 Year of my time after the 5 years I spent trying to work out a career at the jobs market which came 3 years after they hounded me at University until I dropped out, it went by in a flash, spent on Office space insults from people I do not know, who should show up here to read a book, not make the best career for themselves and teach their stupid children to shower others with Office space insults and they are still here, hence it is my last straw. I shall now test the theory that they were immune to it and that is just the initial idea in hand.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland