I do get told my position is one that leads to huge fighting, and it may as far as I am concerned, it is the political idiots in Government buildings who set about allowing these troublemakers financial advantage. First, you know that you want a society when people who got along with work procedure oversaw the important jobs, so society gits could not decide that men had money and others ought to live in hell because they wanted to share it. Then the fact that the big gangs are usually untouchable, the small gangs will never stop if they knew somebody was unlikely to fight back, these idiots were meant to be middle sized gangs that will be happy to drive the Country into civil war for a few moments of the good life. They gave these fools financial advantage and now we can see what the struggle was all together, blowing off that big mouth at Parliament that I was in no position to do a thing about it while they had not yet worked out how they wanted to please these fools well enough to win elections, talking nonsense at me will mean that the business of their little things on the streets dragging people into rabbit holes, working with them, celebrities and these idiots to ensure I would smell the entire journey if I travelled by Plane for instance became a very serious matter indeed, concerning the damage to my academic work in the first place.

I mean apart from this nonsense where approval from the Queen gets me into more trouble as stupidly as possible, we know that it is not that difficult for Politicians to work out that if people who are likely to think others should join gangs before they were permitted to step outside of their doors and attend their daily concerns, gained access to career and finances of their victims, it would be very difficult for such victims to manage and yet I have managed that issue three times, while the idiots in parliament made me into gladiator to win elections and have been winning the elections since, issuing threats about my position not being one where I could exert strength. Their silly children claim that life had improved since I suffered, and I would love to suffer so that the gun and knife crimes might end but the scumbags in parliament have not figured that out just yet. In the end they claim that I appear to suggest I am a victim but am incredibly destructive and yes I am; if we were to grade the way that German influence so called have affected me, I would say there is the German Government, there is the German local government, and so many before we get to German influence idiots who are always having people at Industry inform them clearly that if they went down one direction others will go down another, such that we cannot make out what seems to be the obsessive interest that fame idiots and Political scum had in the business of getting them involved with my personal life, social life, Public image and career as such. What we do know as a matter of certainty is that Celebrities could never get along with society gits and yet when it comes to doing this, they appeared to be in agreement, so a certain people need to stop bashing my Books, and stop doing so as soon as possible, while the idiots who had ideas about people I should get into a fight with will have to make sense of me first before I got off attacking anybody for them and I think the popularity reputation of the filthy things they did to get around important places and Offices at Industry will assist me with that. They claim itís a battle for the Arch Princeís Office of which there isnít Ė I am the real thing, while some character who claims he had the ability to fight Russians was something done at Royal circles, soon of which we find their gimmicks grew into a process of having their body broken by the enemy, to show up here with gimmicks that makes public problems worse the more security they provided.

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