The claim that I am finished and done for was always a simple matter i.e. there are Celebrities that will not stop picking up my service processes to build ideas about what I must be made to do for them, right up to a business of endearing themselves to criminals on my public image to sell magazines, while claiming I existed and so did my Bookshop exist, to cover their backsides, the question of where they stopped. Then there is the young people who pick up the need to tell me what to do as well, their gimmicks being more a matter of the fact they cannot shut their mouths and just read when they show up here, backed up by a community they do not wish to acknowledge soon despite looking for trouble all the time, that the fact it is behind them backing them up, was the biggest problem I faced. Then the parents with an abusive behaviour that applied in terms of the fact I wrote a Book and I am not always present in every instance where the Book was seen in Public places, so they knew where the distributors were and therefore certain I posed no danger to their stupidities and applicable practical jokes, looking like they would really love me to ensure the silly children mentioned above picked up the consequences at school while they had to deal with their silly children’s gimmicks at work. Adding up the business of idiots with money to spend on Celebrity products created from my Public image only and saying that these is a list of people who are engaged in activities that they want somebody to come down hard on and therefore put a stop to, does not necessarily indicate that I am finished and done for, would really help if the idiots stopped tempting me, kept their mouths shut and read a Book. They do claim my Books on the cover do not really make for comforts that the Men want to enjoy but it’s the same way I feel about their incomes as well at this point, so I have been clear about what would add up to a resolution for this rubbish. They always claim I am unwilling to fight for what matters, whilst we know they send out their popularity twats to get imagination up my bum all the time, thus whatever comes of it is actually nothing I should be concerned about, same process applied where it worked for everybody if they kept their comments restricted to the one that is paying the salary which gets to their heads - they do claim the problem to be that I suggested I was responsible for some daring do whilst what really happens is that they picked up my civic duties and Royal Order to go off and do their own business, which generally meant that I am more inclined to seek them out and make them do it again and again, especially if it involved tackling National level enemies, except if they were risking their own twats for it. It is never a short coming or a form of incompetence that makes the problems for me everyday, just living embodiments of a question on human stupidity who have kept their careers safe from the gimmicks, so they might indulge it to any extent at my expense. The claim I provoke them by suggesting I owned what I did not went beyond the insults of their popularity which clings to my income and makes it worse: I stripped away the finances to work National currency Liability footprints because I was young when I started and it made sense, never mind the fact doing it alongside gits with a need to hunt down good ideas, get around at expensive dinning venues and keep their own secrets while trashing peoples lives would be comfortable but could never get the work done - it showed up here 2 years after its perverted interest in me wrecked University studies, to get imagination up my bum for a decade and run off stupidities that will facilitate its market and stock market madness, now it plans to progress from the insults to finding out if I want to attack, rather than simply keeping its mouth shut and reading a Book. hence its going to end badly too (I still find it difficult to attribute my problems at University to others as such but then again I dropped out in 2008, 2 years later I picked up a bad neighbourhood from which I had access to facts attributed to Books I wanted to write, so here we are, ten years of my time spent on big brother big sister money and stock market pyramid scheme madness to get rich fast, I am sore all over from the sexually abusive practical jokes, so it does not imply if others provided the job I could keep the job, which then adds to the same things being done while I was at university and decides what my temperament was. The rest that has suffered because I delayed decision making were the racist girls, they had ideas whereby black people were a problem and they had seen me and my personality as a tool that will help their stupidities live with it and this happened at University, such that getting them stuck in as well generally meant the mean cunts would have been off somewhere trying off some new pornography that I was likely to embark on a campaign that will help me place a limit to. That said they still need an abusive test for me everyday, which will predispose me to the sexual context abuses upon which their finances relied, now trying to find out if I was preparing for an attack, as stupidly as possible).

I do understand those statements that suggest I am having such a tough time and I deserved it but it is largely because those who did, were not informed of the betrayal at the Monarchy which ensured that a Business of spending the reputation of social idiots who trash my career to run the Royal Office became ineffective enough to suggest I ought to be getting into a fight with hoodlums on the streets while showered with Office space insults because a handful of pricks wanted to be real Men in Important governmental Offices. They are unaware of the complications being caused by the fact that after work done to broker Intellectual property administration equity with companies, my Books are mired in Media and Celebrity controversy as eventually means I am showered with enough insults to ensure that I can no longer protect my own intellectual property due to the interests hoodlums and criminals show in my personal space, unaware then that it happened because I had not yet murdered any twats, need pass less of their stupid judgements.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland