I am now told that I am a womaniser and it’s so impossible to get me off it but then again it is a story that I have never been able to make sense of, it has been around me my entire life, its evil is the same and the pattern is the same but to say that I had worked out a way to minimise the effects or stop it, is a grip at the wind and to say that it had changed and evolved is naivety of what wickedness and pure evil really is. So what really happens here is that there is a risk that goes with a process of opening my life to people because it is the best way to set out a civil living – I mean one of the benefits is the way I was raised to make sense of family life and the women who get all over it especially when they are pregnant do with my social life and public image, which tends to send the message that if it came to end, it would have been a very bad thing indeed and reflected very badly on me. The risk is what it is and I do not remember any singular person that got involved with me on invite or accepted friendliness who has done anything to harm me in 18 years, yet my academic work is a mess and my career is trashed and my financial structures are not sticking to each other to say the least – all from people who are uninvited; to think that my entire life could be run and trashed by people I didn’t know, simply because they were popular, right up to German influence twats who always have alternative ideas about the way the world treats them unfairly, getting imagination up my anus to make me change my diet and my dress code into something that makes them and their popularity stupidities comfortable, which again is the same behaviour behind the history of me being a University drop out altogether and of course the politicians that continued to interfere in a bid to limit how much I can defend myself cannot now control them, having they fed fat off peoples finances to look physically supreme and located people that will never fight back no matter what they did, a process of forcing me to act now ensued, I want to find out how the Government office scumbags worked out that if people dropped out of University, it became easier to sort out this problem. Here we will find them claim that I have accepted people needed to be highly educated and financially successful to sort the problem and it’s on this basis that the need to blab about teaching me lessons because I had a website that would make them rich if taken advantage of and the best way to was to win it in a fight with me is developed at all times – which has also not shown them I have had enough of the private security industry twats that set about trashing my career since last they saw me at the Industry on account they lost theirs and their social lives to it and needed to ensure I lost mine as well, or shown them that the next time I had to put up with any threats associated with the way that fighting me over my websites would rather have been an advantageous disposition, we will be off wondering if people normally teach lessons with a big mouth on the fact that the years spent to weave their stupidities into my concerns before they got to build me publicity that suggested I should be getting into a fight with others on their behalf was not done in a condition that informed them well enough that their idiocy was handling another person’s property. It might be fun and games but this is an example of an instance where the stupidities need to go horribly wrong as well, not just get them complaining; the fact that I have been tackled with it to such an extent I can no longer concentrate on anything and tended to respond to their stupidities having already produced an outcome where they lost the popularity culture and the heat brought to bear on me because it made them dangerous generally meant I am set to build them publicity as people who spend most of their time getting imagination up peoples anus in this Country and then we will hear all about it very soon enough. I do get told I talk about these matters but never do them and yes I don’t because I am trying to look after a Bookshop and the best prognosis therefore is that these matters get completely out of hand on account of entertainment producers putting out those stupid ideas on how I am discriminative and disrespectful on the way that I handled them, to show up here with their fellow female idiots and a sense of entitlement, behaving towards my property as if I am incompetent, acting as if I had failed to describe the products properly and left it to their foolish imagination, before issuing those stupid threats. It appears that they had no idea what they were doing with their jobs and needed to hand it to those who did, preferably myself as it were – the next time these idiots run my life to such an extent they issued one more threat about teaching me lessons, I think that somebody is going to have to argue for the existence of their stupid popularity culture as well. for the time being it is the normal result of building up the body to the effect of the women and money issues effects that wrecks everything around here but they are not people who live within an environment that is developed from those who work hard but their pay does not look the work they did, those whose pay looks the work they did or rich people and in the world of people who are not upstanding citizens that their stupidities lived in, they were not the biggest persons in town, bringing us to the conclusion of the womanising thing, whereby I do think of it all the time; how I was raised, how I turned out so well on such matters and how much better the world would be for women if I eliminated the womanising aspects but I could never predict what would happen next and we are now talking about their ideas on how they want to use me, the way I will eliminate the womanising thing and the men that will enforce it, I guess when their stupidities are mad enough to give it a go then.

They claim that I should not be getting involved with these matters while on the ground it goes beyond the clash with the women who are working on their skills where family life is concerned, to show up here telling me Girls fight my battles but rather than be thankful I did my part as well, the one that got the one sex that wrecked everything for them because all forms of reason had failed bits that the women do for them, while my case was mostly the one personality issues about which they have not learned to stop issuing popularity threats at me as well. It’s the same as those accusations that I didn’t understand well enough the problems associated with public disunity, which reality is that I have been working this business where I thought it should be seen that each time we had an occasion where it was suggested the government needed to treat one group of people better than the other, what we had done up to that point had failed and we needed to start all over again, unfailingly every day. I mean there are notable successes where if they are not rich at my expense they will never stop calling criminals on me and stirring racism in my direction which has cost them their popularity culture but such setbacks as wise arse gits in government buildings Labour Party who keep fighting me all the way to preserve throes of Public immorality that is not necessarily a crime, will never accept that people who spend their time on such behaviour should not be making good of it by getting paid for being popular, just as much as they should be poor because nobody got off covering their backsides, while they became important getting paid for being popular. They do claim I am the biggest impediment to ethnic minority interests and its utter nonsense – what really happens is that when they like what I do I am sore all over and in pain all day cannot concentrate on anything, live with a wrecked career and smell – when they don’t like what I do with myself this is the same result concerning how I should be used, when I have work that is provided by Government I must become a great servant that finds out and tells them what they need to know to be powerful, even though it will make a joke out of my profession, then set about violent activities that will protect their children from it, if I got a job from industry the same applies but this time it’s about finding out how to be rich and telling them about it even though I know it is deplete my earnings. Then they come up with those statements that I am a fake, implying that since I had kept evil out of my mainstream living, I didn’t know what it looked like – inventing those stupidities where they want to influence and control government while we have never once seen them make the devil do his work by his own hands, instead of get all over it and show up to whimper on account their humanity suffered for it, the one issue they needed to play with because when it came to being paid for being popular, it was an issue that kept giving. So, we find that they claim I do not appreciate those who fight for me while what happens is that they get support from their Politicians to antagonise successful public security operatives which process maximises risk of working in Government security for the people who do and makes their politicians more powerful for the purpose of driving high end stupidities at Government buildings – it is obviously incredibly fake from here. I don’t think that this matter is a crisis either way – whenever they claim criminals were better people who made money and bought products, I ought to ensure these goons show up around their public image and social lives and should do so for their Politicians in equal measure; the truth of the way this works was rather that the companies that broker equities with me operate differently from the way they and their celebrities did, such that the actual result of their actions add up to a need for entitlement to our income margins and to work their businesses where we had built public interest i.e. it should be very easy to ensure the criminals and insane idiots showed up in the lives of the Celebrities and entertainment industry producers etc – we see the nature of evil here applicable is such that they have built up civil rights to back up their gimmicks and if I had done so they would ensure that they caused enough suffering to simulate the idea I had done their stupid bidding.

Now it is suggested people spend their time fighting for civil rights and I only showed up to get opportunistic about power and this is the reasons they want to destroy all I have worked for – it is utter nonsense, the same group of people whose sense of right and wrong is flawed, same people who think the fact they were the last time to see well behaved white people before the rest of us found out they were racist proves a point that can be verified by facts, even though we are aware of the millions of people who died during world war 2 over decisions made in government buildings over social ugliness called racism and can judge accurately what the appetite for it really is in a particular society, the same who put themselves in charge while they hadn’t a clue what they were doing, to set about punishing those who did by making use of peoples work to boost their incomes, only to get back to such persons and begin a process of systematic abuse that will facilitate objectification and ownership, then become violent and abusive immediately after on account of the way it had affected their stupid selves, the same who are now claiming that they tackled me because I thwarted their Political ambitions that are a product of getting off the way that this stage produces an outcome in which they were entitled to handle my earnings and if I stopped them, couldn’t stop areas of my work ending up in their minds, to seek a Country that existed in their heads as soon as possible. I have found myself on government support at this stage which restricts my movements, otherwise I would normally have left the Country for them and returned after they were done with the mess that their civil rights make – the alternative is clearly to put up with this nonsense in which they see some evil and then they decide on a community organised behaviour that brought it into everybody’s mainstream living in order to hang about somewhere with a perverted culture, talking nonsense about abuses and the way it was inevitable that I was likely to do for them as they pleased with a big mouth – if I alienate myself from the community we will have to listen to the racial and criminal violence that comes thereafter and if I don’t, it’s basically a life condemned to suffering at the hands of ex-convicts and aspiring criminals, facilitated by media, which sets the tone for all that nonsense where I didn’t deserve my career because I hadn’t fought for it, that soon translates into a case of demagogues that will perhaps suggest I am entitled to my financial wellbeing over their ageism at some stage.

I don’t think that the matter is a crisis for my part either, it has always been the story of wrecking the finances, grabbing the girlfriends and sticking imagination up my bum when they are not complaining about me and have recently found me to be character that is unlikely to fight back but the business of the part their Celebrities and Media play in the matter, where they needed to build an environment with good scenes to live in, such an environment being a place where they could express the full extent of their famous idiots insanity supported by popularity gits that keep it going for the pictures they take around it to sell media products, for some reason developing into something of an attitude towards my Books whereby I had solved the problem and they needed to ensure they owned me and I solved it each time they got imagination up my Bum, is soon to develop into a case of the difficult time that keeping an inventory on it causes me, into something of a process where I set out the way they used their career to damage mine and if the situation does not change, the fight with the famous people will have kicked off in earnest, once I drive it to the stage where a Court settlement was possible, got rid of the process and had it done socially in order to ensure they found the trouble they sought to last a lifetime.

I have been told none really can make sense of how I found myself this incredibly difficult existence I had picked up but it is not a difficult existence – it’s a matter of going from broker work with Companies to a process of mainstream contracts but this does not mean that broker work is not a mainstream contract, just work I must now do because variables have appeared to change the way we work; something that suggests that we might have thought improving standards was the way forwards, such that in my case, I set out equitable processes to address the civil rights lies which process helped to explain every penny I made, intended outcome to be that if I made millions, then they will have run out of lies all together, to end up with this process whereby the only way to make progress is to beat them down so badly, they faced enough trouble to ensure that a visual on my products was not enough of a variable to affect the way that the Public responded to it or the way they felt they needed to spend money on it but then again, I still want the reputation I built up on raising standards, so I have now got to decide how I went about it. The outcome as it stands is that it appears that the property destruction about which they will not accept the exit of keeping from my Books to make their comments about their social lives instead of mine, is rather indications not just of the idea that if I tackled them, I would come up against the boys and spend my time kicking against the thorns but also that the very existences of these companies were an indication they were entitled to get involved either with those companies or with me but even so, should we imagine these companies wanted to replicate the work that I did with them overseas, I don’t see that they are preventing any of these fools from travelling around to live in Countries of their Choice instead of showing up here to run my life with popularity abuses, complaining to the Government everyday i.e. it is quite impossible now to avoid a process of causing them enough pain to ensure their interest in a product was not enough of a variable to key into the media bubble and make a mess of a company.

For now they have taken the business of getting criminals an ex-convicts to get in touch with me and tell me what to do, to a level where I am not entitled to my career because I didn’t get into a fight and yet their agitation is that upon claiming these criminals were better people making money to buy products while I spent time trying to rub shoulders, I got the criminals involved in their social life and careers because of their perverted interest in the industries and companies that express a need for involvement with my work – this is currently the source of all social crisis and I know of a thousand and one persons that would think it was needless, as well as a number that would be terribly pleased that people picked up their career to explain what they are doing to the world, the way these idiots run off their media and celebrity bubbles at me all day. So the mile stone we have crossed for now is the part where they claim I am delusional but if I presented normal people with evidence that an activity was damaging my Bookshop, they would have stopped rather than develop an ego which decided I hadn’t a chance because going up against them will get me stuck with the boys – so I need to build up this evidence to ensure they cannot enjoy their celebrity lifestyle anymore until the damage done to my Bookshop ceases, which will make sense of the way that none of their gimmicks would have an effect if they were not wrecking my studies, career and finances, making academic environments a toxic place for me as they went along, only to put their fifth mortgage in my face and decide that I wrote a Book that solved their problem and the way they want to enjoy it was a case of getting imagination up my bum while I solved it to get paid with a big mouth. Still the same simple tale of the unbecoming case of popularity gits running other people’s lives. Particularly the African and Middle East twats that have reached a stage where they got to decide that my career would make no progress until they got rich with it while their incessant abuses no longer steal my property but steal my time instead – for every abusive behaviour an unnecessary process of Media and Celebrity idiots getting ex-convicts and petty criminals in touch with me to tell me what to do, then hang about complaining as though they were the victims – one issue that has been resolved every day for the last 6 years and of course I am set now to cross a mile stone with respect to what places agreeable decadence distance between me and them until it stopped the way that made me comfortable.

The two factors are still at play here, one is that of celebrity idiots claiming I am a busy body low life getting caught up with things I can neither understand nor fight for, the other being the community idiots with ideas about people like me thinking they were good at punishing others for doing the wrong thing incessantly but are not. This is not a normal persons mind, it is schizophrenia and I fancy they will want to make their comments about their own social lives and careers as soon as possible, once we exhaust processes of reasoning over it –the same as when they claim that I adopt this position because people listened to what I said, which is utter nonsense as its usually a matter of corrupt private security industry stupidities where people see me try to put a career back together and hang about a shopping mall suggesting I am a kid on whom their future depends, which is half the problem as the other is that they have now developed a hierarchy through which they solved violent problems and crime in a way that facilitates customer interest in products and get around town pointing criminals to my concerns and where I lived in order to ensure their stupidities were at the top of that food chain – the way that it plays into the question of exactly what society had to do with the arrangement they had set out with those foolish women who kept showing up where I had done the best work for my career to make a mess, talking nonsense about women who understood men like me and could help everybody handle and use me. Very important that I had developed this process of setting out how they damaged my career and finances, so I might present it to them to begin the business of ending it – we can see that the singular reasons it continues were that they, their media and celebrities were addicted to the way I responded to the vandalism and abuses and their ego was such that they would rather put up a threat than stop pushing a button that left me with poor book sales every day. We even see the gits work on deciding how I lived all together because of the way that their criminal and ex-convict lifestyles affected me which would not have been a problem if they had not developed a habit of getting in touch to tell me what to do.

Its apparently a love affair with those claims they have made me into enemy of the USA which is utter nonsense as the current crises were a product of the idea if they travelled to the US from Countries less powerful than the UK, they would become American Citizens and powerful enough to decide what the UK did, which Obama took up for them to a whole new stage and we see these sort of corrupt decisions being made again and again, depending on how well religious people had processed their faith and the way Political gits wished to use it. They do claim this was all me seeking special treatment which is utter rubbish as this was rather the ways that silly people spend time on crime and violence to figure out how to work on others in order to draw energy that lets them get out of bed and chase the daily concerns, so once entertainment businesses had decided they were nice people because of the money they made and I were discriminative, it was the whistle blown to take control of this nonsense – never mind the alarming prospects of those gimmicks where the abuses became such a serious matter it made people money at the underbelly of American Cities and allowed them spend the money on parties were they lolled at me, claiming I think I am a man but their girls can handle me, with a  civil rights that is set to get me into a fight with others as detachment from my lifestyle which the idiots will never stop suggesting should have belonged to a woman who deserved to have it easier.

They claim their hate for me should be significant but it really is  not – I simply do not wish to be the person to draw up the line and make it official between a handful of idiots who think they are so important that government operatives should cover their backsides while they made money, simply because another group of git got about paying them for being popular, which ensured their entire lives were not about class A drugs on street corners. Doing so will certainly mean that I had created an explosive situation that we did not have to sit on for long. I am a typical example of its true nature, where all these are meant to be an expression of the fact that I had written a Book they deemed to be something that helped cover their arse while they made money, but I am not worthy to and they wish to end my writing career and ensure they were the ones to write such a Book. So far they have transformed the business of wishing for financial success while I rectified the damage they had done to my Bookshop into something that suggests I had acknowledged the importance of their money to mean everything especially social status that directed my steps and they claim these abusive activities are perks that people enjoyed when people were successful, which is really not my cup of tea, as there is no real reason I should be cash strapped when others wanted to groom people into positions that allowed their children to make success from being abusive towards others – not that we will not find a can of worms firmly hidden around the so called success anyway if we looked, I just want them to take this business of an aura of fear that surrounds them, which allows them to think they could get in touch with me and tell me what to do, when their gimmicks concerning wrecking people’s lives over women, money and the need to get imagination up peoples private parts, had blinded them to the real world.

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