Itís never really the case that I am unable to contain the problem of the Boys and Girls getting famous, damaging what they can and then the obvious practical joke of when the fun stops at your expense stop making bad smells or else which apparently also serves as a threat; itís all in the perversion of Media and Popular culture which when taken from them sees them plummet into a condition where they cannot threaten anybody but then again it is usually a fine balance between sorting it out and making yourself a little bit more work than is necessary, which as must be noted amounts to a process of deploying Man power free of charges; thus itís a fine balance between letting them make good of deploying your man power anyway to make fame and fortune and enjoy some youth backed by a goon behind a camera lens and not getting off to deploy it without pay - so we can see that the smallest bit of insults that backstage camera man will support while they cling to their victims public image and incomes with popularity culture tends to mean everything to them for as long as it has not all gone completely and horribly wrong: even so, on the basis of personal adjudication tired of squander of my finances and destruction of my academic work, I have to say that we still do need their youth and the taxes that they can raise with it. Helps to decide and provide working security on the Narcotics and gangs aspects.

Now they say my attitude is terrible, but it is a daily process here of educating the Media and Celebrity goons that the information I appear to be playing around with as far as they are concerned, is being meticulously placed at culture and society to help me run a Bookshop and I mean every blessed day. More so it happens that they might be able to hunt me down like I am some animal and get about playing practical jokes with my Finances. The abuses that ensure I do not have my Office to myself of course being their Criminals and that of the Politicians who pick up my information and get off on Media to claim they have stolen my career, then end up making money from it because the idiots on the Media establishments who appears on my media equipment to pretend I buy it so people can talk through to me have got a job that gets to their heads and itís not the only case either, the other is a process where they build up my Public image and sit about doing the one and only thing of statements upon statements of how they could have been more important than I am save for one thing after another in the hope that it will become their own some day and then my attitude thus gets bad in that way - mostly of course because as usual my information affected the neighbourhood criminal enterprises they cannot run without hurting me to try and build customers who need the products etc. like we see them give their own to the frugal as it were - so it can only progress to a stage where their civil disobedience becomes another personís main concern before it stops but it should always be remembered that we are in this position at all on account a group of idiots have jobs that put them through to Media equipment in the Households wherefore my attitude is bad. The Part about the Politicians being much the same as when they complain about how these things happen because my Books hurt of which in their case I can write anything I wanted and if it hurts they can see we are not mates and need to keep away even if I am writing it about them but for the Politicians, the revelling and the abuses and the insults and the partying and sales armies and getting rich quick without having a job were things that should have been administrated by elected Officials not have money thrown at it while those who had so called big talents like myself had a life pillaged and finances wrecked - hence all very well making out I am a would be extremist that things that he can solve problems in that way but apparently like they have as such started to talk like normal human beings, if they wind me up I will grab their Public image as well and use it to spruce up these stupidities to ensure that people can see their Bums and naked anus even when they have their clothes on all the time as well. They do claim it happens because I issue threats at them; the reality of course is that I am not negotiating with them - it would not be the first occasion anyway; there were others like being told I had to be dominated spiritually first before I completed my academic work and if I did my job would depend on my attitude towards them, there were others like any supermarkets I went into being robbed every time I went out shopping by people who had the same skin colour to make a statement about owning me with a big mouth, then there was the one about dropping out of University because they sit about at society to send their minions to check me out and so the minions passed exams while I did not and popular culture these days is largely based on people being better human beings than I am on that basis - I was only pointing out that what happens is that each time I place some information somewhere to run a Bookshop, any who hates the idea can pick it up and make fame for themselves on account the stupidities of those who have media jobs knows no bounds especially when my attitude is being assessed, I was not negotiating with them.

They say my biggest problems stem from what I have thought and or said about racism while reality is that racism is always about the skin colour but they will never rest until it is about jobs and careers and livelihoods and finances and academic work, so we see that once they have had themselves sorted out, what others have thought or said about racism becomes very important to them to that effect, as insultingly as possible. I do not consider the matter to be a problem, their only existing expression in public places at this stage especially Liberal America fools, is that they want to hurt me and because I have not discussed that, they have diverted to a story about what I have said or thought of racism while they cling to my public image for casino self-employment and shopping channels. It does not however change the main point, which is that these things are running wild because some idiots who deserve everything they get are screwing around and it seems the idiots in question is the Liberal America led goons and that stupid media they play foolish games with all of the time - I mean it runs down to basic facts such as the little measures with which they could discipline women being taken from them of which nobody knows which part of disturbing and distressful for people to have sex on me that they had failed to understand, such that when I tell them off their children are taught to do it as well - never mind beating up the wife on my public image that big mouth looking for trouble.

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