It is suggested that I had no wish to do something about the disgraceful way I lived which it really is not – simply the same old case of school on one hand and a group of idiots that get accustomed to berating others all day until the grades go wrong and people turned to crime were hard at work, especially as their stupidities had expressed interests in peddling my personality to get paid for being popular. They had done this gimmick where they got me caught up with issues that get women running back home to have anal sex with spouses in order to ensure they never got a thing from it, made a complete mess of civil society issues that got involved with my concerns over the fact people are playing dangerously when they develop a habit of handling those they are not accustomed to getting involved with, once done they returned to the case of women who claim they spent spare time having anal sex with me and developed it into a money making process alongside their Celebrities, claiming I had anal sex with them disrespectfully. Should we eliminate this and make sense of those gimmicks where the fact I am an Arch Prince really annoyed them because they were out of my league, we find out exactly how stupid they are, which is the reasons I do not take pleasure in doing so.

I faced the same thing at University although worse because I did not think that action was necessary at the time – they never came through like this, they did in terms of the reason women resorted to sex work to fund their studies etc and now it seems that they had settled on what they wanted, and I am supposed to do sex work. It then feeds into the fact that the claim I had resigned to the disgraceful living is not really developed on reality i.e. after University, I spent my time working out career paths without a first degree and only did for 7 years but the last 5 years before my 40th had been stagnated by their office space office bloc, office window insults that are meant to enhance their social standing on the basis on money that they had, so it has been accomplished by wrecking my Bookshop to suggest they had something more special that the Public should engage in, for the purpose of money they wanted to make. 5 years just went by, I hit 40, grew sideways and when their stupid children suggested I am a bum it sort of made some sense and then they set about working with quasi criminals and ex-convicts to keep it that way, complaining every day while the lasciviousness that keeps this nonsense alive goes on anyway, playing into the hands of silly deviant Royals who achieve nothing save the business of seeking out how to pervert government concerns to gather wealth for themselves and fight other people’s battles for personal gain at Industry but never the battles of those who asked as such.

I do not think that it is a crisis either – we simply need to reach an understanding that they had to stop addressing me and when they made comments or their Celebrity comments, put forward their important social life for it, otherwise I am set to perform my own gimmicks too, with intent to ensure that it all ended very badly. I am not really affected by the way they wreck peoples academic concerns to turn out with ideas about the way they could see several levels of academic advancement with respect to what people did with Clients; people do not show up at a Bookshop to seek such feedback from them and I didn’t think I would be fighting them over the matter but the abuses and its popularity have become increasingly violent, so since people didn’t come round to a Bookshop for such feedback and whether or not I completed my University studies is no longer their concern, it was time they backed off with those stupidities concerning blank licenses on the right to handle others despicably or I will acquire one of my own.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland