I am said to be an irritating character but it really has nothing to do with me and I cannot understand why people spend their time trashing my legal studies, only to show up and demand access to the little I gleaned from my access to it for the duration in which it is wrecked, the entire time setting public stage for abusive yobs to decide what people thought of all I said and did, then tackle me over claims that I am irritating when it hurts their bottoms and the insults affected their stupid Political careers. In essence it’s the popularity people doing their bullying while the main problem is the twats whose children want to play with my livelihood passing insults at me and blowing off their big mouth over the consequences – they always do it with a sense of abuses associated with the way they think it was incorrect for me to respond or the way they thought that my responses were incorrect. They always say that describing them as twats is an example of the reasons they tackled me naturally as we know but mostly they are a handful of twats with ideas about wrong responses when their block headed children who need to be free of chores to pass exams in school want to play with my livelihood and there is nothing their stupidities can do, especially the Americans, about this kind of description for their insanity. The way it works is a process of being pulled in every direction for abusive reasons over their money problems, making sense of the madness that passes on their left hand side and right hand side as a function of their private and personal decisions that their idiocy have recently decided that others were to take responsibility for and then the intensity of it started off by the ethnic minority fools who are just as mad about money as their stupidities are, leaves my work place a mess, as self-care becomes less of a priority, then they pick up the mess which my workplace is in and set out a public stage for it, about which their incessant need to access my concerns in order to boost their foolish careers is being explained to the world, thereby making me an irritating character. So, the bloody idiots and their street daddies had time for this, but they have no time yet to sort out the wealth and social inequality problems they have been blabbing about for decades, while the main problem on the social front is still that their insolence thought that there was no need to cease getting involved with me and my concerns on a less professional front, doing so as though we were acquaintances or friends, which has always been the beginning of all claims that my Books were provocative.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland