They do claim that most activities that troubled me was due to a hatred people had for Royalty and it is not, it is due to a thieving greed, which propels a bunch of idiots to exact consent based problems on me, to such an extent that my finances were affected – it beats the imagination when this happens whilst they were the planets penis and complained about feminists endlessly, since feminists usually want them to pay financially for damage they have done but I am not a feminist and have got a penis as well, so it is not clear why it works the behaviour on me everyday whilst it does not want me to copy the behaviour and work consent based problems on its stupidities especially the Americans, to such an extent the point of abusing them all the time was that I wanted them to lose their jobs to somebody else. Most of the time they complained that they were men and there was a behaviour I needed to stop, it takes this form although I must admit that after years of back tracking to assist people who put themselves in charge of my affairs and do not know what they are doing, to such an extent that I am now broke, complaining about an activity on my part which made them uncomfortable, is music to my ears. They speak of tensions at the Monarchy none of which existed, as far as I am aware which is a process of seeking a position at the Monarchy where they got the King to provide approval for a desire they entertained, to come into possession of my property – the problem is that perhaps the King and his friends running off some important activity that was abusive and allowed them to become real men, was a good way to run a country which they had properly figured out and since I did not see it that way, needed to keep a distance and also keep my estate from being dragged in, since it was dangerous to and there has been no trust built up with me, their stupidities and a need to come into possession of my property, started off with a gimmick where they ran my life on the social activities of criminals, which the Police had resolved, the law courts had resolved and even victims of the crimes had paid a price for the crimes a long time ago – so from my point of view, the fact it is going off to fight communist on my behalf indicated that I had the problem resolved completely, so every pressure from a higher authority demanding I did something about it only pushes me to look again as to whether I had and it seems that I had to such an extent looking again had become a problem and this is what the King was doing for them to trash my finances, again and again providing them support. Here it is then suggested I did not take into account when they got off fighting communists on my behalf it still was done at the expense of the King but it isn’t; it is done on the basis of a history here in which they were fighting communists on my behalf because they picked up my concerns to pursue their dream of a republic United Kingdom which failed (including matters that have caused me to perform something similar to a process of driving overnight from London to Holyrood in order to secure something concerning my position and prevent them wrecking public polity, such that we see each time I had not made a statement on my position Scottish Nationalists ruled the Parliament and the same would have happened in Wales) once they had hit a brick wall that showed those that were running the system were doing a better job than they could have mustered – I expect them to continue doing their part, travel overseas to secure connections, bring job opportunities and industrial interests back to the UK, provide jobs and then hit a brick wall on realising those who ran the system did a better job, not handle everyday abusively, the narcissism of egoistical men with a need to pass insults that me that led to an expression concerning my birth month and birth date, whilst complaining that I am a killer of men at the same time, getting support from the King again and again. It is never clear why they always want me to be something that had designed, such that we end up in this crisis where I am a Hermit so they were unlikely to find me get into clothes, become popular and massage their ego as Men, hence it begs the question of why they are always being so disrespectful of me, to which effect I think that each time they complained about my response, they ought to tell those who are listening the reasons they are always being so abusive too. As I have pointed out in separate occasions, we have arrived at a stage where what is now at stake is my Office as a statesman, the question now is whether I am set to allow its gimmicks run off on that in such a way as meant that my responses only provided it the means to announce that I had more to spend – so it needs to find a personal and social life that did not involve me and its famous idiots need to do the same by the deadline, not hang about getting twats who bang walls and doors from a distance into my bedroom talking through to me via media equipment whilst complaining of consequences associated with an assumption its popular stupidities was more manipulative than I am, so there were no consequences to consider when caught up with a structure I had set up on account that businesses that did not want to stay wanted to leave with something important, so they might be better off and those that wanted to stay, wanted to be looked after, never mind its entitlement to another system where sociological matters surrounding my career met up with that of other people working on Media, who also needed to ensure that their public life fed into their roles at home especially concerning their children. I could never understand why they always thought that each time Royalty gave up power that their stupidities had become powerful and successful, whilst evidence after evidence showed what really happened involved Royalty failing to adapt and being lazy about Office work, to arrive at a point where everybody was better off if they handed over to the public. They do love to suggest that my feelings were exposed for their stupidities to play with and this was just an example of instance where I broke rules; my feelings have not been exposed in anyway, only the usual stupidities where they fraternised in secret groups, taught themselves violently abusive gimmicks that will ensure those who possessed careers they coveted abandoned it to them, showing up here to work it on me everyday by running me down on public media – needs to pay more attention to the job that paid the salary which got to its head and complain about racism over it. I mean, I also had to shield them from people who might take advantage of what they have been doing to me, to suggest that it was possible for the wealthy and powerful to be oppressed by the poor but it had since become a question of how much of their stupidities I am now able to tolerate. It does enjoy boasting of ways that my position will never be taken seriously now that they see they were able to get what they want from me no matter what – the male idiots with their consent issues and the female fools backed by Americans and lazy Germans stalling my Bookshop to be famous, we are about to witness how well they can cope when an Arch Prince seeks satisfaction from a process of finding out where they lived, to run their lives with the social activities of criminals as well, helping companies, businesses and persons that have spent money on their stupidities to recover the money at the market place and getting their families the feedback for the mess they have made here and the stupidities expressed. Naturally all can see it needs to fool around where, needs to stop stalling my Bookshop and client interests.

I am now told that what I did added up to a process of losers whining but it is, the problem was largely a matter of what the losers had lost and the big one is that these were a bunch of gits with an abusive crowd making changes to the jobs market, most people getting taken by stories about the way others were in charge and it was their turn to be, so people waited to ascertain what it is they were trying to achieve, spending all the money that was put aside to assist with difficult times in the process. like in my case where it needs to keep up this behaviour so much that it was impossible to get it off my personal space, over claims that it felt good to be associated with it socially and I cannot get its stupidities to make its comments about its own career considering its comments are always abusive and stifle the Bookshop in the process. It does claim the point was that I ought to get up my bum and do something about it whilst we know that what I did with myself between 18 and 65 years of age is none of their business, it needs to stop interfering with a Bookshop if it was quite clear to everybody that its business with the jobs market was completely aimless. On a personal note the insults that I had work to do or ought to get up my bum and do something, it set to build up something more than the way that making a mess of my client interests had caused the problems I resolved in my Books to affect my social life and because they were always handling it, to affect them and their famous fools as well – it should know that the part where it complains about the hurting bottoms because of it was obviously a better social standing than what its stupid self really is – for instance, the way that it figured out female society issues to such an extent that whilst it uses women to take over peoples daily concerns, there was a sense that it knew what to do with female society more than government operatives did; these are the sort of things about which its famous insolent stupidities will receive a feedback from me if it continued to show up here working its inferiority by trashing my career for media controversy that sell products in its well off neighbourhoods from where there was clearly too much risk to run my life with the social activity of criminals. Whether or not loser whine, it should read a Book that I am selling for its obsessive interests in my affairs (does arrive at a point alongside its famous gits, where everything that is being done, every decision, every step with respect to the interests of female society benefits them but we assume there was a point where it may admit that there was a problem with this).I am told that I cannot get out of the mess I have found myself in but there is no mess, drawing up these matters all the way up to government buildings, we will still have a situation in which if their Politicians learned how government worked before getting elected, there would be no democracy and on learning how government works only after getting elected, others are not entitled to financial well being at all, in terms of when it starts lip flapping ideas on the way that people handed over power to them and that power should be handed over completely, I do not remember giving it mine. The Celebrities were just making the most of a situation in which the so called power in question was to be applied and enforced by a violent crowd that could be bought with money but then again it wrecks the academic pursuits, builds me a nightmare at the jobs market and is now stifling my client interests to quash my finances at the Bookshop but it achieved only one thing i.e. being able to tell me that some neighbourhoods were out of bounds because they were trying to make their own money there, it is the last straw and its interest in my concerns is always disrespectful anyway, speaking of reason which it is not living on food banks to say the least. I need to take up the fact I have taken such good care of my concerns that the bits they could pick up to conduct those crimes that had not yet been stipulated by the law, had been tied off, only real Men Muslims and Asian fools are hanging around somewhere with excuses about old colonialist gimmicks, which will allow them to create new abusive things people can do with my career to make money, if a need to host parties in the underbelly of New York city thereafter with the money had not provoked me into a response like it did in the past recently. I need to take up these matters again and this time it seems that I will have to build a bucket list, where I was such a problem for their financial well being that the local council got involved, where I needed to do something with their tribalism raids, through my unusual relationship with the broadcasting community, so that it became a choice of being left alone or making a contribution to their wealth and social inequality issues, where I will make the most of the feelings of worthlessness that comes when they compare themselves to me after the crimes that were not yet started by the law had completely failed in operation with respect to my career publicity and finances, where I need to match the stupid desire to make me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy with a process of lobbying powerful people about the importance of a life in which they were poor people. The point is even raised that the bottom chasing problem was a human right, whilst we know that none envies the stupid lifestyle of theirs where they were the immoral and spiritual wickedness cesspool, performing activity after activity where they got to facilitate the actions of criminals and then tell public lies about it, to a stage where they were no longer able to eat their food and show up here wanting my food and my personal life whilst performing the same gimmicks on me – so the security services were the first to say that jobs in that line of work were unlikely to survive such nonsense and this was the first complaint, the behaviour not changing, I am now a new obsession, so I need to do another one so that there may be done by a civilian. So far it has already failed in everyway, to arrive at this stage where it was either friend or from the USA and or Germany, so I was supposed to make less money than it did, making me feel breathless with gimmicks over ideas about somebody that was more powerful than I am having need of a servant twat – as I mentioned before, the last straw.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland