They speak of the case where I and other religious people are always likely to get away with making the world blind while we become complicit with every bad thing around but of course we all know that is not strictly true; what is true is that I have not actually offended anybody by taking a position that says there should be subliminal message out there that the thought of violence should come secondary even for racists, finding out what happens by hurting people should happen before hurting people takes place and not after, nothing I have done to anybody to warrant the kind of abuse and attack and behaviour I suffer from their famous and civil right stupidities. So, itís still the question of the characteristics of somebody who is a criminal and a victim of crime in his own right, somebody who thinks that those he is confident of being able to beat up should generally without reason or purpose just shut up and do whatever he wants. So, what we have ended up with from years of tolerating their insults is a process where they would have been more important than an Arch Prince save one small detail, in like manner have I got them in a corner where I would have been more important than they were save the fact they are famous Ė itís all competition, cannot get my head around the threats of what applies as an incentive for it all together, it should be noted that I did not start the competition either. Society talks about these people all the time i.e. the ones that want people to perform acts of war in order to protect them and the ones that want people to take part in an act of war in order for protection to exist at all: it does need explaining I suppose, lest they also claim Conservative people tend to act without reasons.

They do claim that the main problem with me is that I am a coward but itís an old story; these guys never give it a rest until they pillage the finances and academics, make you perpetually tired and get Politicians to help them with self-confidence while beating yours down over a period of time and just the right time we find they come up with something brave that you have to do while your whole mentality has become one of hope where there is life and so on. This is me offsetting anything I may have to do of a brave context for the future and they do not like the way I save it for posterity, so they have gone from being scared of me to not being scared of me and now they want a quick fix for the answer of whether I am a coward or not. Making an old story thereof which involves picking my Royal Order to go off and do something brave and discriminative with and then I will run my own scandal and abuse to rip them to shred and recover it when I want to do my own as well and it will get round in circles. Itís about money you see, all money; the problem with me is that I am a Hermit and do not think I need to join up with that business or walking around public places being tough to ward them off but now we know they will likely end up with enough criminality for a life time, followed by a need to make me get into a fight so they might copy how to stand up for themselves when bullied when I will repeat when they are finished as well Ė the theory before such a catastrophic outcome of course is usually that there is no way they will stop the rudeness even when we live in a society where everybody has to stand up for themselves because we are all trying to beat each other down to gain an advantage, so my Royal Estate is toxic with their abuses even when I am not the one with the criminal record and there is a fight with Public transport operatives that they want to play a part in. Itís an old story about the consequences of the fact they can never let people be over their money madness; so the first one concerned gesturing me to their left as if their own looks like that in the first place, now we are progressing towards the bits about how they defend themselves when bullied making me comfortable like we see those stupid public transport operatives want to do all the time Ė it may be a problem for the Politicians but I am simply unable to think of the money or the politics or the fame; I time and again find my mind tends to revert to the bit about others being told how to exist on which their fame and importance and money depends and I am set to oppress them as well, just like the business of having taken money off goons who spend their own to fight others because sales is a messy job that should be done by ethnic minorities and then showing up in public to play out abusiveness that will make them rich at the other end, leading to stage two of what they are about complain of next as it were, set to find out I am madder than they think I am due to their need to handle my Books and therefore my income. We have now reached a point where a little thing like my mood determines my earnings because it is used to decide what people think of my products every day; I want them off the Books not sitting somewhere thinking I am stuck in a corner where I believe they have a reason for their actions - so far it seems they make sense to themselves when they get involved with gangs knowing I have groomed them for matrimonial cruelty as well and then we hear them complain and throw around threats for it too as stupidly as they possibly can.

They speak of The Prince of Wales wanting to get rid of me which I am not aware that One had the power to anyway; it is not a Royal Estate that can be taken from me, itís just more vulnerable to people talking of which is my property and which is public property when I am performing Royal duties Ė the more I serve the Crown, the more it happens while the Crown itself does not want my money or property, just my service. If this is taken advantage of, it will develop into a problem that will never go away; so itís an old story about Politics at the Monarchy where people who have some money throw their weight around on the left and on the right but the bit where they start to settle up on the minds of the Public and nurse some ambition has to be stopped. The throwing weight around bit could have been but we still live in a Country where if Politicians wanted to take over peoples public image and personality to make themselves look good during elections with, they could, except Politicians always get after the income of their victims which have nothing to do with it in order to show these trouble makers that Politicians were committed to their cause; so I have to say the bottom hurting throwing weight around on the left and right hand side is okay but the ambition bit is not. They say I do enjoy leading people into dangerous situations but itís a work life balance, a public engagement and doing things properly balance, personal life and love life balance and so on; so the favourite one is when their abusiveness goes down the route of telling me itís the sex I am tired of, then I have to tell them I know of one where that job which gets to their heads will be required and then they will say they plan to make me homosexual and then I will respond with the processes of dropping the responsibility ball on the Celebrities and the Women as well. So, they say itís not okay to antagonise The Prince of Wales, but I am not antagonising the Prince of Wales, he is rather fond of getting involved with matters that have nothing to do with him and then we soon find itís all about whether I may write some Books. So what I do is make a mess of it, put up some really nasty comments that will set out that his business was more a matter of Government and not what I am doing, obviously which some are changing it into a matter of government so they might obtain license to tackle me which is utter nonsense as long as they are complaining about the hurting bottoms and I can make more of a mess out of the whole thing all together. I do get told I think I am right when I am not but I am; this is to do with Federal systems of government with their youth and aficionados, so once these Celebrities get to a stage where they can confidently make out Royalty is an equivalent of those society goons they rely on for all sorts of madness that are not worth exploring, then we will find out it has become a case of oppression that will lead to outcomes where the crowd of enmity gets bigger and bigger endlessly Ė in my case they have not reached that stage as we speak but we have already started seeing Publicity and a new public image built for me which involves outcomes where when they have a nasty part to their jobs I am stuck with it already. The other bit is just the process of putting a balance to everything in order to do it properly and they do not fancy it when they bother you to a stage where you have need of the jobs that get to their heads to create the balance with.

I do get told I am convinced I can do anything I like which I am not; what happened after the economic crisis is that these guys stopped; the economic crisis became a trend, sales was too dirty a word to mention, they wanted nothing to do with consumers and have now over the years reached a stage where they wish to own my property and so we find time and again millions of people own shares and holdings in various companies but I get picked out and made a mess of, then threatened on global Media, it is what has brought us to this stage and the issue at the heart of their connections with the United States of America. I do not think it is a crisis anyway; when we first clashed it was because I was looking after a Royal Estate and a Literary Empire with my pocket money, as time has progressed I have gained friends and business allies and some money as well, so I am rather increasingly convinced that they have a whole life time to waste. I might be told I am a bit extreme but not when the question of what type of business thinks consumers are filthy and want nothing to do with them is considered (like we see the Politicians take away friends and burn Members of the Public to keep enemies at Bay, then tackle finances and become rather convinced they are more popular than ever).

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