I am told that women had a bone to pick with me and it is utter rubbish – the bone they can pick here is more to do with the way their liberal politicians are no longer suggesting that keeping their immoral stupidities out of my career and personal life was a form of discrimination because the Government bottom did hurt every day as well. I have progressed in my relationship with women, from my mother to a bunch of women who want to sort out their own social, political and financial matters by themselves, only met them in my 30s during which time I should never have been single at all in the first place. Here they say my response would play into the hands of the men and yes it would as part of the problem here that will not stop until it really does, as a bunch of idiots will not stop getting involved with me unprofessionally, to trash my finances while they kept their own, will not show up here to buy and read a Book I wrote instead of play up narcissism practical jokes until it really stops. Some people then ask the questions about my position being an impossible one while I continued to suggest I was okay but I am okay and my position is not an impossible one: I am perfectly fine otherwise in the sense that we all had to start off with the idea that if we did not settle into the career before we had to respond to them, we would be in serious trouble but once we settle into the career responding to them was pointless, they start off passing exams in school while trashing everybody else’s concerns, so that when they settle up in a career, they can run other people’s lives with the social lives of the people in prison while they kept their own earnings – shows up here to make a mess of my career and pick up all I did for recovery as a tool to shoot off its big mouth at criminal backyard popularity radio waves and to please clients because doing a day’s work was the nemesis, whilst we knows that there was social media everywhere these days and I was capable of doing exactly the same things to them, the abuses getting worse because I have not. So, it seems that not paying attention to them is not the way I am to progress on the matter because somebody is determined to make me respond. The problem with my finances itself and some would inquire being that I did not have full control of my own public life: it is a wealth equity public life and they have perverted it into a means by which people got rich bullying me to sell products and befriend the wealthy – now the threat is that since the whole situation had arrived at the point where keeping celebrity insolence under control was the only thing that stopped people seeing me without my clothes on, I continues to behave as if I was the toughest around, whilst the warning on whether it was to stop the way I wanted or the way they wanted, was a matter of the fact that each time I moved on their insolence my personal life, social life and finances ceased to stagnate because people were seeing me without my clothes on and chasing my private parts. As some have seen, we do resolve the bottom chasing problem for their famous stupidities and their need to make a mess of it, assume a position to say they were Royalty from a more powerful Country i.e. the USA, and I was supposed to serve them, makes a mess of that work and then set about teaching me lessons on respect, having built up a reputation for them on the bottom chasing and smell issues problem, we have not achieved deterrence, so we are now at that stage where I needed to ensure that they stopped pushing off their famous idiots insolence at me as it was causing all the career and financial stagnation here – this was the warning. The Politicians do raise the question of how we get to make sense of the way they ended up like this naturally but these are no Celebrities, they are a bunch of famous fools people manufactured by buying them equipment and a crowd to make a mess of people’s lives for product sales and this is supposed to be the fall out of an outcome where they had way too much money – Celebrities are usually people who spend most of their time entertaining people because their whole social lives were developed on a platform that prevents bullying, so when they come through it, the entertainment was the only thing they wanted to do really. These are a product of the activities performed by idiots whose whole lives and careers were developed around making the most of public investment funds that Politicians will be made to part ways with; it needs to make its comments about its career unless it was willing to stick to the facts and furnish me the PR. Ultimately they say I encouraged the mess that has been made of my public image and the way people leave it for gold diggers who collect my assets for others, to sell their own products and to sell sexual services, which is so because I have been assisting people to arrive at big business decisions by allowing myself to be bullied but it is really a two part story where people who got involved with my concerns professionally, had one or two persons in the board who thought their involvement with me should never have happened, so there is usually an amount of pain that comes with financial decision making – the other was these fools playing a part in the matter, to end up in a position where their need to get involved with my career unprofessionally for practical jokes they can make money from, leads them into a position somewhere between the Monarchy and parliament, what we are seeing being the big mouthed consequences that come first before the sex change.

Now they have their bone and can pick it as much as they liked, while the politician part was the one in which it seems that managing the gimmicks of the goons who plan their lives on public investment funds was the tough task especially when others at the Monarchy had done most of the work, so in terms of their abuses and insults getting people to see me without my clothes on, I will take charge first and take it up from the results of having done thereafter (they claim that with strength like mine, I should make good political entertainment fighting the Russians, whilst I never had the physical disposition to do so, the childhood injuries hurt but not enough to say I am disabled but enough to prevent me holding down a full time job, while their famous idiots trash the University studies and get after the Bookshop after, a 20 year career mess at this stage, year 2022, getting me to pay my attention to their stupidities).

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland