There is the question raised as per whether I am worse off but I am not, just the twin problem of Celebrities getting involved with my person, ripping up my Bookshop and breaching my patents to pick up my work and publishers business as a tool for red carpet self-reinvention, their interest in my person being one in which the experience felt good and they had endured some bad experience in their lives concerning which they were entitled to a good one but then again, the gimmick involving the red carpet self-reinvention will at some stage in the future explain why they damage my Bookshop as well, progress has been one in which they had since gotten on to forge an alliance with some society idiots that were promised money and had a society to make good of it, who show up near my privacy to ensure that they got what they wanted each time they needed to decide what others were meant to do for them and or assert their position as important persons, whilst their fans had since adopted short insolent narcissism videos as a method of advertisement and their real men will not cease picking up my assets whenever they pursued their own finances. It is a majority population gimmick and has grown so big because of the sheer number of governmental operatives that were willing to play with them and we know the King had a history and plans to keep it going, that said, it had also developed ideas about its ambitions at the Monarchy being kept in shape by a process where I got trapped, failed to see the easiest method I could get past it being something of a need to pick up the careers of the Celebrities as well, for a stage that was mainly set out to allow me shred their male society interests whilst I was in a full on conflict with their neighbourhoods over the matter of who was best as manipulating people into doing things, pushing peoples around and ordering peoples steps. I am still big on the warnings, it needs to fool around somewhere else and cease interfering with client interests at the Bookshop, if I had explained its need to assert the idea it was an important person being developed on my public image generally meant that every new public interest in my career and Bookshop was being spent as it came, the bragging is always good over a 20 year career mess, concerning which their famous stupidities were the only people doing the one sided fighting. In the end it is the same case of the way it damages careers and this buys them time to make some money and set about acquiring other business ventures, such that it is always a legitimate business until they got involved and then it became a gimmick, time and again it advances into an arena where people tended to step into their traps every so often like in my case where it trashes my finances and never stopped running me down on the radio waves, so by the time I get myself in order and got my Book completed, I was being published by a publisher who published for free, allowing them to make statements that I was unworthy to make a living because I was running a business on s shoestring etc each time I end up in one of these it makes me angry enough considering the way my time had been wasted, angry enough to act in a manner that created the history they complained of endlessly. Overall the main problem is still the need for the famous to pursue industrial career opportunities that were open to people who had a work history in the security services and then they extend it to governmental operatives too, so we now have the three all set out these days and it is one test after another for controversies that will make media, fake news and finance fraud fame exciting, every day. I have still had no explanation as to reasons they damaged the Bookshop considering that our careers did not meet even though they were handling my public image to make fame and I would fancy a compliance with not tackling my clients and their society gits keeping their hands to themselves.

They do claim this was all a matter of the fact that I had state provided security and it dared to attack them and we now know if it was a simple matter of me and state provided security there would be no issues here, instead what we have is Celebrities offering up their own version of my public work whilst grooming me into a position where if they paid somebody to attack me, it was a matter of time before I was attacked by the person not the only, as the other group were about being bigger than I am and are now getting media help to assist with the powers of fate, so we have another work here that involved a process where as soon as I am done working with the violent lasciviousness that allows people to meet in secret and show up with a publicly displayed spirituality to run other peoples lives and interests abusively, I will then progress from worrying that I could end up with a mental state whereby what I am doing was less important than the homes and cars that Celebrities possessed, to a stage where Celebrities wanted my career to cover their backsides with and would have it at any cost. The part where the only way to show how stupid their gimmicks were, taking into considering the boasting about their powers because their security services trouble makers got everywhere, was to get into another economic degression in about 2 years over the fact that whilst we all had our schedule, they wanted to decide other peoples schedule on account they were in a hurry to get rich, for the purposes of ascertaining how others should be treated like sub human alternatively I could continue my work with an understanding they must not come into possession of a career that ever covered their backside as demanded. Eventually it turns all to the matter of people being brave but it seems that it was a matter of others possessing something they desired, therefore the main problem was the fact those upon whom their brave actions relied had a schedule because they were not paying the Bills eventually they claim it got the better of me which it does not as the main problem was that if I had not secured all my affairs, pointing out it was something they did when they were unable to compete with me, as to encourage society to ascertain they were entitled to a share of what I was doing or what I owned, would have been a dangerous thing to do for my own welfare. The difficult situation I faced at the Monarchy which does not exist, only evidence that if not facing consequences of personal decisions, the Royals will stop at nothing, I mean if a situation existed such that if they made decisions and other people picked up the negative consequences of those decisions each step of the way, they will stop at nothing thus we have had the two spectrums play out in full: the Duke of Sussex who was pursued and made to pick up all the consequences of his personal decisions and Princess Beatrice of York is was being ignored and allowed to do as she pleases, the part they claim involved me was about a goon who never stopped following me around to trash my career for male society gimmicks, until I got to burn his own as well and he wanted the King to listen intently to his needs, evidence that the fun bit is usually the starting. The only complication here is to do with Celebrities who never stopped wrecking my career for frivolity and gimmicks, when I clear it out they top previous damage, the disposition forged from years of narcissistic and abusive insults channelled at me; started off with ideas I am meant to enhance its sense of superiority and importance by getting into a fight with people, then progressed into punishment for failure to comply by unleashing rogue landlords and corrupt private security on me, now it is just a Hollywood whore with ideas about what people should do with communists over my public work and public image, like something that is set to continue if I had not killed it yet.

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