So they have invented this gimmick and they chase my bum over my ability to handle myself in the Kitchen until I dropped out of University, then they chase my social life to build sales and my religion to build an image for the purpose of sweet talking people into good relationships because they had trashed their own due to the habits and attitudes; now they hang around in the city centres getting younger people to get imagination up my bum while they shove hoodlums through the academic system on my social life to avoid the same experience, claiming I am too old to attend School and whether I studied at home was their main concern as they showered me with a history of insults – outcome is that Celebrities loved to trash my finances because they wanted to create a condition where I lost my income each time somebody got imagination around their private parts when they appeared in public due to company they keep, the queer idiots need to ensure I didn’t have a career because I am a coward due to the fact they were the ones getting killed by criminals who committed murder to end up in prisons and the society gits were always the ones to cling to my social life and start off stories about my cowardice and the way others fought my battles. It all means that I need to take very seriously the matters that prevent financial success at the Bookshop and do so very seriously indeed, especially with respect to the unusual interests expressed on how the female community might get involved.

The rationale is that my academic pursuits are no longer a factor on this matter, the need to work financial repression has now been seen as completely ineffective but we have got a new challenge to face on Mobility due to Popular culture and the Finance Equity gap that has existed because of the people paying them for being popular on other people’s social lives but for me specifically, it is the process of developing a means to get paid for working on this that is under attack. There is therefore bound to be a response if the comments and media abuses continued and the need to pick up service processes of this Hermitage for Celebrity self-improvement and Political lobbying continued. It is the only gap that needs breaching to facilitate my own financial wellbeing and the only gap that needs breaching to facilitate Public wealth equity which will guarantee it.

They do continue to suggest that there was no progress from here and it appears those cases where the men were good at domestic violence and the women were incredibly good at ripping up people’s lives to ensure the victims ended up clashing with hoodlums and gangs while they sold on to Industry gits as a way of making a large crowd safe, to facilitate market, has become a priority. Here it loves to pick up my service processes and spend some years of my time getting me to work on brokerage, eventually culminating in a huge waste of time and publicity for me that suggested that it would have helped if I got paid because they were ripping up my concerns to make large crowds safe, on account they were facilitating market, and this was what I was meant to do for a living. Hurting people therefore has always been a serious matter but I think I want to rebuild the entire structure, where we will not be talking about the relationship between me, them and the employers which appears to feed their wealth inequity practical jokes a lot more than usual, so that we got to do the me, them, and gangs one where people got killed and I will pay for it in their opinion at some stage. The talk really does not help, especially in terms of the idea I am a busy body looking for a lot of trouble; this nonsense gets run off to such an extent if an employer saw my CV, they would laugh because they were caught up in the popularity, regret it later but we have never heard of a 2-day job interview. An environment where people can read and can is all I ask – they have their world of buggering and the pillaging of people’s lives and careers to boost their incomes for the finer things in life, to play with and this process where if people read my Books their career ended because this nonsense have gotten completely out of hand while I did not interfere with their salaries, giving them an impetus to decide where I can travel to and do it over and over again, will likely be the last of the practical jokes.

So, I would like to make progress with the financial well-being naturally but there is no progress to be made – they never understand until their victim puts them in the same position, hopefully with all those threats going on because I have, I will work violence on them that will make them go back home to build a gang. Eventually it comes down to the claim that I am uncontrollable while the problem is that they never stopped brewing up ideas on how important I thought they were – so there is this problem where an Arch Prince thinks Celebrities were more important than he is, producing an outcome where the Celebrities have trashed my career and finances, the difficulty of recovering the damage they have done being the layers of abusive activities associated with their sense of entitlement, aimed at making sure I did not move them on. As the question may apply; the only pressure point on this matter has always been Americans with bright ideas, whereby I might be Royalty but in their Country Customer is King and they will do it to an extent where their social disposition had become a danger to them and to others, they will do it still until they had created a dangerous situation for others and yet none will be able to tell the exact reasons they continued after – recent intolerable events are that another group of goons had for some reason decided to build them a media bubble for it. The society gits on the other side think that the Bible forces me to treat them like important people while it does not and that need to show up and try to extricate a process where they were low lives while I must be made to do something that suggested they were important until they were, is set to wind me up well enough to make me get off on a series of activities that will ensure they were lower than they currently are.

I. Uno I

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