I have been told these matters are thought of as respect issues but it would be only if it were to do with an instance where I needed to pay attention to the feelings of male society and Celebrities alongside their stupid support crowd that will do anything for money, shooting off the big mouth at me endlessly but this is not what the situation is, the situation is more a matter of practical jokes associated with involvement that felt good but each time they did I got hurt and they were too important for me to withdraw it, hence once I did, set about trashing my career, the male society on the other hand were eventually when it came to it, the Government Office idiots who saw me take up the challenge of idiots who enjoyed picking up my career to run off publicity that directed me into work on a completely different issue that led to a fools result and left me with back breaking work that was never going to pay me, to which effect I picked them up and directed them as well, so the Government Office idiots had to ensure that the society gits got the better of me so they would copy what I did to be important people, making a mess of everything in this place and I suppose when they get imagination around my private body parts as well, they know me that intimately to do so, last we checked. I need to control my Bookshop market and its premises by my deadline or I will join in with the doxy society and spend all my energy to take part, in order to satisfy myself with some real answers as to the reasons these utter scum, enjoyed pushing their insults at me so much, loved to pick up my assets when making their own money and never stopped keeping themselves company at work by doing stupid things with my career. I mean to support my idea that it is the way it should be done, we know that it is usually worthless unless it adds some of my person to its person but then each time it does, it becomes so superior I could never tell the exact point that my career publicity profile was replaced with a sense that I possessed bedroom prowess but when we see those insults that appear to have been the only thing their stupidities learned at school and the way it would do anything for money at other peoples expense, we tend to think they were better people which worsens the fact that nobody really has the time to think of them as utter scum who preferred to handle other people abusively for money making purposes instead of getting a real day job. I did warn them their middle class insolence bits was set to become my main concern pretty soon and I believe I have done enough to justify my position too at this stage. Far from a respect issue, the crux of it is that there is now a certain practical joke which says that I lived in a location, they had built an alliance with criminals and rogue landlords who will steal bits of my career and had prepared a media presence for it, to which effect I am always sore all over from the abuses and never smell good, ultimately issuing the stupid threats at me when their alliance with criminals felt uncomfortable for them. It is as such implied that this was indication of extreme vulnerability but not from my point of view as every fool who spends anything I did to keep trouble makers from my career, to a point of crashing my finances, knows I will fell burned out, so it builds a society that fantasies about my private body parts because it was making a statement about what its foolishness spent most of its time on.

This does not need to have a lot of overthinking applied to it as such, it’s a simple matter of having built me a history with the Celebrities and Society gits who always needed to raise funds, in order to work market in a way which ensured that by the time the money had completed a cycle my career was completely damaged because they wanted to make money with it in order to avoid work and would not settle for a living wage because they had to be important persons too; it seems therefore that well off evil middle class twats bits will not go away quietly and I will have to build a history with them to ensure there was certainty about the way they got involved with my person and concerns. History is that entertainment producers handled crime control publicity here to make entertainment and my career was wrecked to a point of me living on social security to make the statement that none had asked the famous if they wanted to fight criminals before making them do it, now it will not stop making such a mess of the public work career that it did not mean anything to anybody, so the trouble makers could show up here getting imagination around my private body parts, talking nonsense – at this stage it was a matter of communities engaged in gossips about a person whose character they wanted to deploy to get rich and when they meet me I am supposed to have been something they could step on, which I am not, so in just 5 seconds of having walked past a person, I am made to understand that they were the people backed up by a community and so I am supposed to be afraid of them and not the other way around, hence the need to ensure that I set out some clear consequences if I do not control my Bookshop at the set deadline after issuing the warnings. They do claim that I might be a very pompous person allowed to get around to the Monarchy which I am not, it needs to restrict its comments to its career now and issue the insults there, stop handling me – besides which their interpretation of the fact that I am removed from the problems of society and Celebrity as Royalty, to which effect it was impossible for my wife to take charge of my life, was not that I did not have a normal social and personal life but more than I was unlovable, showing up here to trash career publicity and personal relationships for personal greed., to which effect there was a massive public image and profile out there with no names attached to it that people could handle and it seems I will need to live up to the threat of stopping it painfully too. They do claim I am more interested in a Celebrity career and not in my position which is not the case as what happens is that I worked intellectual property administration outsourced to me by companies and had set the stage to deliver the products by writing Books on the matter. What we have seen is that each time I pointed out I was doing this, somebody who was incompetent about their managerial jobs and thought that befriending local society trouble makers was the way to manage a company, will claim I a coward that could not win any fights but continues to insist on picking up such a career. The career itself does not meet with that of the famous anywhere, never clear exactly what their interest was unless I ascertained it was wanton destruction which I can reciprocate. At the same time it is suggested I could not even point out exactly what Celebrities were doing to damage the career, which we know involved a sense that they had taken the career from me and were running it for themselves alongside a support crowd on the basis nobody knew who the hell I was, so although I had a public profile that ended up on Media everyday and had public work to do, it seems that my career bits ending up in other peoples possession can turn my career into somebody else’s property, their involvement with me being a source of complain endlessly and yet at the same time it is always so disrespectful. My party piece will be the part where society gits that show up here to make a mess ended up with information that ensured I did not put so much effort into tolerating them, meant that whilst Celebrities borrowed my social profile and public image for their careers, I had decided to saddle them with the job of fighting quasi criminals – I am stuck as such and cannot breathe, none knows who I am and after gutting my market to get rich, if I respond I had enough power to wreck all of it, this was therefore a twisted famous fools idea of building trust I suppose. It boasts that I am over optimistic about my ability to handle the matter but we know reality rather suggests, apart from the sense nobody knows who I am leading to results where assets that belonged to none and was available to all, was picked up by trouble makers in the middle east who discovered some oil money and wanted to get famous with a profile for being rich, then the so called completely useless women bailed everybody out. They are usually found running people down sexually but were terrible in bed, had a problem with other peoples public profile but their own is sourced from immoral society which consequences others were to be held responsible for and I have never seen them in another form save the completely worthless one, the business of being nice to people at my expense to pick up my career publicity and earning margins standing out above everything else, that developed a value only when it had added what I owned to it and wrecked everything around here – suffices to say it should all move on by the deadline or I will find something that I can destroy completely to make my point as well. The stage is such that there is what they want on one hand and me being beaten out of bed by community gits who responded to the signals they supplied through their media jobs, running my life with the social activities of criminals – should I wish to rescue myself, I will have to go on and put everything in a box, make it rigid and put labels on it as a mark of respect for their famous madness, as though their need to pick up my assets, career publicity and pursue my income was not bad enough, thereby making huge contributions to the destruction of outsourcing opportunity, that said which I would still need the stomach to listen to the stupidities they had to offer, if thereafter I cast a net and sat them down for a conversation on how exactly they would love to grow the economy. The Muslims were incredibly good at this sort of thing, whenever there is a community of penises sending out low lives to run important people down in a situation where they had nothing in this world to lose when caught up in social issues, they were top dog on that, usually too late to see that the male society that causes them problems in Islamic environment were exactly the same behaviour that caused the problems in the Christian one, over the label of infidel which some Christians do not appreciate but until the extreme situations currently doing incredibly well with it (So far the gimmick I think myself somebody that can insult the prophet and get away with it had created a result where my Books had to be mired in religious violence before the men allowed the public to access it, just one of those gimmicks where people had enough boldness to pick up my career and redirect me into doing something else for them whilst complaining about consequences on Media).

They do raise this question on what I would do if I was asked to clear up the suggestion that I am a dick that causes people to feel sick in the stomach and therefore a pain in the backside; I am not a dick, just criminals paying attention to my daily concerns which is inevitable, the problem is another group of idiots building a Media presence for it, to say that all they now had to do with my iron clad career, was to find somebody that was going to steal some useful details. So it works with the society gits for this like an obsession every day, makes me sore all over feeling sick and shoots off that big mouth whilst claiming that the community which facilitated it was its civil right, which is how the whole dick and anus thing comes about because people are being burned out. The other part of the story was one in which the question was to do with the work I needed to do for my career, of which there was none, simply a matter of making it clear I am in control of any situation where companies outsourced the intellectual property administration, we kept the Trust and the equities on vault and I was in control of perhaps instances where somebody wrecked other peoples careers to employ criminals at the market underbelly in order to maintain what he believed he had taken but my finances are always wasted by the famous idiots who want to use the proceeds of my career, to cover their backsides and some have ascertained it means that they get out of bed everyday to shred my career, which it does, except I never had the time to think of them as absolute scum until recently. So what I need to do with it if my deadline expires without a result where I got to control what Clients did with my Bookshop and how they engaged with the partnership, whilst it continued to suggest instances where I had not made time to respond to the fact they were utter scum, meant that I had agreed to share my status and Office, is to adopt a position that allows me to get out of bed and shred their careers for a living, especially in terms of the insult that the money in their own bank accounts was the main source of distraction, causing me to crash because they were picking up my career publicity for practical jokes associated with their well off worthless personalities that would do anything for money and never stopped abusing people’s lives and careers to befriend the wealthy. In the end we see that the main problem was the way that it could not live with itself whenever it read my Books whilst suggesting it was out of my league for a living – I mean the Book in the market currently was one that I developed to be simplistic, to get to the heart of the problems I had to resolve for clients very quickly, I mean people actually think that I am dick at this stage (history is that it has been impossible to get into some clothes and speak with people about work and business opportunities, simply impossible to have a conversation on the basis that of two persons, one persons history overlapped the other persons thereby deciding who called the shots in the arrangement, simply impossible to do this and whilst I had arrived at a point where its civil service narcissism showed up to teach me how to find a job without success, therefore decided what I wanted, they were still here, fooling around, the narcissism being that each time it decided my intellectual property administration work better served a purpose when it was used to cover their back side and prevent smell issues as they tried to be famous, they found new things from my income margins that could be deployed to create self reinvention). There is the other question which arises as to the most difficult aspect of my work being seen at the abuses of Celebrities but it is not – it is the business of asset broker with companies, by which I keep their alliances, assist Government and fulfil roles at a Royal Office; we see that since last American security services started deciding I had to be brave enough to deserve my career, the amount of spam emails and other things that have been making a total mess of my social media had spiked but the one that I will tend to seek revenge for, concerned the way that local security services were using my profile to help protect children and the structures had crashed because of the Americans, so now it has to hand my work to the Russians, then go and fight some Russians to own it, so it got its own shot at too reading birth signs – threats that I will face was the part where it was bluffing; the Celebrities will have to keep their money in peace, showing up here to build new derivates of my Assets whilst running off abusive publicity to share my personal space with all sorts or I will keep it for them.

They do claim there were people in the American security services I did not want to mess with but it does not scare me half as much as they think it does – I am not a regular member of the public, so my view of their gimmicks is incompetence not civil rights or privacy. The problem is that they have lost sight of what reality is i.e. I am Royalty with a need to show I can engage with dignitaries and assist local authorities, they are simply traders with expensive property who think that they lived in an environment where the roles had been reversed and it is incredibly annoying, mostly however they are simply being incompetent, like when they handle the Russian threat to suggest I thought Russians were not the enemy, as though they were comfortable with the idea of everything that viewed the world the way Russians did getting all over the place, whilst assuming none would suspect a link to those statements we heard some of them make about the idea of European detachment from Russian being a fantastical notion, yet each time they were uncomfortable for it, they dreamt of instances where I could not pay my bills properly. It gives real meaning to what I mean when I say that upon my deadline expiring and an inability to control my Bookshop at the markets continuing thereafter, I will join in and play up the gimmicks with them too. Background is that they trashed everything we did to build up assets in ideological no mans lands because they were probably dreaming of removing the existence of communism from the world all together which would not have been realistic, now unable to tackle the outcomes that had affected them the most, issuing threats. They do claim we continued to suggest we Librans were comfortable fighting Scorpios and Virgos while we are not – it is utter nonsense as in 18 years they have done nothing but stop me fighting back, then progressed to making their own version of reality in which they were the only people doing the fighting, now they are denying if I responded to the abuses and destruction in such a manner than I got my hands on their jobs, even the civil services will not be able to get them out of It, especially for Scorpio, Virgo bits is not yet lies, insults, vagabond Virgo and eventually clandestine murders. Mostly we know it will never stop lip flapping with their career crime personality and a life that had been built at my expense without my consent abusively. They do claim we Librans were also unpredictable as much as we flee from danger until our response created chaos; what they mean is that I am unpredictable is the way some of us do not take to the gimmick where the claim was that our personality is promiscuous and needed to be corrected, when corrected we became vulnerable to the consequences of their immoral society gimmicks, so they can solve their problems by fingering bums, what they mean our response to danger creating chaos is the idea none is looking for trouble if my relationship with businesses meant outsourcing and Celebrity interests in my income margins is self-reinvention for which there was an actual built up trend where people chased my income margins when famous to build a career, featuring a community that gets imagination up my private parts, about which they will not keep the money they make drawing up all sorts of popularity stupidities off derivates of my property and public image in peace, if I did not keep it for them all together. They do raise the point that none knows exactly when the claim Librans were vulnerable to Scorpios and Virgos was developed but it was not necessarily, it is lies told by well of sex workers who had enough money to feed themselves enough for 3 hour sex videos, sharing Libra peace with the two for money, against everything they claimed after reading the birth signs, that nature had decreed, hence it seems that they have only just woken up to the fact that the latter two birth signs were toxic – I mean the three birth signs are located in September, October and November successively, none knows what those who are not born in those birth months want with it. These lies are developed as revenge on women who always assumed that Librans had the right to lead, as per those who took up leadership regardless will still not have resolved the problem applicable – like we have seen that it was hell on earth to stop me defending myself, now the same who did, had no idea what to do with the trouble makers, I have not been compensated, they have come up with an abusive way to make me work for them – so a community of people fundamentally afraid that I will develop a campaign that ensured their community, parents and relatives we seen beyond their clothes and people could channel imagination  to their private parts as well, are now able to  finger mine until I dropped out of University, and my finances at the work market crashed to a point where I lived on social security, because a bunch of idiots were famous. The problem whereby somebody decided he had seen a woman and will have sex with her before his time on earth is done and it may even take a decade but he got to have sex with her in the end, which is never solved even when they had decided they were elected leadership (shows up here telling me I did a good thing and was stopped because there was misunderstanding but now I had refused to continue doing the good thing, quite incredibly, the rest of the star signs save Aries will perhaps one day be seen making money without doing something stupid with other peoples lives).

Three other matters stand out from this point of view; one being that I understood the star signs but hated it whereas I never really understood why people needed to read birth signs, if they understood that they had not made any effort to make themselves likeable to other people, such that those who had were vulnerable to them and those who did not would join them to take advantage of others, which has been applied to me in such a way that what I did to keep trouble makers off my career and finances had been trashed whilst what I did to recover from the damage was picked up as a tool by which they could build restaurants as they were aware that once finished with their stupidities they had to eat on the go for one good reason or another. The other is that I had commitment issues about which there was simply so much insult from Celebrities that since I picked up my concerns from a cluster of hearsay, it was possible for abusive quasi criminal society to interfere with all my thought processes on account they were using my personal space to feel good about their own existence. The third being that I was in league with communists whereas it was a Scorpio Virgo toxicity applicable to strange things they were doing at Holiday and tourist destinations which caused the authorities in those places to take huge personal risks in order to make it safe, whilst their friends at the American security services bankrolled gimmicks that involved sharing my property with communists, fighting my wars and getting Americans to help them keep my possessions for themselves when they win those wars, so it is usually time for wrath when they had it so well figured out they burned my assets or my crime control publicity among other issues. i now have to stand up for myself and say that I am prepared to follow a certain pattern of consequences when famous gits hurt me with their money from here on. They do love to suggest the way I ran my business ruined it but all can now see with history, experiences and evidence, that I supported the Government when it planned to set out school curriculum and younger people can see that the best way to solve financial matters was through the jobs market, unless they did not know what to do. There is a direct link between my Books and those who read it boosting the incomes or improving a lifestyle, so all can now tell what business was. There is also detailed equity and information with regards to innovation, outsourcing and economic growth. All together I can now take a break from a bunch of abusive, destructive idiots with money problems in the head. I am told that should I have lived in a different culture, I would not have had a chance against the Celebrities but they never said it five or even 12 years prior to this point either, they have since arrived at a point where their stupidities and its practical jokes wrecks my finances, they kept theirs and put labels on me through a support crowd, so that having grown old and no longer in a situation where I knew there were opportunities to do something about such matters in a conventional way, I have to resort to extreme measures that they do not think I am capable of, claiming they have seen me lose my temper and I am a coward their stupidities can do with as they please. It does this business of trash my finances to leave me on the streets like something the civil services needed to tidy up, then raise the stupid question about what it is exactly I believe its famous madness was doing as to cause the damage, whilst we know that it tables the money it makes clinging to my public image whilst complaining of the way I did not think their careers were out of bounds, as a tool for saying that each time I had work outsourced to me by some companies, I was not the person actually doing that work, they call it gas lighting but this was not the normal one that runs around madly, this was targeted as a coward they could do anything to and get away with it, to do this which it then gets off a series of activities which suggest that both our careers had something in common, blurring a reality where it would have been possible to say its stupidities was looking for trouble claiming it was famous for the time being if it was not dead yet. It is always so disrespectful and it never shows up because it had money to spend on Books which it had the will to read in this place, blabbing ways in which I would not have had a chance in a different culture, hence I should assume the premise is that they have support at Government and therefore it should know that if I cannot control my bookshop market by the deadline, its security services narcissism friends will not be able to get its famous stupidities out of the next thing that I intend to do with it. background is that they had a problem with the way I appeared to live on the left hand side and did not get into a fight, now they are ripping up my finances for the way that I appear to have done some fighting, we are now on the third idea where I am supposed to get into a fight on their behalf because they were more important, their respect needs built on a need to trash peoples finances for a profile and put labels on others, it then suggests that I can carry out my career activities without bothering them whilst we know that was only possible if the career activities did not become so messy that a bunch of idiots who got themselves into trouble clashing with it for the wrong reasons, got into a position where they could get imagination up my bum, none knows how it lives on a five figure salary and above, whilst at the same time being caught up in such nonsense anyway, as I said, we know it is currently famous not dead yet working gimmicks where it puts up money at the market and by the time a business cycle was completed, I should have lost something important, replicating for its gimmicks everything that top authorities were doing with me because it thought it was equally important and following me around with it everywhere I went, hence will not stop handling me. The cause of all these it should be noted is both the idea that the famous trouble makers would gain access to endless sources of self reinvention the way we hear them claim that I spend National property to pursue my private ends but will not follow on the reality when the pressure is on, to say that I spend private property to assist with public matters because it will make their stupidities less important. This had since developed into one where Celebrities said they heard I liked anal sex and want to spoil me, to which effect they build a massive hole for my career on Media and hung about making statements to suggest all their foolishness now needed was an instance where somebody stole it for them, running my life with the social activities of criminals, which claiming I am the one unwilling to run my career without crossing their paths – as pointed out above, its on a five figure salary an above but society gits can still finger its bum, then it gets my career and social life tangled in it to claim it was famous not looking for trouble. On the matter of my cowardice being the source of all my problems, as I have pointed out, it can only lead to text book results where we ended up in hospital because not all of them were bigger than I am after we made sense of spaces we shared with parents and family which had nothing to do with my careers, public profiles and finances that did not belong to either side. It speaks of the help it gets from its German influence twats who support this nonsense no matter what the cost was naturally – but none asked it to build the platform for the insults that are going to be resolved when I decided to make sense of governmental leadership as a matter of their abuses being the only thing their stupidities learned at school, with a plan to get off my concerns and be a part of their doxy society that could not keep its hands off other people because it wanted to see people do violent things on its behalf, so it might feel safe and able to pursue its interests, with a plan to ensure it got to see it for the last time – alternatively I get to control my Bookshop market and it restricts its abusive media comments to its own career. Nobody asked them to build a hole for the career and wait for somebody to steal it for them as such, they knew the only people who would be willing to steal it for them were misogynistic men who hung around in a community, to send out low lives who made use of other peoples personal spaces and had nothing to lose. It should know as such when it tended to enjoy a profile that would take advantage of the incomes of business people over wealth sharing even when it had consumed the products and knew that doing such a thing was the wrong thing to do regardless of it being offered, talking self improvement seminars for the male population that relied on me as per my ignorance of things people can do to enjoy the same retirement as the hard working after it trashed my career profile and stalled my Bookshop making stupid comments, builds a fight between myself and the poor, I should do my best to win it at any cost too. They do claim the problem was to do with a lack of security for me and for the public which it is not. I mean how would there not be a security problem if people decided to cling to my earning margins with the help of a support crowd by running a platform for it based on the social activities of criminals, I am certain they could see that it had nothing to do with me and it made sense for people to restrict their comments to the career that pays their bills.  There is no lack of security for me either – if it were said that I had a big ego, then it would have been possible to keep a career because there would not have been enough insults for my patent margins and the Client interest in my Books to be affected, we are simply not doing the ego bits anymore as that was a stage in which they were the people who had control of the situation. They do suggest I supported the criminal character that got off fighting my wars and yes I did because the other security service git never stopped trashing my assets to make racial points and never stopped running down public Office operatives, its insults were the main cause of criminals fighting my wars and now that the men who controlled the world had dismantled what I did with it – I mean we know it would have been impossible for vagabond Virgo and abusive Scorpio to run people down all the time if I did not run this way, they needed to decide what they wanted to do with the crisis itself and I needed to get into a situation where Politicians showed some respect for my career if they were getting it for their own, and I needed to be merciless towards the Celebrities. I mean in terms of controlling my Bookshop it had seemed that Clients were put off by the way my Books talked extensively about me and it was cleared up to show I was engaged with intellectual property administration, so delivery and consummation of the service was centralised – in a normal situation this should have been enough. Same as clearing up the way that each time I got work, Celebrities made money from my earning margins running off a profile and a support crowd which suggests I am not the one doing the most important or the actual job involved. Now we are doing the part where none asked them to build a hole for my career on media and sit about dreaming of those who would steal it for them, all three which should have been enough in their own right. It boasts that people have talked like I do and ended up in serious trouble with a big mouth, it will only end up fighting more Russians when it is a democracy twat and more Russians will fight its stupidities when fingers associated with male society are not kept away from my private body parts, I could control my Bookshop or they will end up with a third factor.

The idea I have ended up in a crisis I had refused to acknowledge is not developed on reality either. The reality is that added to what I already know, what happens when they take part in and get paid to play a part in entertainment made by producers who broker crime control Equity here is that they build publicity to suggest that I am a character that was a low life spending time to get involved with celebrities and criminals were braver and more willing to take a chance and make money that they can spend to be real human beings – implication is that they happily burn crime control publicity because they think that the advantage of their famous position is that they can blackmail others with it in order to make more money. I am hoping I do not have to explore any more of the nasty famous personality and my Bookshop was seen as property which belonged to me without question – hence the crisis they speak of must concern the actions of some private security industry twats that were going to protect them from me while they carried on their destructive campaign, so when a bunch of silly men sit about somewhere to send out goons who had nothing in the world to lose as an interest in my personal space, their version of private security ensured the insults went as far as it could but it has not yet decided how its famous goons will keep comments away from my Bookshop, patents and income margins just yet, with its security industry position, so it does rather seem that they wish to find out what I will do when I am not able to achieve control of my career in this way and whether perhaps the civil services will be able to bail them out with their precious Virgo and Scorpio birth sign abuses, once I am finished with it – so far they think they have made their own version of reality at my expense if they were the only people putting out a fight for a decade and a half as if we shared the same existence around here, same as the claim that they influence me into doing what I do whereas we know what really happens is that I am simply sore all over whilst I carry on with what I am meant to do and is likely to continue just as we have seen their private security industry becoming convinced that it was unlikely to get a response from me, if they were convinced that consequences will not be forth coming. The problem here was not even in the process of being goaded, in fact there is no problem here at all whatsoever, just the destruction of my career and finances by ensuring the social lives of criminals played into ageist gits with an abusive society sending out low lives to run me down – we know there is a fashion models coven that exhibits such behaviour if people hurled insults at me without consequences but it is well set out and organised into a structure, so it made sense each time they did, same as the Celebrities I can work with picking up those abusive instances as a platform upon which to perform some activities associated with a show business career, considering that the abusive activities actually had nothing whatsoever to do with me – these are the facts that suggest it would make sense for me to find something hurtful and destructive enough to get these gits listening. I have not been pushed out of character either - this is a resolution for a situation in which people ran my life with the social activities of criminals and turned out issuing threats at me because it became uncomfortable for them, funny until when it is not anymore, hence here I can say I took control. They do claim I am one of those characters who expect people to think I am educated and informed but rather far from it – this is not about education and information, about which by the way I can continue to supply more facts on a history here that involved the stupidities they exhibit with peoples lives and concerns in order to settle in on the education which gets to their heads, besides which I am over 40 now and the part where my level of education was a main influence in what other people got up to is a boat that had long sailed. This is about an environment in which security services got the day job done – it is an environment where some people make deals with them to get out of crime, others are utter scum and need to be taken off the streets and some had committed crimes that cannot be pardoned, the educated were the only fools in this place who burned up my crime control publicity in order to blackmail others for fame, to such an extent that my career did not mean anything to anybody no matter what I did with it, the problem it seems, is that at some stage they were asked to tidy up after themselves; all of it is complemented by short insolent videos that was the prize of narcissism which the educated believed was the way advertisement on National broadcasting networks should be made, when it had not ended painfully (I mean the idea is that my Books had the same effect, whilst the Books are a product of an 18 year period putting up with a perverted abusive interest in my personally, ripping and tearing to make stupid statements about the way it was possible to handle my career and boost their incomes by doing me a lot of harm - year date 16/4/2023, three weeks of my deadline period has been exhausted, I do not control my Bookshop market in a Week and their theories of what I am really like will be disproved). 

I am told that it was impossible for people to tell what was the most important things happening to and around me anymore but it is not, people simply need to stop running my concerns with the social activities of criminals, to see what was important. I mean for the popularity abuses there is history of an Arch Prince walking away from a fight everyday because they want him to prove to them he was brave enough to deserve his career by getting into trouble with the Law in order to serve their stupidities, the Celebrities have not stopped ripping the Bookshop, so it appears I will burn their careers too. they do claim I should be afraid of them but I believed it was best that I was not, just as much as they needed to stop taking advantage of the fact that it was not becoming to hang around Church concerns building up a massive ego for oneself just to ensure Celebrities had to respect my career, if Celebrities were more interested in converting my intellectual property administration business into a scene where everybody’s career was everybody else’s career in order to push for civil war, which by the way is entirely normal, only things that need be done to ensure I made progress with myself too. On the seriousness of what is seen as a need to disrespect Celebrities, the reality is that it never got me dropping out of University, it has burned my crime control publicity, so its financial well being meant that nothing I did with my career meant anything to anybody no matter what I did with it and is now stifling the Bookshop to ensure it built up a disposition first before I settled down financially, in which it was possible to say that if it handled my career and I did not like it, it would take X amount of time to get people attacking me on the streets, hence it is annoying I had to wake up to the nauseating financial complication daily, and therefore about to explore how long it would take for me to get people attacking them as well. It is all in the actions of a bunch of gits who suggest they were in a position to take anything from anybody without asking, performing all sorts of nonsense in an environment where they got to tell me what to do and because there was a thing happening between me and Celebrities that got Celebrities spending money on them, it became a huge threat but in context what it means is that famous idiots got out of bed everyday to trash my career and I should prepare myself to do the same. There is also the story that I am a traitor which had no foundation on reality - firstly a matter of for instance among many, the way that Ambulance drivers use their sirens to suggest Police spent most of its time disturbing the sleep of community croons who had criminal families and interfered sexually with good looking students all day whilst supporting me instead of protecting the public and it is an example of the sort of thing that I will deal with as a matter of what it actually does and not facts on the way they can move their stupidities somewhere else - the rest was a case of corrupt Royals and Politicians with a need to pick up other peoples career publicity and develop a support crowd which helps to move the persons attention and career effort in a completely different direction that serves their cause, then get off suggesting it was the fault of the victims, but it is the Celebrities that do it all the time, their version being a matter of somebody's career which they envy being the source of all problems and also the solution for it, so I built partnership with clients and business stopped as though I built it with their money, now my exit is to fight Celebrities for a living because their popularity and criminal friends had commandeered my preferred publicity networks; before then I had organised my career in a way that caused them to take more risks with violent crime and racism, therefore did something wrong.

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I am said to continually omit facts on the reasons I got so much hate from people but it is nothing as would profit anybody much to find out – just a process of living in a world where some people claimed to have carried out public security activities from private expense, thereby deserving to be paid huge sums of money by companies that can make profit from it running others down all the way back to first grade, for narcissism happiness that cannot be doused, once done, another person was so weak that it irritated them. This will be the part where an idiot got to suggest I had to do something to get into trouble with Police in return for my career that is now controlled by the fathers, while it jumped on my chest to inflict various organ based illnesses.

Then it claims I live in disguise to jump on people which is nasty, while its stupidities picks up my Public image to get paid for being popular and its involvement with another persons life involved an outcome where the money added up to a power to trash my finances while I complained everyday about it. Once finished, we find it on another gimmick that involved picking up my business premises service processes to build a version of me whose existence their stupidities would be more comfortable tolerating, with a big mouth. 

I am eventually said to have faded out of sight which is not the case – the world we currently lived in was one in which a bunch of silly individuals who think that their Country rules the entire world, decided to pick up what I did to work with the armed services, as a tool for personal glory, attacking Russians and getting everybody to do the bidding of Celebrities, the stupidities we experience from a process where they thought they had put themselves in charge having nothing to do with what my Royal trust really looks like and if I talked like this enough times, I am going to cause the death of another one. There is the idea their gimmicks were a cause for concern but they are really not from here, it is although concerning that they have already developed a network where the only country fit to live in was one in which tough people dwelled but it would not have meant that they were tough people themselves either; the cause of the mess here having always been the Celebrities who could not be satisfied with any degree of narcissism based insults they could channel at me and we have now arrived at the stage where they will need to channel it else where or I will show them where they are meant to channel it all together. The main issue here has always been the business of people making me out to be something I am not, either way of the positive or negative; what then happens is that in their world where they spent most of their time on battle of the sexes, they pick up my concerns and the very persons that do in order to get help did not really accord me the correct degree of respect, so they got into trouble as well – some people have said that I have been making use of their publicity and notoriety insane world myself and yes I have, this is the real difference between what they claim I am and what my royal Trust actually looked like.


I am told the Celebrities had never stopped boasting about giving me a difficult time but there is no difficult time here, just a reality where the insults and abuses from a bunch of incredibly stupid people with a Media presence to play with, was all good, until when it drove them mad enough to make physical contact as well – alternatively their enlisted German influence fools with insults that ran me down everyday to build them a profile, may run off those insults without their insanity engaging in an activity that makes physical contact between me and every gimmicks they performed to ensure I lived in a neighbourhood where people worked against me, to make it easy for a process of spending money to attack me when required, as though their famous stupidities were spending their time to achieve such nonsense or I wrote their Books in this place. We are looking at people so stupid which I may be forgiven for pointing out too often, however which the problem is still that I am unable to bring myself to behave so stupidly towards them, hence they were able to keep their finances. The core of the problem was a simple matter of the fact that we have always known that a bunch of idiots who got off socially appointing themselves to do the job for security services operatives and loved to attack people who felt safe by attacking security services on their behalf, were the cause of all our Administrative problems, the reasons we could never do good work with it but we have since ended up in a situation where we suggested that their activities were the main supporting systems for the best administrative work that we had done, I mean if this is an initiative to say that it was an issue and we did not have the social resources until now, I am game, especially considering events like 9/11 in the US and the 7/7 bombings in the UK but it is doubtful that their activities could ever become a corner stone for administrative work. Here the idea on the way I started out this conversation was that I found it easy to attack the famous of which it is not a matter of ease, they are simply incredibly disrespectful and a lot of them were picking up my public image to gut a system I built to allow people solicit goods and services for those who had wealth to pay for it, in order to get rich fast, whilst showering me with insults to please a crowd they told lies to about their civil rights – the civil rights which were a product of the way they turned out to be as they are i.e. they had to plan a career and pay their way in the world but when they made mistakes, no records were kept, nothing was improved, just the need to rely on insulting and abusing those that did well, in order to get by and building a crowd for market gimmicks that helped them build wealth inequity with practical jokes, then arrived at a stage where they fundamentally felt as if kind for kind, their country did not like to see them live in it and those who felt comfortable regardless of financial difficulties could never be free of them. For my part I am an Arch Prince and they are Celebrities, I have to make a series of decisions, mostly which are successful and high profile, to be good enough for the work, whilst they have never once made a decision about where their career was located as a matter of what the prison service does in their entire lives, hence it was always easy to say that being on both the side of the security services and that of the criminals served their purpose as famous fools but it needs to stop handling me, especially when complaining. I mean I do get told that there were Celebrities I got along with and yes there were, something about the difference between manufactured idiots who do not know what fame means and real Celebrities who lived in a world where people campaigned against bullying, so if a Government operative decided on an environment where public enforcement operatives that were neither security services or administrative authorities, helping the local councils get things done, fed into the sense that somebody somewhere had a public media profile to deploy towards a particular issue as a matter of livelihood. This they claim is another trick where the government got to control celebrities and when their German influence fools run off the popularity insults, they need to stop pushing up my stress levels by establishing contact, if they wish others to listen to the complains, the threats are idle, chances are their stupidities were bluffing and I am not.  I am informed it is all just the way that people got around with the quasi criminals and fuck boys but I am Royalty and in my world people had abilities that were maintained in a Hereditary station, relied upon by top authorities to run the Country, which needed to be pure enough for purpose, when people get involved with me, they needed to  bear this in mind, especially when stupid enough to believe they were more important than I am: It is always either a matter of the famous getting involved here over industry trouble makers attacking people and hoping to get away with it or society trouble makers being the reason somebody paid a price to facilitate public interests, so the fuck boys were a matter of what people decided to get into bed with, usually amusing when they show up here with it as disrespectfully as possible being more important, stifling my marital affairs, to complain whenever it got slightly more serious than they thought it could get.


I cannot see me break free of the gimmick where it was suggested I am always pursuing something beyond my league, I mean I don’t mind the insults, they never seemed to run out of ideas for those. It is largely a matter of what people did with my work however, using it to assist me on matters where business owners complained I sat about doing nothing whilst a bunch of idiots picked up my work to run off tribalism raids and pursue six figure salaries in the establishments, they also used it to maintain standards at public services and to tackle industrial corruption – these idiots on the other hand were a picture in my head, where it was unable to make sense of people doing the fashion and couture, was unable to make sense of those who took it up to a stage where they worked their politics so seriously that they were able to lead happy lived living in the city centre, whilst they often ran into public figures, some having taken up a role at the Royal Trust to further what they found as a provocative business of gits who bring poverty upon themselves, picking up my concerns to go off and work for others in the City, especially concerning work from the security Industry, they know none of these, they are always out of my league, ripping up lives and careers with stupid things they can do to make money and sitting near the window an image in my head, to shout nonsense at others being out of my league, so it seemed that in all of the other things that people did with my work, I had inadvertently found a solution to the social problems of tall people and its stupidities could not stop condemning me to financial failure to suckle me and get a narcissist to share incomes, if it had not stopped the way that left me the only person feeling comfortable from the results.

(16 Years of undesired Film, Documentary, Entertainment & Media-My Life in their Hands; an unacceptable proposal)

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Which is mostly a setting of nepotism in which we were our own enemies and our own heroes at the same time, that people in Government buildings must avoid and we have seen right across the world, starting with the Bush led International leadership where it was still a more gritty case of people who wanted to be offended by a group of people, the same way that public leaders were offended by a group of people because of the popularity benefits, to the Obama led one in which Nepotism had crossed onto the white communities while ethnic minorities began to practice racism. Nothing quite like the Democracy Communism enmity where they have been our enemies selling state secrets to communists and then gotten about attacking communists who infringed on their interests with National resources and in our names, the same process repeated by the Obama Administration specifically with respect to the Middle East, meaning I cannot be free of Muslim idiots with ideas on how I ought to exist and white idiots with ideas on how I ought to be used. Eventually it comes down to the same process of how much the Public likes me and how much money Celebrities could get from being an alternative which becomes as unprofitable as the frequency upon which I tended to have made their activities seen better in public light and of course we know they are to its effect masters of distant violence, so I will have to devise a method of clipping their earnings and one of my prime interests each time I had to contend with it over this Bookshop.

We hear that people claimed I did not know what I was doing. I did not know that my position involved showing I knew what I was doing, as much as it involved resolving specific matters applicable, where I had to chase them up and get it done without breaking conventions of Office. At the heart of the Celebrity problem is the ones that show up with enough salaries to make them rich for the sole of selling products at a Company, to try and peddle me for profit margins and inventing punishments where I failed to co-operate – while the society gits preferred to invent ideas about how I ought to serve women who couldn’t work and their stupid children were then able to get ahead of me in life, as a matter of local governance – the students keeping at the cause of the University fiasco years back with gimmicks that involved their bottom chasing friends. They claim they will never stop doing this until I get into a fight with their enemies and resolved the issues that hurt their bottom and I think it is a statement that had not yet taken seriously what is set to play out as consequences for the fact those stupid friends of theirs are now chasing my bottom to such an extent I cannot step outside of my door or attend my personal appointments, alongside their famous idiots of which they need stay away from my Books, stop gaining from it and keep their mouths shut as it were. alternatively, the idea that there is a phenomenon out there which describes me as a smelly person because these absolute scum never stopped addressing me and telling me what to do was not serious a matter in their view, so we are about to abstain from drawing a line under the University fiasco and go all the way back to ensure it is  resolved and updated with a lot of painful processes involved, in which way we set the stage to resolve whatever was their stupid problem thereof. We have to listen to that nonsense where the bottom chasing issues was a serious matter that I had to take into account naturally, of which what we know is that the bloody idiots travel overseas to bring it into the Country which is what they did to me at University, hence I am quite confident it tells me it will never stop until I resolved that issue because I wants me to go all the way back and bring it up to date as it were.

They do suggest that their actions are a function of tackling me for chasing and trying to force my involvement on successful people. I would not know if a handful of gits plugged their gimmicks into my Public image to get paid for being popular disobediently years ago, were now so successful that I was getting into trouble everyday due to the fact I wanted to rub shoulders with them but its insults like these which are responsible for the fact I am not paying the bills of a Royal Hermitage properly. So, the first-time round was this disobedient process of getting paid for being popular, leaving me to keep an eye on issues, considering the wealth and social inequality problems they raised the roof for before their stupidities became fully paid-up parts of the problem, now I am being attacked because the idiots were successful. 

The big problem is that they cannot stop forcing products on people who are involved with my Trust which is my income, while their stupidities were not living on foodbanks to say the least and of course the process of ripping up my finances and academic pursuits had made me embarrassing to them but the work insults have now created a counter productive process where a bid to work in a way that will make them proud had made everything worse.

Please excuse what my language has become on some occasion, as it would be pretentious and dishonest to avoid them completely, considering that I also had to  engage with the Business of controlling the abusive and nefarious activities of the Famous, more so, having been my Literary work is so rudimentary to ensure it is thorough in its service provision, considering what the problem of Celebrities and Popularity figures become when they have had their unfettered access to problem transfer means and Media at any rate taken away from them or restricted.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.









Modernism and Violence Security Property | Trading based Public  Equity for Boys Gangs and Girls Gangs in Industry | Integration and transnational repression, immorality and convenience - Secured for Royal Arch Prince's Office duties as Live Daily Equity.



They claim my clash with Celebrities will not end well for me and it was a matter of the thing that happened – both are actually utter rubbish, the clash with Celebrities will go incredibly well, it will become a question of the reasons I get along with some Celebrities but not other Celebrities, which is that it was never a matter of disliking famous people as much as it was a matter of what was done and the purpose for which I had done it – there I now more publicity for what people think they should do with my career to trash my finances and reinvent their stupid selves, than there is publicity for my career itself, hence a clash will go very well for me as it were – on the matter of what happened, we are simply talking about a group of idiots that had always had dreams of telling me what to do, ordering my steps, have since showed up here to live the stupid dream and will not allow mew zero in on it, have not attacked me because I smelled yet either, looking for an opportunity to do it safely with a big mouth. Eventually we hear them claim I keep secrets but I am sure a social media set out for dating was no secret here – first time around I had social responsibilities that helped managed their stupid boys from the streets madness which caused me to get advances from women who were older than I am, and led to a mini war, picked up the women, had children with the women, organised their guys and fought the women for a divorces which they got, so I am certain a social media set out for dating is not a mystery, as much as we understand the implications of me picking a poor wife, so we could build our wealth in a matrimonial setting, it is not a mystery either. Much the same, I do not in anyway interfere with Media as claimed either; we see them at all endlessly – I was at University when it began, found myself dabbling into social activities of people who worked in government buildings, met a bunch of female journalists, it had since removed the women, took 15 years of my time to select who we got involved with and now owns me, so we are here because the idiots are not yet done with the insults, never true I kept secrets, unless we were talking about their abusive manner of breaching my patents to cast insolence at me on Media or basically having gotten their stupid hands on some information I may have misplaced but it does not speak of these provocation, it preferred to address me as if its twat paid the bills in this place, especially when it is trying to get the perpetually insane Americans buying gimmicks it invents from access to information I would otherwise not have given its abusive stupidities, but then again the next time its famous idiots speak of disrespect on my part, they will keep the career only if they hit me for it.

- Faith and Dominance concerning Celebrity and Media finance perversions
Male dreams, Nationalism and Governmental Administrative losses administration and recovery (due to Parliamentary support for Quasi crimes and eventual response from the Crown, which leads the security services, leading to more instability as it is Governmental loss not just because it this is the result of the civil and criminal disobedience exhibited by Politicians but also because each time they exhibit their gimmicks on Media over it, there as an affront to stability)
- Western Populism Bigotry and Money demagoguery (Career grooming and unwanted Media presences that facilitate it) - maintaining Crown facilitated diversity in the Armed Services and making way for those responsible for these to get involved with work that is being done there.
- Faith for small business Equity and Welfare Governance
- Large Industry involvement with Equity at the UK Monarchy  - War and Industrial wealth Equity system Administration.
- Celebrities and Politicians who pay people to lay claims to my Books and set the stage for financially beneficial bigotry (taking over Hermitage Public engagement for other purposes, especially from the ethnic minorities, making sure that one is observed at all times and prevented from getting what I want and the resulting possibility of the Bookshop setting the stage for a difficult result).
- Media Fringe benefits - Threat to Personal and Social life (Middle management insults, income vandalism and other forms of action involving the Hermitage Resident's war on popularity)
- Recreation, work and Writing time (Academia and Personal relationship security)
- Corruption of Arch Prince's state provided security and thoroughly modern popularity insults that cause tummy upsets
- withdrawal of Access to Hermitage developed civil living security from Celebrities and their Society
- Mopping up Celebrity developed Governmental mess with Celebrity conveniences and lifestyle.
- Celebrity culture and Media insults
- Evil of The Punished being unclean at other peoples expense and Republicans running down those who do the wrong thing, to burn those who do the right thing and invent abuses for those who do nothing.
- Society, Girls and entitlement to other peoples incomes
- Advertisement perversion and quick riches social morality corruption
- Over-enslavement, bad Celebrity and Industrial relationships


 Of course I am aware a sense has emerged that I have allowed my literary empire to be deployed by money mad trouble makers to satisfy their needs in order to save people or save the world which means they have used my property to extract a lot of money that they now do not know what to do with from others using the markets and that the violence that continues still to create disillusion for people and money for their inability to work for a living or tolerate a sense they do not have everything while others seem in their view to have a high tolerance for it, was not and is not worth it either but that being the case, it has been a matter of competition that can either be resolved by a future built for our younger people and children when it comes to competing with them successfully on one hand or simply a sales and competition platform I have built for those I hire to do the job of selling the books for me, which I may pick up myself.

It is normally said what I say about such matters as domestic abuse are either unbecoming or not understood but the matter is really not an emotive one in any case; the assumption people make all the time that domestic abuse happens to stubborn strong women that men simply cannot stand and therefore attack them for it, whereas that will better describe the idiots I will tolerate no nonsense from and really think they need to get beaten up by a man regularly anyway, which is why I wish it all the time. I know yet again I will be told I have not said anything progressive but domestic abuse is not a progressive issue when two people are in a very unproductive relationship and one wife that is not at work cannot groom a husband that needs to because she is all beaten up and the other issue is the story of companies in an area and people getting jobs from it and the strange things some woman does because either she or her husband is trying to set up a small business or something which then brings into public light the things people do to push themselves harder and harder to work for their money and the third is the big case here i.e. these idiots that must get out of bed to try their hands on my job where it earns money and cannot do anything else with their time except earn the perks of my job and ensure I can never breathe because they are making out it is funny as well looking for trouble; so for now it is the lesser methods of handling them which involves never responding to the men because it is their women and celebrities that suffer the most when you don’t so that leaves me the opportunity to take him down financially and yes of course they are off to the media to cover for that so they might never stop and it is great to see they are fighting for their stupid lives as we speak.

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