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HH's Global Industry Equity property, current Globally Brokered Securities State of affairs 

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Now they say the source of all my problems is a lack of conformity with the needs of Politicians and I wouldn’t know anyway; what we have are Political parties where everybody works for themselves and do not have to follow the party leadership that also forms the government, talking rubbish at me on a personal basis that involves wrecking my life to build their careers as they complain in the Houses of Government about the consequences. All the options they have will hinge on those stupid threats being played out on the front of wasting tax payer funds to create some National Hardship or gathering up block head private security industry scum to tell me I may achieve what I wish but they can be used to take from me all I have like we see them do endlessly without fail everyday. The women always consider themselves to be the ones that can put me in my places but we all know they rely on me to understand what their stupidities are fucking around with at Government Office is dangerous and a time is fast approaching where I will not have the patience to understand anymore and the ball will be in their Court to show what they can do about it and do about me. So it all good playing up the other gimmick of talking insults and getting slippery endlessly because once they move it onto the business of following up the story of my main problem and the reason I smell like my loo and cannot keep a job and complete academic pursuit is because of my selfishness when it comes to people being able to peddle my public image and personal life to make money, I will definitely going to get off my normality and teach them a lesson they will never forget as well; none peddles the faith, none peddles the personal life and none peddles the public image, their freedom can look any way it likes, I do not care much about it for my part anyway, it comes to a point and one must take a stand somewhere. I do get asked if this is me throwing around some false hope again but it isn’t; its been this way all day and was the same yesterday too and at 18.00 hours after a hot day and dealing with some hay fever another auspice for me to be abused by crowds of people is not just my selfishness but unwillingness to conform to the needs of Politicians. We see it all the time when the time I dropped out of University I thought the block heads passing exams in school and then seeing they are still block heads, going off to make some popular culture fame and fortune singing what passes on the left hand side and right hand side and claiming what they do with it is what my life had become, was the least of my worries, now we see it is far from that and has become a case of dealing with Politicians creating me daily set backs to tell me the problem was a lack of comnformity with their needs – hence that sense still lingers that they think I am bluffing each time I remind them that the next time they follow me around at an academic institution for any reason there will be trouble for my part in the matter as well; we see it all the time with Public transport operatives too, they will run the public transport job pointing fingers at me everywhere they find angry people and find criminals and find problems, adopting this position that suggests they keep the problems and decide which scoop full others should be getting but we all know if I decided they will be spending the public transport job salaries at the bauty markets so they can do the celebrity culture instead and decided they will be ferrying around entire neighbourhoods, everybody knows there will be fatality if I took it to a stage where I scooped the gangs and criminals that will shoot and stab their stupidities for it. It never ceases to be a process of losing everything just to accommodate their stupidities screwing around with very dangerous things and issues; I mean MP gets off the security given them at Government buildings to chase me around on the streets because he wants me to work on his needs, only when I decided to create setbacks for his children and chase him around in the Houses of Government will it have stopped being a point for clowning around like they think it is, except at such a stage it will have ended up as a political or constitutional crisis, so when I do not do it the main cause of my problems is the fact I do not work with their needs. It will show up to make out its insults are ever abiding to how I am likely to operate in public places but it is only when I start to ensure their children cannot pass exams in school and become determined to make a career where they are building their own at the industries and labour markets with a specific plan to beat them down and defeat them, will it had become a social crisis, so the insults will never stop as long as it can get me talking to the hand because the person o the bench opposite is required to listen to what it is saying by law, it will not stop passing the insults with a sense of total reliance on the idea it is up to me to understand its stupidities are playing around with dangerous social and political matters. So we also tend to hear what they mean when they say I must conform to the needs of the Politicians is clearly that I need to get out of my skin so they might move into my right hand in order to be MPs, added to the fact I have never been able to make sense of any stupid thing they have said in the last decade as a matter of what passes on their left and right hand side and means I must respond to what they are saying or trying to do in my direction whether I liked it or not – we all know this is a big joke, an assumption that when I kill off the Popular culture I am rather convinced the music is being made on my life and do not know what I am doing for my part as well i.e. it will pass exams in school but continue to behave like a fool in public and then make some music about what passes on the left and right and people will be happy and pay some money and it will be successful and the parents will be proud but the part where it loves to show up on my concerns and rip up my own has never been explained never the less, really difficult to figure out what is really wrong with them. In the end I get told it is my alliance with the Royal family that provokes people, which alliance with the Royal family was always an acceptable reprieve from being told endlessly that they were superior to me, conducting stupid tribalism raids on me and wrecking the finances and academic work in the hope that when they controlled industry as well, their bloody problems would be over.

They say it is what wealth grabbing looks like which is utter nonsense; it is only the second round of their stupid society choosing poverty so the Labour party can persecute moral people and others who dare to have what they have not tasted first, the first was the one that played out to such an extent it cost me my University studies. It’s the business of Royal Office and its wealth and power and privilege and what those who hold an office might do with such things; in my case its what I believe in and being an Arch Prince, certain issues arise, such as the fact the Bible says thou shall not kill while I have an Army to look after, therefore I need to make it clear I would not ask them to do anything that I would not do myself in the first place and that means I first of all had to ensure the gangs and criminals and trouble makers got on their popular culture band waggon and stopped bothering those who needed to get on with the real jobs and careers – which has again been sabotaged by the Parliament idiots with ambitions who show up to spend tax payer funds on them as well claiming to emulate me about which the problem was that they were in charge because they were the ones who were elected by the public, only when it hurts they attack me and blab nonsense about conformity – just cannot keep their hands off other people as we can see.

So they say I have put myself beyond the control of conventional processes of government but I have not; just that what we have is not a real Government of Politicians, its ageists playing games which the parliament needs to be free from all together – so it did run up to that stage where it looked like it was enough of a constitutional crisis for the Queen to consider dissolving Parliament until somebody exposed the expenses scandal that was running through the corridors of parliament and we all saw what the undercurrent of the problem was. This time, all we know is that it has one foot at Industry, so when it takes a step into parliament the sense of wealth and power is overwhelming, therefore it starts to bully Parliamentary clerks and then when I say it looks as though it has just stood up in public to tell families that if the job were given, it will work it to ensure they had the best education and health care, to bullying parliamentary clerks, then that will appear to suggest we are getting closer to what the undercurrent of the problem is.

They do however say they want the UK to be a republic and I have no idea why they like to think it is such a problem I will be unable to handle it anyway; in my mind it is terribly disrespectful for a social problem to be the fact that somebody else wants to do my job as well and thinks that everybody else should be able to – hence while at it they have not given one reason why they believe the Queen should not rather burn the Country than let them have it anyway, which brings up the question of whether in their years of involvement with government activity it would have been their actions that caused the Royal Family to give up the Crown and not the fact they thought they could not do the job competently any longer, no matter which direction their revolution went; peaceful or not.

I do get asked this question of why I never respond when people tell me that every instance in which women feel unsafe because of me will be punished but it is rather pointless to; like they say I cannot handle Industry trouble makers who follow up the insults about revolution with a process of wanting to move into my right hand by telling me to get out of my skin so they might get in there and enjoy sensations of convenience, only to show up and threaten me when I smell like my loo everywhere I go for it as well, as we can see I never do the same to them by shutting down popular culture to show up with a gun that helps me tell them they are never to access it again on my self appointed authority – so it does seem that only when I scare those stupidities that mean others should do what they want because they have money, that nobody has ever been able to make sense of, that we see them pack their own in and remember what is really important and it is taking up my time unacceptably too. About which I am told society talk about the right hand side and I talk about the right hand side and nobody knows which is which but I am not the only person that has never been able to make sense of the stupidities of industry people that have to do with what is happening on their right hand side which means others have to do what they want because they have money, its just that it affects me like everybody else i.e. I get taken advantage of, have my academics and finances destroyed and have people showing up to attack me having linked a process of making money with a process of hurting me. So the business of women feeling unsafe because of me is something some people believe to be true because they are convinced that if anything went wrong I would be the one getting beaten up; this is why I never respond to it because of course if I took them up on the business of making me a real Man, they will end up with somebody that wants to appoint them the people who will get around making sure women do not mess around at school or sleep around with public image until money runs out or parents can no longer bank roll it, then tackle other peoples well raised children as an option and it will end as badly as their big mouth likes to set it out all the time too but for now, saying it means every person that takes advantage of me for the insults of women are the ones getting tested still. Personally I could never make out how their whole future got built on the fact I can handle culture and society trouble makers comfortably while spending time on my studies with those foolish busy body opportunism chasing peoples alimentary canal all the time for leverage anyway in the first place. It all feeds into the business where it is said the House of York is interested in me as I am in the House of York but it is the old case where I am an Arch Prince, only less powerful than the Queen and the Prince of Wales but only when I marry into the Royal Family will I then have a Title of my own; hence effectively the Family I have an interest in will have had a partnership with me already and those who buy my Books to finance me would have helped me get it done in much the same way that I want to see those who believe what I say and do at the work place matters controlling the top companies in the world, like we see the trouble makers want to ensure the Industry goons get to control all the top companies themselves – hence less talk and more action is needed from those who want to support; I am happy to take money at the shop any time.

So in the end I do get told they are difficult to control which they are not; usually them on the left and society trouble makers on the right; the society ones will say its all about respect and the way living should be but here in a writers office what happens is that my tummy hurts every second and anything that comes out of my head has been taken already by those who keep an eye on my existence 24/7.

We now hear of people fighting my battles endlessly which is not an issue except when it is a form of abuse, worth remembering the problem right down to football people started out that way; with a need to suddenly see me excluded from the Country and then carrying my tummy around in front of me all the time and then when I am made to feel that burden is in my head, it is either I get into a fight with a white person or a white person goes into the security services to fight my battle – so that is the part that has not ended really well so far. Then again I love to carry around this stuff where they say people are fighting my battles, because it allows me to tackle those young people that have been badly raised and cannot keep their hands to themselves a distant violence making me sore all the time – so they are usually afraid of the women who can assure them they will be caught unexpectedly and in a bad situation but feel they do not have to be afraid of the Men, so I always get away with a process where losing the temper has the one outcome where those who kill will be doing it for them and those who get killed will be related to them in some way.

They always say that even so I never get into a fight but we all know it’s a matter of the person who is not getting into one being follower of a person that has been getting into one; the detail of what happens is that each time I meet people on the roads its abusive stuff and I do not get into a fight because I can understand exactly what they are saying i.e. that they have been putting noose round a Cows nose business all day dragging people down a path people do not wish to go in order to earn a living and so like to play those games in the short 2 second of driving past me where they imagine parting my bum so intensely that I feel them do it and then drag me around to take advantage of my personality as well, which never ends well as they learn from me that cars are dangerous for drivers and everybody else and those who drive need concentrate – then there are the Political ones who claim they fancy my bum and their disappointment was the day I walked into a Church, so they vowed they will fuck it one way or another and every unconsented bottom hurting goes down to this abuse and adds up to me being sexually harassed, which is why they are as well by other culture and society trouble makers that are quite just as insane as they and their secret society goons are, since the last time I dropped out of University over this need of theirs, to sit around reacting to the stupidities of the world around me, thereby eliminating Church and improving prospects of them fucking my lovely arse; so when I mention it thus they likely express something about showing how much they hate religion and doing so with money spent, which I would fancy they tempted me at once again as it were – then there are the society ones that show up to make a mess of my concerns and then if I stuff their heads with what I know, they do not go away because the Politicians have ideas that allow them get off claiming each time I do it the career is their own and their abuses therefore hurts a lot more because of that but even so happen to be the ones learning the lesson fastest about abusing people. Hence I never get into a fight with people because it is pointless to for most of the time, it is not to say I am some sort of coward whose battles other people are fighting and those who start such stories need start it well enough as well as we can see.

I hear there is a huge question mark on me as such but it’s a matter of the fact that once I am convinced these guys will never lay off my academic work and Public image, I will seek a career where society people are making a living, such as getting a physical job at Cocacola for instance and will work it such that none messes with my academic work, while the money I make from it will facilitate a fear of me if the respect cannot be attained all together, so its all my options and the only reason I complain about having both the options is that it facilitates a process where these fools that show up here over these matters to express their insulting busy body opportunism, get to chose a side, not tell me all the time that it is a problem I cannot handle and skewer everything around here like their bloody human rights looked like that – the same way I enjoy letting the story of people fighting my battles fester because it helps me see things that would otherwise have been hidden, such as society men that have now made enough money to live like children and their wives are the ones doing the violent stuff for the family or indeed a reputation created for me of women never feeling safe when I am about while they go into dilapidated neighbourhoods to beat up the ones that do not have a voice to do me favours they can brag about; as their silly children ruin my career, pillage my public image and employ local gits that make a mess of company procedures only getting jobs right if they hate a hate figure from there to get rich and famous quick, the busy body opportunism.



Naturally HH has a personal life which is a place that wealthy individuals and Businesses work and occupy whom he serves for a living. He has managed this Empire for sometime now with making sure the vandalisms of squander and destruction especially from the entertainment industry and Godless Youths and Adults which equip and support them, does not through Market or Politics ensure others loose their jobs and Enterprises they have sacrificed much in their lives to build, in turn of which HH has found it incredibly difficult to sell my books because of them which is an efficacy-all in his position expect to be temporary, this has led One into clashes with the Political System that does not make any sense too, with respect to the fact that this is not their own lives in the first place or property as such and doing such things will not be democratically beneficial to them either. However it makes sense to them because they belong in secrete societies where they decide from time to time whom they want to pick on in order to do foolish things and get rich doing such things at the same time and mastermind the process by which extremism can be called upon for lies that cannot be broken down by those who want to be free from them and then making friends on the basis that having done such things prove they are the ones that are most attractive to followers-the most capable leaders, the right side to be on, which they do for no reason whatsoever and of course generally with and for a world that wishes in all turn to do things to lack scruples and also hate the idea of believing anything that makes them uncomfortable, such as the truth. As a result of which they are completely confident until now that nothing can be democratically inconvenient for them, hence that HH's actions attacks their powers is a provocation that is very difficult to comprehend or indeed answer. By far the most destructive of the lot are of course incompetent Diplomats and Music Industry fools; even their Fan base is made up of 'spendaholics' and vandals who are not interested in where the money they spend comes from and of course based on the fact they are incredibly destructive vandals, always destroy so much to have money that they can then waste which does not appear to them to be what they are doing because all their lives they have been taught by their evil parents that vandalise peoples property as the big boys and big girls to get rich, that it is a process of making a living and enjoying life until now that is. 


So they still continue to check One out for weaknesses while they make out their personalities mean they have got power which is incredibly and annoyingly provocative and when they have also made out no body dares to deny them anything they want it become incomprehensible what must be done about them-while some people busy bodied lend them Businesses and Media and Politics to wreck other people's lives finances with. This has also led HH to take steps with regards to incompetent Diplomats whose insolent Wives and Daughters are trying to use everything he owns through Media operated lucrative insults, which would never have a meaning so they can settle in on these things in a way that does not hurt people so badly, till the Politicians are complicit with it that and pretend with doing so they are governing everybody and making sure people are doing as they are being told with their big mouth, as a route to marry into the Royal family, which has seen the crushing of those secrete societies by HH and therefore left One in this place where the economies of the world especially that of the West will never take real shape until he has forced them to advertise goods and services they wish to sell to people or show off on Public Television without using him or his property which they know stifles his books sales as well and will provoke him further, so that while they really mess up the Political system of the Country seeking people that have more Authority and powers than HH whom they can make force him to do what they want, the situation makes One's friends and allies who also help me with governance uncomfortable and scared and this is also incredibly expensive to deal with, while it is fun to them when and because they have Media and direct access to the Fame and Fortune industry through it, to drag Rich idiots and their scandalous Families into people's inheritance or drag people's inheritance into the filthy affairs of Rich idiots and their scandalous Families-expecting increased wealth because they think they can do and undo not reprisals for it, which he must so they can tell One less that having ruined him financially doing such things, they can control him and will have his private life whether he likes it or not, which they can show off whenever they fellow rich friends come around and then get violent even so from there to confiscate all he owns as well with a big mouth. A matter to which we all know they can never be stopped if they do because in their eyes there is only one form of abuse that is against the Law and it is sexual abuse, that is for men who have things they want to grab to do, while they make friends with criminals and the rest is Legal, Advertising goods and services without using HH or his property which they think they are unlikely to do because they are Women and weaker sex and he is a Christian to be abused but according to them still,  if any other abuse was against the Law, there isn't anything One can do about them because they have strange powers that they get from their secrete societies and evil shrines and will use it to make him suffer, on which One has decided to build a means for profit as well and prevent them from making use of it too while he does.


They never go away over the matter of insolently seeking to own HH's personal life especially and given half the chance insult him further Publicly, making out he is the one being insolent as well which is unfathomably infuriating because it is what Politicians have helped them to wreck HH's finances, so they can do all along and therefore prompting revenge for the sake of my well being but rather convinces them they have won a great battle and will continue to have publicly the dream of owning HH's private life instead and moving him thereof to their left in the big insolent public comparison of and take over of other peoples private lives, for their personal security;- selecting thereof men they like who will support them and insolently use other peoples market place to sell things for those that have lots of money-besides the ones that get violent or play football and get violent that is, in order to  have the best jobs in the world as well by using other people's careers to get rich, keeping the owners off an income, joining gangs because gangs are being selfish with their power which is good and then abusing gangs to the point where there is a chance of crimes against the person happening, then set up those whose lives they are already keeping all wrecked with their evil Media for it and in HH's case show off all the time on public media through an advertisement or any other means they think is most convenient recently for extracting an income from his property without permission precisely where he should to get rich and keep him poor with a single stone, just to make insolent statements about who they know and are connected to and when they are female, how the rest need to realise it is too much of a Man's world as well, when no body had asked them before they started in the first place.


It goes without saying of course that all the while The Business owners in the matter continue to encourage things like those with money rewards because they currently have it, knowing perfectly well that whenever it has become big money for these them, HH will not be able to keep his job properly because it will not be paying him on account they continue to use vandalisms to ensure it does not for his crime was caring about his lovers, then he will never have another job because they are being powerful with such thing if it is not or indeed sell his books because they have reached the point where they ask themselves the question of why not as well because his feelings do not matter any more to decisions they take and no matter how hard people fight they will make sure they have peoples lives in this condition, which is why they love economic crisis so much and think those who do something about it are or look funny for mockery, financial problems and scandals; for the men, they are big boys and the women are just the worlds most impudent idiots especially over matters of stealing peoples money, with some excuse they name after a job they have aligned with such things, completely confident in the chances of having success though the fact they will be attacking HH all the time for no reason and Politicians will be supporting it on account of some threat he has become to something which makes them money bearing in mind where in his life they have recently placed it with Media, for now that point is his market place, Personal life because he is a writer and no job can be free of them for such things and book sales, all of which contrary to their lies they think will change facts and do nothing to help the current global economic situation that obviously best explains and shows how it will all end, is One's property and an aspect of his own life not theirs and set up contraptions of ideological dishonesty they have derived from his property which they also expect to keep still belongs to him and the copyrighted derivatives of his work which bearing in mind they are stifling his earnings is not a very good prognosis especially based on their insolent excuse it is because the world needs to be democratic and they are making themselves One's Parents and making him share, after the evil powers they go to places where there is darkness which has no meaning to acquire through such wickedness, in order to deploy on HH to get rich and have whatever they desire from those who have got it because media idiots continue to tell people it is the easiest way to have lots of money to have followers for it,  in order to drive him to desperation through robbery, after which they complain about culture and society and what he has done with it recently, whereas they cannot stop stretching his own for such purposes, which is really the things they need to do to loose their stupid cultures and societies. 


Naturally it is the method by which their threats are applied to HH as if he is their equal and the boasts about them whenever they have-especially the girls, that causes the most problem here; no body cares, certainly not here,  if there isn't anything that can stand between them and money and other peoples perks with it. HH is not vulnerable to their ideological dishonesty or indeed that of their extortionist friends from developing economies that want power but cannot take care of themselves, it has simply become a matter of insolence and drive towards superiority over him on their part-where his income is stifled until somebody creates something similar off his property, to match his and then make it with some changes by which his property is being replaced somewhere according to the temperaments of his daughter or girl friend, which he can then use on his business in the place of HH's Securities and Equities and because he is a Con man having revenge shares this will everybody and fights them if they do not take it, the books of which he is not buying, so when he does such things he kills off One's sales. They started it over HH Securities and Equities that they took when they were never invited and the Global Intellectual space was still open to those that needed security of shared mutual ownership, before they started attacking HH's earnings all together, when the two acts were not really connected from the beginning, which shows they are not behaving like human currently although the want things that humans get, since it was initially a matter of job security for One's friends and allies before they got involved and cannot stop scaring and attacking people in HH's world since, which they think they can get away with messing around his temperaments, aesthetics and property when their daughters or girl friends and the bad boys those back themselves up with, just because they have a personality of their own which if baffling that people should think anything operates in such ways, which is even so more annoying because they are in a place where they can be so lucratively stupid that they refuse to see that such rubbish has no way of existing without being derived from HH's property which is still his legally and contemporary property anyway and that he will not stand for it or any of the vandalisms they might want to get away with thereafter, hence an Opportunity Cost decision over his entire Empire and all the money in it, which he cannot control, not tolerated no matter from who or what, that they continue to fight him over my earnings to apply, all the way to everything including his Colours and Aesthetic Evolution and development reflected on my Property and Empire which he is able to serve the Wealthy  Individuals and Enterprises in his Empire with, along the lines of Intellectual Property Security that is also reflected in Creativity of manufacturing and Equities consummated in his books where all debated nonsense hides is where he gets his payment for a living and are particularly obsessed with stifling his earnings as such, then using Money for example or using it with Media to try to ensure they are the ones that own everything which belongs to One and he is the one that is being given the feeling of not owning any of it, so he can be made to understand how they feel, since it is their opinion other peoples lives should be used in such ways, as they continue stifling his earnings and copying to create a similar Empire to his but which exists in places where it can be seen or given lots of money, which will get rid of him from their insolent Families and through doing so, a process where they are the ones doing HH's Administrative job but for themselves (it is only possible to wonder at their stupidities). Of course they get most of their support from incompetent Diplomats who work with Politicians that are complicit with their lack of correct skill for the Job and nothing is new about that. HH is only trying to get them to see it is more difficult to keep a job as a Christian that tolerates the Secrete Societies of men and their other idiots as a good thing, than if he is not. So getting all personal and destructive on his Property, since they are completely lacking of respect, is looking for trouble they will never be able to handle and One is never giving up any of the powers he has over them and their cultures and societies and the newly acquired process of dealing with their social problems for them in their own personal lives whether they like it or not, therefore if they were wise enough to see that, they will have been able to discern they needed to go back and concentrate on their Politics and Jobs or whatever it is they do in reality not their stupid fantasies on HH's property, all over again and that by leaving him alone, all will be able to move on and they can do their Secrete Society powers on those that refuse to serve God and are therefore available to it without him.



Their most common excuse these days is that HH always says things which are demeaning and insolent; when they are the ones controlling his finances to set their names and family names in the history of the world in place of his with the use of his earnings which they have not cleared up the date they are going to stop doing bearing in mind he has financial problems because of it while they feel they should continue to continue, while getting rid of his name from where it is established. They claim he is Royalty and does not need Human Rights as well, after starting this because they know they are wicked people who serve the devil and think they are the only ones that do so, for which One couldn't care less, hence a clash with him which involves how the way he does his Christianity since they serve the devil but believe God does not exist at the same time, needs to change in the act which is getting in their eyes and bothering them, which is also the reason the way they do their wickedness and service to the devil is bothering HH as well and need to change to stop getting in One's eyes, all together good therefore for the insolent ageists that want to get in the middle and tell others how to live their lives, more so because HH knows absolutely no decision will be taken by them in his favour. Indicating they know One is aware they are incredibly evil people whom he has decided he wants to tie down and extract anything he needs to do a job with from, besides learning from them to beat back into their lives every problem they have worried about in their own lives, which they express because they are human beings, in copycat discrimination he copies from them which he does for mockery, hence keep them somewhere to extract all he needs including calm-they always use the process of causing him harm to create it anyway hence justified, especially so because they are always manipulating his energy to get rich and Politicians generally always want to see what will happen when they give them Tax Payers Money, since they never earn theirs to move around with, hence HH has no choice and needs to each time he is working on his career, which is why he likes to live at their level in society, until he had raised enough funds to enjoy himself and thereof give them a break by putting them out of sight and out of mind-so they can also have their democracies and be free of him of which both he and they deserve in equal measure, especially those that want to control his life on a day to day basis because they have been boasting to people he is their property and need to live up to those things they have said, having things they cannot have to show for it, all of which happens because they do too much of that evil stuff to hurt people and get rich and HH's version has particular flavour because they get a good feeling from doing so as well, bearing in mind the only thing stopping them from hurting people is the law, so in him they have found an ultimate excuse, which is to distant from the truth: the truth which is rather that HH Brokes Equities with The Queen in the Process of which he in his Office handles with Her Majesty matters involving how whether or not the Crown has the Loyalty of the most powerful people in the Land, has nothing to do with the fact that what the powerful want they always take anyway and so to have a Country, which is what Her Majesty's Royal Estate is, structures must be put in place for the less powerful to ensure a club does not take the part of a Nation, nor does doing so have anything to do with the fact HH is making a fantastic job out of it or have anything to do with the fact he is selling books from his work to release Money from The Royal Estate that was given him in payment, whenever he needs to, which is what has raised these matters of stupidities on their part. 


The fact of the matter being that they are useless Statesmen, Business Men and Politicians, some of them cannot write a speech and are clearly obsessed with that aspect of life where they must have done so much and changed people for the better and said so many important things, that when people insult or attack them, other people will want to defend or fight for and beat people up for them; which is why they wreck the lives of young people all the time. So if they were not doing sectarian violence with the lives of young people, pretending the Country is a village that belongs to them, they would be making out a Royal Prince means a chance to evade all kinds of Law because he has everything and does not deserve human rights in like manner a fight they have ever won but which they can control his book sales and therefore his finances. Whenever they do it, they seem to fail to remember what kind of a threat to their Political systems HH is and can be as they venture to abate violence and that he already has a habit of making sure the Mob cannot be evil for self protection if they wanted because he feels the idea people are selfish, evil and violent was bad enough, thus blame culture directed at him shows they can think and should be doing more of that, not stupid evils that he is supposed to allow for self protection, while he is a Christian, so they can later boast of having profaned his faith. As usual, they will be confiscating One's personal life and mixing it with their culture as things they can insult and abuse him for, each time they claim it for themselves to feel as though they are important Men and Women but when he moves on, there is still there the heresy they bandy with violence at him insolently and abusively all the time, by which they say something in public to create distant fascists, which means HH cannot worship his God or practice his Faith and when they do it, he will have to make them make so much complaints about the unanswered questions it brings up unto hell, just like the unanswered questions their insolence of addressing him gets them into the troubles they have recently gotten enough human words to table before Politicians, so they can attack his books and Market place Media raises for them to play around with, so they can try to make out they control him and make him give up his life on a daily basis, so they can be important and great because they are essentially worthless and very insolent people too.


Their friends outside of the United Kingdom on the other hand rather always wish HH should say or write something which will expose his career to competition and shared and rebellious ownerships and vandalisms and corruptions of involvement that he cannot control on his thoughts, through some kind of drive to look Educated which seems to be forceful as well but the rule has always been as simple as the fact when they see somebody else's Property in their Country because media and Political trouble makers have been up to all sorts, those of them that have Jobs turn up at the spot to have power and the rest love to claim it for themselves because they have filthy disgusting spiritual powers to help people abuse HH's privacy with, which is how they make out that they have  put it where the owner cannot recover it, when they are not stronger than he am nor are the opportunistic idiots that take advantage of creating a fight between HH and them so he can be abused-hence the complains that come through about what has happened to their culture, which Politicians will help them with wrecking HH's Finances, which they have done so often it has reached the point where these fools can claim to have won a battle and so do these things all the time for the purpose-hence creating themselves problems they cannot handle and thinking they have a Boy they will bully in expectation of Magic on how to get out of it, besides which HH has warned them and those they travel abroad to consult on what things they must have for power in order to have HH's Royal Estate for themselves enough times about giving Media and Political fools lots of power and stupid so called potions, with which to return to the Country and try to fulfil their dreams by using those powers on him, dreams that have to do with them becoming somebody's Prince which he has warned people about supporting or giving them power for because it is always an excuse for them to come round here to hurt and abuse him and if it means they have power, it is not clear what their complaints are all about. So One's intellectual property cannot be taken away from him wherever in the world it ends up, it is just not possible. For my part he has come to the deduction that people just will not have any respect for his Intellectual Rights over his Property bearing in mind these facts, especially those of them that are lying Writers and Men that are Older than him and will kill for what he has and can so carve out all kinds predictable stories he would have told with his books if he wrote them the way their insults tell him to, rather than write Securities and Equities which have these stories at the back ground (feeling their sustained Left and Right hand European fascist insults which count as abuse have paid off-so they can get around the world getting rich quick) because of insults that they got used to throwing at HH at some point in their lives, all of which he is not actually aware of to this day by the way and so it is no longer possible to continue to pretend that suing them does not have a real chance of becoming big business (Currently extracting the worth of the property they abuse through the Equities of their businesses and establishments is the pay HH is recovering for earnings and work being vandalised but it is completely useless if he cannot broke those selling his books, which they seem to have access to. Hence how they scandalise it to get rich in the first place and now trying to convince people not to buy them). Of course there is no need for them to be rewarded for their stupidities that they also ruin peoples lives with and incompetence for those of them that get into Government Office, just because HH brokes Intellectual Property with Manufacturers and Financiers to earn a living, the thieves among them of who are using these intellectual property without buying the books for various reasons, chiefly One's attitude and then demanding more from time to time to keep the Sales crippled to and while they get rich by having him as a cultural abused misdemeanor, so HH is going to have to step up his game on punishing people too unreservedly and indiscriminately.



Obviously if HH was superior enough or a member of the superior race, no body would notice what he had in his personal life so he would only have had notoriety when he was wealthy enough to be famous but because he was not it turns out he is now somebody who says things and must do what he said over his earnings, thus if he was superior enough or a member of the superior race they would stop these things in about 3 to 5 years of doing them, at the point where they have begun to create a norm for themselves out of it which will harm them later, which will then allow him to put it down to experiences in his life but he is not, so they want to do it through to about 15 to 20 years and then stop at the right time to ensure they do not linger long enough around him and he does not linger long enough around them to create circumstantial facts of evidence that can be used in Court and the corresponding prove of their actions towards those, which he can either also write on his website or hire a private investigator to gather if he wants Court action, but it is much too late for that now. The reason they do not stop however is that they are telling HH he is a Commoner on account they are the ones that are planning to be or become Royalty with their money that they cannot account for because they have a habit of delaying him from making his and come up with new reasons to keep that going everyday with a big mouth, which has nothing whatsoever to do with a days Job or indeed the truth but more to do with the kind of Women and Men that the Devil assigns duties into the world to make sure HH is a poor Man talking rubbish about the idea they are in love with Material Things and therefore always doing things to HH that people do when they care about him, to fleece him violently of his earnings at his market place and thereof getting backed up by rich and important fools, who will not put their money where their mouth is.


All they seem to do with their time is nothing else but a process of barging into HH's life; first in order to find out what is happening in it and then take up what is happening and do it for everybody and when they expose him to extremism and he gets them out of trouble, they want the fame as well when they could not even help themselves they want to take things off him, when he has gotten himself out as well, they get back into it and tie him down to evil secrete society responsibilities of wickedness and ruin, by believing things their enemies say about them even if it is just a rumour having suddenly given up the planned desire to get to be the ones that know the most rich people because it has something to do with HH, the poorer versions especially that are always being hammered by the versions that are richer and more powerful than they are, by which they issue insolent and abusive snap judgements at HH, which is then used to order him around on media, thinking he does not know they laugh at him behind his back for all the gangs and trouble he has gotten them out of because they like to get involved with such things and lumber other people's Children with errands that are too much for them but apart from the fact that they have not once bought a copy of HH's books, especially those of them that are always perpetual victims in appreciation of this, they always fail to see One is in Charge and they are not and so make claims that such claims of his of having gotten them out of trouble is a lie which does not have a foundation in fact and to it,  since we are still in a world where if he wants them to repent, they bloody will and whenever he like too does not actually matter.

So it applies that all they spend their time doing secondly is go from a hatred of introverts because introverts are just people that should be made to suffer to make others feel good-especially the Christian, to bullying over the importance of Social activity, Gangs, Club and Pop life and probably Drugs as well, then settle in on psychosis by sleep deprivation, which is a new excuse to attack the Christian and  go out into the Market and to buy Products that people have created using HH brokered Securities  to set themselves up on Public Media and Public places to try and claim the Securities from those products they have bought as their own, which plays absolute havoc on everything, especially with One's earnings, aiding themselves with what they have found out about him and his work thereof through abusing his privacy or just reporting his life instead of the News. Then proceeding from a hatred of introverts because they are just people that should be made to suffer to make others feel good, which then applies especially to the Christian, to Public and Political bullying which they know Politicians will like and help them with lies to win great battles for, over the importance of Social Activity, Gangs, Club life and probably Drugs as well, to settle in on psychosis by sleep deprivation that is their problem which is a new excuse to attack the Christian and get the Media to run the problem for them over a period of time first, before they get down to the bullying HH over it, all of which he needs to be in a certain state of mind to be available for, when they also know they are stupid people and no matter how much people beat them up over their stupidities, it will never make them any clever but like to throw base opinions at others all the time. 


With respect to One's books themselves it must be mentioned that it is no use people complaining about the things he does to their businesses and means of getting rich, when there is no other way to sell securities that cost up to £50.00 piece in a condition where his entire Empire and the System thereof by which these Securities are supported, lays in tatters because some people are the big boys and have evil spouses and Children too and have also got Media and Politics or either of the two. HH intends to restore the Empire as there is no known alternative way to sell these Equities-(bearing in mind also that because they never give up on their wickedness no matter how ineffective it is on the matter of hurting people or getting pleasure and riches from so doing-especially when those people are inferior and they have their arguments of experiencing such things on standby, by which those they abuse need to shut up and stop the whinge which is also how they creep under me and address me with racist undertones to court themselves the wrath from me that they have over the years, they are now making a living from the fears that the Christian that is HH has been made to have over his worries over his finances and their games with it, which operates along the lines of telling people they own him or everything he owns and thereby threaten him when he does anything or changes anything which is then always surprising, in order to gain access to the energy they need for confidence and success but at the end of which they attack his income directly to consummate this great feelings they are so busy making enjoyments from). Of course their businesses are stuck and the only way forward is sacrificing a fresher business somewhere-justifying it with rubbish they talk about some need for recovery, One needs to sell his books before they can use his equities or any of its derivatives he has made quite clear and they need to think about their attitude before they can make any more money.

It goes without saying they are a front for criminal activity, well settled in on their Public Media tricks as well and if One concentrates on things they do over his fame and work, he will take his eyes off the ball which is: Men and their Boys using his books and paying him with what they think he needs most, usually filthy sex and abuse and not Cash for buying a copy that they should be buying books with, to provoke him, then proceeding to join Gangs by which they can force One into a fight or use his work to do the problems, then clip him as well thereafter because when people fight for others they always become tyrants and they will never wait for that to happen-all when they were never asked and none ever did fight for them and the perceptions by which they simulate such nonsense on Public Media is not of HH's own free will, then proceeding to beating peoples worries and complains back into their lives whenever they have a sense of it because it was their fault, which they also attempt to apply to him and then the ideological robbery and manipulating peoples energies to do things which Politicians get to give them tax payers money for, to make HH do or suggest something tyrannical takes off, then the "mind your business" barely legal existence fools on the right hand, after which they are then Criminals-organised and serious as well. HH just wants them off his books because he needs the books sold and if the book harm their State of affairs, he is certain next time they will not find facts about his work and go round the world making sure people have the power, so they might never want to buy the book, grabbing his fortunes and dashing them to the wall like they can give to others-thus they can make their own world smaller, it always will get into trouble making One's own smaller for him, especially infuriating when it is so they can make space to get rich or have money.


This is basically referring to the fact it is not nor is it an aspect of the liabilities of the Books shop or indeed its parent Firm to allow others deploy its market and services (streetwise for fame and fortune opportunities they have located or have already got) or in common language look into and tolerate the infantile vandalism of old men and their girls in the Media and Fashion Industry. Thus on every occasion will there be securities declared to what has been done to that effect. 


Now there is talk of tensions between Parliament and the Monarchy – of course it is utter rubbish, the truth is that of a collection of fools that enjoy using parliament as the point at which to attack my finances and leave me penniless because they want power, you know the sort of thing that only happens if you are in the most evil place in the world which I do not think has ever been the purpose of the Palace all together anyway. The media ones are just as well too, for those apparently they expect conversations when they start knowing you are aware that when it comes to confidentiality at your office, the media has a thick skin, now when they have invented an altercation with you, you talk according to them; nice try as it were, no doubt about that one – all there is to media is a group of people you act regularly to do things to them which ensures they feel the same way they have made you feel and of course they always have their upper hand thing; you always have something they don’t and therefore their revenge deserved but I have warned as well they will either stay away from it or it will end badly, hence the attitude of extracting money from my empire is that which will not lead to a good conclusion as well. They all behave in the same way at the lower class; only they need to buy fine cloths and buy big homes and nice cars as it were and these things happen when you have been forced into a place where you are so out of touch with them that tolerating them all be against your prime decision to do so, has developed into something else entirely. I do not feel for my part as though I am in a place where I am likely to launch an attack on government property which will set out a bad precedent and I have warned them it is all getting personalised as well; like the issue of my claim I have enough money to buy the liabilities of the currency, when in actual fact like most things happen around here, I work equities with business and Industries and come to a point where I can deploy a property to secure such things and then secure my permission to do so and get off to do it as it were – no space left for any body’s lingering or insolent vanities like they suppose they have created into it as well. The way it works mostly is clearly that of fine men in relationships with fine women and the idea everybody else is rubbish; so what happens with these particular group of people is not that they are the only ones you get to see but that there is something about hurting you for pleasure and something about causing you emotional suffering for sex and so on and of course I have mentioned the attitude of extracting money from my empire as the one thing that will bring serious consequences for it – they in turn have told me there is nothing i can do which I see as the beginning of the end of that foolish media as well because they use it for nothing else but made up ideas about what I did to them and what I didn’t which is good for their foolish self esteem, so they can continue to do things to my money that I do not want them do to it or with it.. I am like anybody else aware of how some want to be famous and will steal it if they must and how rampant that is. However on the other hand, idiots that get government job as diplomats and want things; want power, advancement for their entire families, wealth etc and are perfectly sure of where they will get it around me as violently as possible, normally applies that any idiot can pass insults at me and then move into my life and take up my royal order and use it to do things - it is like the same with politicians when they tell me what annoys them about me is that most of what I do should pass through them and not the Monarchy which is an incredibly infuriating insolence as it were but one question always comes to mind for the most part i.e. or else what? So we all know they have access to my government provided security or have made things up on their media to create the effects they need to and hence believe their stupid media life crisis to be that which should apply on my chest and my tummy and my head etc, I do not think that it will help either.


Of course it is never true those claims about a future homosexuals have built making me vulnerable to them – it’s a case of a problem with my faith while wanting to be homosexual in peace as well at the same time and when it has come to direct violence distant or contact which is a function of sustained intense abusive and violent invasion of my personal space, I don't think it matters what people say on either side of any civil rights, they know what is wrong and why that should not be what they do and as for the rest that are simply ugly to a fault anyway – those I will respect their celebrities for them the way it should be in order for the whole thing to improve, it does not constitute a problem I need to worry about either and by the way, media bosses bossing me around has no basis on reality they need their access with perceptions they work for the Monarchy on account of something I have done wrong and it does not last long enough for them to have it permanently and everybody knows they are rather hard of hearing – I do love to keep things with them as it stand because you normally use them to extricate the importance of businesses and Industries being able to tell Politicians to get lost and then maybe when Tesco has excess food Tesco will send it to the food bank not have their whole business stifled with red tape so Politicians can make legislation that will force them to account for how much food they have in their throw away bag: these idiots always have these ideas for complaining but everybody knows it is impossible to tell them you working and or studying and or have something important to attend to and because they deploy your possession to get rich you know it is about dominating you because their problems are greater than everybody else’s as far as they are concerned on account admitting otherwise will make you inferior, so they cannot leave people alone and that really is their biggest problem. They expect you to give up your humanity to them as well while your leadership is opened up by them for everybody’s dip on account they are hard of hearing and if they want to extract an income from your purse they can but for the drag Queens or whatever they are called in particular they have a persona that says they want to beat you up – they are one of the prime reasons I will never let it go and they will have that decadence and fame culture somewhere in hell as a result: they can get out and stay out to be free of me if they wanted, my problems are not less or greater than their own but I have been where they are now and have not been that much of a pain to others regardless of my upbringing, they are nothing new, I am not self limiting and do not want to put up with any more rubbish from them and their stupid celebrities. I do love my life considering the number of people who feel the overwhelming privilege of it - the Royalty that is not predisposed to social distant and contact violence that plagues their stupid deviant lives every second, who has an office of state that he deploys to deal with any issues they want to cover under to be safe even though they hate my guts because I am not like them so they might feel dominant whenever they have money but they hate my books and my financial success and feel I can only exist and have a career if there is equality between me and them of what they are going through with that big mouth - it is the sanity of the Office that is contaminated and attacked by them as a result of this particular state of affairs that will bring it up crashing down for them as well.

Holy Temperaments of God and his spirit fill our Communities.
Detachment and scandalous exposure bring about dispossession.
Media, Politicians and Celebrity vandalism rewarded with Society exposure to excessive access to Industrial sense.
Right wing abuses and Left wing abuses rewarded with handling Admin at identity substitution and public Office vandalism – for the Roads, Shops, Neighbourhoods and Streets  - Office and Half Priests security Admin Fall out.

Feminist Practical Jokes and Community croons inflicted personal growth interference and excessive thinking – rewarded with Financial encumbering for Media, Politics and Democracy freedom appraised derogatory culture.
Youth with work that is not paying them for evil purposes, rewarded with work that is not paying for the salvation of society.
Media, Men and sex hunting – wealth grabbing, social ladder climbing which is a threat to Children at the Monarchy rewarded with Industrial detachment.

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