It is not true that I operate on the basis celebrities were once friendly and became unfriendly at some stage, they never were, the real problem was the Politicians who would find a way into peoples affairs, in my case I had for instance 5 career projects to pursue, it will for a need to use the entire career as a tool that lets it look good in the eyes of the public, pick out project 2 and project 4 for the applicable publicity, then surround me with crime fanaticism, I will then enter into a state of mind where I believed the work I did on those projects over the years had built up to a result, by the time I find out they had shot down all the results to maintain popularity, I am too old and at the same time had run out of cash to get it done, in which condition the assumption that Clients will not pay too much attention to it will turn out to have been a big joke. From here, every idiot with money who needed to deploy it fighting others, so that the destruction of peoples livelihoods became the way that Capital existed, got both their support, their fear and their servitude., made to work at the expense of victims. They have enjoyed going to parliament to behave as if others were animals for years, to which effect I too decided to help make celebrities rich enough to buy private security, as a method of getting them to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes, when the Celebrities could afford private security and were grateful for it only in our dreams and their social idiots who were too proud to sell their bodies for a living if they had everything taken from them the way they help to do other peoples lives and property, so they build communities that get imagination into peoples panties which produces a damaging effect if Governmental activities affected me in terms of things such victims knew should have been done with a career but was not done just yet for a reason or two, then it gets off fighting national level enemies with victims bravery to entitle itself to earnings with the support of fools that were more powerful than leaving victims with career inconsistency. The assumption then becomes that since last this had put them in charge whilst they got about funding and fostering a certain public insult that would affect those who really were in charge, the way that a certain gender that made the most of it treated them was and should be the main concern of people in Government offices, considering the amount of taxes they were paying but will not cease making an Arch Prince into something the local authority had to take care of, by running off their own publicity about his Books, Bookshop and publishers, of which there was not a single profile built from such publicity which allowed my finances and my client interests to grow always something about a need to be the one writing my Books which the abusive support crowd it claims were fans will support, a need to be the one that my publishers published instead of me, a need to write a Book that replaced mine, as abusively as possible, which effect then becomes one in which the sex workers turned up to serve me on one hand whilst their social idiots were fighting my National level enemies to gain support of so called more powerful people who will entitle them to my earnings. We have seen it all build up to a clash with public security operatives and now the Politicians understand that when there is no job satisfaction for public security operatives and the ultimate price was paid for security, such persons become victims who served the government for nothing, complaining on the shop floor of parliament everyday here it plays out as an outcome in which public security operatives had decided that if Celebrities and Media gits were so incredibly unsatisfied about something, they needed to do their own security by themselves, which is now my fault too naturally but it might be, just that each time such blame gimmicks adds up to the fact I am being downed in their insults everyday and the gimmicks listed above considered, the effect was one in which a bunch of gits with all options on the table including crime lifestyle, met up with another group of idiots who enjoyed raising money in a co-operative to buy shares in any companies I associated myself with in order to control me, I will take up from where public security operatives had stopped, in terms of how they got to fight their own wars and got to do their own public security by themselves it should be noted the sheer level of abusiveness that people needed to indulge to walk into other peoples lives and concerns and stir up such things. In the end they claim it was all done because of losses they had suffered on my account which is entirely normal I mean they are now public figures or assume they are and not immune to the public insults they invented for important people, in charge with respect to the way their friends get from characters that rip up peoples lives and concerns, when stopped by the Police, are found hours later selling products over a boast that they either tried or succeeded which products will be sold anyway, from which point it will get off committing a real crime and to erase the history it built up with local authorities, gets involved with security services, both criminal and enforcer will it become at such a stage, with the famous now public figures that are known to support them as well as the famous were in charge too. The losses they have all suffered here it seems, to which the real fact displayed is that gold diggers do run out of time too the same way victims do after dropping out of University, the financial damage that was caused before since and after sets the stage by which to adopt a social life where they could never be free of such victims, as I have done and gold diggers grow too old to pursue wealthy people by making others into characters that can be bullied to raise awareness for their financial plight, when I am a broke Arch Prince because it was an idea developed by their civil rights insults and ethnic minority high streets abuses and I will not get out of their way for it.

It does not bother me half as much, I simply need to ensure they stayed away from my clients and finances and kept their media comments to their careers as it tended to stall my Bookshop. It simply takes me back to my roots, where I figured I was not terribly affected by society and culture abuses, so got about doing something to support people who were trying to complete academic pursuits and become financial comfortable enough to respond to society abuses, about which I went into University and dropped out due to a process of becoming target for middle management who coveted the City centre interest that came my way.

In their defence was the suggestion made that this was all a matter of failings and the consequences associated with it on my part. I would not know anyway, what I do know about the reported failings is that these gits were out of their depth dealing with instances where I transformed their insults into a form of fact and reality that they had to believe existed, especially in terms of having a personal and social life which got to decide where I ought to exist with a big mouth, being displayed as filthily as it makes people shudder on the streets and on Media to lay claims to popularity. I have never seen anything so stupid, that they are in charge supported by rogue landlords, corrupt security industry and hoodlums getting imagination into peoples panties, so far its famous fools have done incredibly well ripping up work that was done to protect the public from terrorism in order to befriend anything that possessed some money and show up to express their mental disorders in this place, about which I then had to get around to the business of work satisfaction for security service operatives, whilst it found a way to secure my attention every time their stupidities needed it, by making sense of where my Books were located. It then says that I encumber their freedoms naturally because it has not yet taken the effect its insults have on me and those stupidities where they had a right to lay hands on me being the source of incredible stress around here seriously, it has however taken the part where it always had a need to hurt itself with National level enemies on account it loved to handle me abusively so I should reiterate that each time its insults produced an outcome where the hoodlums who made the most of it getting imagination into my panties, met up with a bunch of fools led by stupid yanks and twats in parliament to raise money in a co-operative and buy shares with companies I associated myself with in order to control me, I will fuck their mobility as well and this is the second time I have had to respond to their gimmicks in such a manner, likely to be the finale and the way we continued into the far future. They do boast that I have been badly affected by their gimmicks naturally but I have been since it is a matter of the fact I am never meant to sort my finances as a single person or outside of a family arrangement, so up down, round and round at Industry offices, fucking around, fooling around having sex everywhere and a behaviour which meant they were able to wreck my Academic pursuits in the interest of middle management entirely through violent gossiping after which it shows up here with famous idiots feeling entitled to one thing after another, with radio wave lesbians shutting down my personal relationships lest I got married and put a dead stop to it, had produced an effect but none knows why its interest in me is always so disrespectful whilst it complained endlessly and issued stupid questions about failings which brought consequences they were fighting my wars apparently but that are also in such a place and will not get out because it helps their stupidities make the most of their abuses too to which effect it was not clear which one kept sending out some German influence idiots to express opinions about my existence and rattle the big mouth about finding a coward they could do with as they please, using insults associated with the idea culture was an abusive contraption by which to do a small evil in order to do a greater good, through which its stupidities had always had dreams of putting a didoes in my bum, talking nonsense at me about which non asked it for an opinion since it and its famous fools were important not looking for trouble apparently, hence I am at a loss as to what failing they were talking about since last we were fucking mates all together. Eventually if something serious had occurred, it does seem that there are not problems around here, simply a process where it is not clear why their interest in me is so abusive and whilst everybody understands that it was impossible to convince an employer of an ability to do a job even with a degree if a person had not had practice and the only thing they have practiced here for 20 years was a gimmick that complemented those stupidities in the City centre where the fact their businesses owned a large building meant they practiced debauchery and abuses and fooling around and insults all day, to pick up another persons income margins if the companies needed profit, in which another group of fools were not as successful as their mates but have always had dreams of me ending up like they had, except time and again it gets publicly displayed support from an idiot in Parliament at my expense, time and again it gets support from the King once people were saturated with gimmicks that involved some important thing they were doing at the Monarchy to be real men and I would fancy the fooling around moved elsewhere, asking stupid questions when done. It is a matter of the thousand and one things I can do with my personal life, my social life, my public image and the way that there was such a process of being caught up with doxy society that was convinced everything else but itself was responsible for its problems, to facilitate processes where violent things were done to enhance its popularity, just as much as I have warned about an instance where I shall pick it up as well, to make a name for myself at the expense of those who interest in me is always this insulting, especially after it claims I am using National identity to create my possessions, gets confused enough to speak to people about a lack of achievement on my part which made sense of its stupidities.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland